ZenMate Premium Days Halloween Treat !!!!!

Hey everyone out there!!!!! Most of you people must have heard about the ZenMate VPN. If you do, you surely know about the ZenMate premium. Some people do not purchase premium because they are now sure if it is going to work good or not? Well here is your chance. As it’s Halloween ZenMate is giving away free premium days as a treat.

Here is how to get ZenMate Premium:

                     All you have to do is to play a simple game, the more you score in it the more days you get.


alt='ZenMate Premium'


YES!!!!! This is not a joke. Go for it as soon as possible!

You can play and get the ZenMate Premium days from here ZenMate Premium Halloween Game

The game is pretty simple all you have to do is click on the falling ghosts and pumpkins and let go the candies. If you pop three candies Game Over !!!!!



You get 100 points for popping a Ghost and 50 Points for popping a pumpkin.

After you get your premium days all you have to do is to create an account on the website of ZenMate (Click here to open) and log into your account and enter the code that you get after the game is over. And your Premium will get activated. Here is how you get to know if the ZenMate Premium is activated or not. In the free version you can choose only four locations but in the Premium version you can choose all the locations that ZenMate has to offer. Here is how your zenmate locations menu will look like once its converted to Premium. And your Internet will work on Turbo Speed (Which it actually does).



Here is another method of finding out if your account has been upgraded or not? Log into your ZenMate Account and click on dashboard a new page will appear which will let you know that how much of premium days you have been left with.


alt='ZenMate Premium'

This was a really amazing Treat from the Team of ZenMate. Thank You ZenMate !

Happy Halloween EVERYONE !!!!!