YouTube will be Blocked Again in Pakistan, was Accessible Due to a Mistake

December 5, 2015

As you all might be aware of the fact that YouTube is accessible in Pakistan across various ISP’s, there has been a wave of questions of the Social network is YouTube unblocked forever or is it just temporary? For all those who people who are concerned about YouTube future, we have got news that YouTube opening in Pakistan is just temporary due to some glitch or technical issue and will be blocked anytime soon.

It’s been three years since YouTube was blocked in Pakistan. It was blocked on September 17th, 2012, on the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan due to anti-Islamic blasphemous videos against the Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W.W). When yesterday YouTube became accessible, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority took a fast notice at it and asked the ISP’s about it’s opening? Which they later came to know was due to a technical issue.

PTA Policy on YouTube is same and no orders have been issued by the PTA to unblock Youtube in Pakistan. The order of the ban was issued by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and they have no rights to go against it. Over the past months, petitions have been signed to unblock YouTube again in Pakistan but it seems the Supreme Court has turned deaf ears towards it.

Moreover, if you find you’ll know that YouTube traffic in Pakistan tends to increase day by day, by accessing it using different proxy servers and VPS’s (Virtual Private Networks) and other portals which allow to access YouTube in Pakistan. For now things will stay as they are until any order  are issued from Supreme Court of Pakistan to unblock YouTube.

Let us know in the comments what do think about Supreme Court concerning the YouTube ban in Pakistan.


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