Which Battlefield is the best of the series? Find out!



Which battlefield is the best you ask? I have always been very strict about ranking things, especially Games. We must know which thing is better than the other or which is worse than the other because if we don’t classify things this way, chaos takes over. So, I’ll be targeting Battlefield series and determine which field is the best for battle in the series

I left out some games that were not released on PC here, which includes Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Battlefield: Bad Company, and Battlefield 1943.

Which Battlefield is the best?

The best Battlefield game, according to the 231 out of 800 respondents, is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 according to www.PCGAMERS.com  survey.

Seriously though people like Bad Company 2 a lot only 22 people of 800 said that it was the worst of the series.




according to Survey of  www.pcgamers.com

Its simplicity and mad design impressed Connor the Warman, he said “In more recent Battlefield titles there has been 30 different unlocks for every weapon, class, vehicle, etc. it takes a while to unlock the best gear BC2 didn’t have any of that nonsense”

BC2 was originally known for its revolutionary ‘levolution’ implemented into the game where building destruction became commonplace in the game. In addition to the ‘levolution’ introduced into the game you also had great hit detection, well balanced maps for rush, a server browser not reliant on a web browser, and no Origin launcher used to load the game. The game just worked and I played over a thousand hours of Bad Company 2 as a result.

Seriously, on a side note it was my first Battlefield and I also personally think that it was the best.

Which one of the series is the worst?

According to the respondents the worst Battlefield is Battlefield: Hardline, maybe just because they are newer and fresher in our minds, viewed through clear glasses with no fond memories of the introduction of the series. Or maybe new things are just bad and the producers don’t have any good fresh ideas. Well, whatever the reason was for the respondents to respond to this game of the series like this only they know.



according to Survey of www.pcgamers.com

55.7%-according to the survey of www.PCGAMERS.com of the Gamers said that it was the worst Battlefield they have ever played.

It was actually pretty fun when I played it, but oh well who cares about me.

What do you want from the next Battlefield game?

According to the survey in which the question was asked “is it important to you that Battlefield games have campaigns?” 38.3% of the people said that they want campaigns. When the respondents were further asked about what else they want from the next Battlefield game. Several said “good netcode”.


Some said it should not be very much futuristic, while some said that it should be and other said that they want to go back and experience WWII again.

“Extend the life of your game and stick with continued development of your game instead of moving onto your next project. The community wants to play a great game for years instead of losing the majority of your fan base to the next game in series (i.e Battlefield 4 to Battlefield Hardline).”

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