Youtube in Pakistan to Start Working Soon Locally

The current senate committee demanded to unblock YouTube in Pakistan, which was blocked in Pakistan for some reasons. Media reports say that IT Minister Mudassir Hussain admitted that the irrelevant material due to which it was banned can’t be blocked completely. There are some other rumors regarding the unblocking of YouTube in Pakistan.


YouTube was blocked here in Pakistan several years ago when the Supreme court of Pakistan Scanned some inappropriate material on it. A video which was anti-Islam was uploaded on you tube. For this reason, YouTube in Pakistan was banned and has not been allowed yet to stream officially in Pakistan.

Although YouTube is blocked officially but still people all around are using it with the use of VPN, which is making the ban on YouTube in Pakistan useless. This made the government to look around for any other good way. To unblock YouTube and also stay from seeing any objectionable material on it in Pakistan.

Government can make some filter installation in the country to prevent YouTube from showing any inappropriate content which is against Islam or the country itself. This requires an amount of 30 billion dollars, which the government is unwilling to pay in order to unblock YouTube in Pakistan with safe filters.

An idea which came forward was to ask YouTube to start its local services in Pakistan. This will remove the ban from it and will also be a good step towards filtering of any irrelevant or objectionable material on it.

The company last year challenged the ban on it in Lahore High courts. The courts asked the relevant government officials to work on it and see if there is any way out. The only way out is to ask YouTube if it can start its local service here in Pakistan which will ensure not to upload any objectionable material on it.

IT Ministry says that YouTube was unwilling to start working on this until government said that it will be OK if any objectionable material is uploaded by the users and not by the providers. These reservations are now added in 2015 electronic crimes bill of Pakistan.

We may see YouTube start working again in the recent future if the suggestions are taken upon the above views and the company agrees to work locally under the terms of the government.

Source : TechJuice

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