Zong provide 4G LTE services to NTC customers


Zong , a china mobile company and Pakistan fastest growing telecom network doing an agreement with National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC). Now Zong provide 4G LTE services to NTC customers. Zong on Tuesday signed an agreement with National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) for 4G LTE service. This 4G LITE services will give under the agreement of zong and #38. NTC will be joining hands to provide white label Mobile Broadband 4G services to NTC customers.

After that The Deputy CEO Niaz A. Malik said that:

We are working hard to provide latest products to customers and services on affordable price for people in Pakistan. This partnership is a step in the same direction, and it will be a milestone for a bright future for both stakeholders CMPak (zong) feels delight to provide 4G LTE services to Government customer through NTC plat-form.

zong provide 4g LTE to NTC

Zong 4G LTE (long term Evolution)

Zong 4G is based on fourth generation of mobile telecommunication technology, LTE succeeding 3G. It is the fastest mobile broadband in the country with speed multiple of times higher than 3G.

zong 4G LTE

National Telecommunication Corporation:-

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) is not for public it is for government based IT and Telecom services provide corporation in Pakistan. This is a good step for NTC. This will help in the IT and Telecom services. When they use 4G their work speed increase multiple times and this will help in the development of country. This 4G LTE services is very useful NTC and they will perform better work.

Brig Viqar Rashid Khan, Chairman, NTC expressed that Government of Pakistan established National Telecommunication Corporation in January 1996 for ITC services to the functionaries of Government of Pakistan. He said that NTC is enduring to facilities the customer with quality ICT connectively and keeping itself abreast with the private sector operations. For this purpose through public private partnership value added and high quality broadband services are being extended to NTC customers on affordable prices. He further stated that China and Pakistan friendship a time tested relation are being further strengthened through CPEC projects being undertaken by Government of Pakistan in association with Chinese Government.

At the end DG Operation NTC Maj Asim Jelani ans Mr. Niaz Malik Dy. CEO CMPAK the agreement on the behalf of their respective organization.