WhatsApp Group of Pakistan’s Top 100 CEOs And Business Tycoons are Hoping to Make Something

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The power of ability and qualities and business tycoons of the country may have their inner circles and networks of their own, but in a somewhat surprising move, 100 most prominent CEOs of Pakistan, elites and a wealthy business person have taken a weirdly casual approach to promote networking among themselves, a WhatsApp group.

Aptly called “Club 100-Senior Executives Network”, this WhatsApp group even got its own beginning at a dinner last Saturday, and as expected, the event was packed with elites (A select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities) and big-names like Arif Habib, Dawood Hercules’s Samad Dawood and A. F. Ferguson’s Shabbar Zaidi.

So, who’s idea was this? Zeeshan Afzal, the Executive Director and Head of Corporate Investment/Finance Banking at Arif Habib Corporation. Here is his take on this,

“This platform is not for networking or pursuing self-interests. These are some of the best minds in the country. So much could be gained from their experience. So they are talking about agriculture, education and health.”

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular app for messaging, only beaten by Facebook itself. WhatsApp groups is using by the many people of this generation and much number of adults are also using WhatsApp group and it not that we are just talking about but it has proved. They provide a number of customizable options and encouraging to create something between a whole lots of people without making it any more complicated than talking to a single person. But this approach of creating a WhatsApp group to encourage collaboration between some of the best and most successful minds in the country is quite unheard of, and is really a unique approach.

One might wonder, why just only a 100? Well, WhatsApp has a limit of 100 people in one group and in just a few days, they had gapped that limit. The creators of WhatsApp probably had no idea about this use of their service while making WhatsApp groups. This problem has also been acknowledged by the members of the group, and they are looking to develop a specific app for this purpose. Judging by their resources and success, that shouldn’t take long either.

WhatsApp group or not, it is good to see the some of the most established minds in Pakistan collaborating among themselves.