Wearable Technology | Is It Safe to use?

Today this fast growing world is full of different and latest type of gadgets. People are very used to these gadgets that they cannot live without these gadgets and these are the important part of their life. These gadgets are very useful as it can increase the productivity of the human being and we can take a great help out of it. If someone now tells us that quit this gadget and make them out of your life, we will laugh at them because we cannot live without these gadgets.

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Wearable Technologies- Diaryinc

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To add on to this list of gadgets here comes the new range of gadgets that uses a new technology called Latest Wearable Technology, this is the introduction to the Internet of Things.

In today’s fast world, we have gadgets which we can wear from the top of our body to the bottom. These gadgets can be connected to the internet directly, but now some gadgets are there which can be connected to smartphones and you can use your smartphone just from your watch.

The most famous Wearable technologies nowadays are the smart watches which can be connected with the help of Bluetooth to your Smartphone and you can do whatever you want to do with your mobile phone simply with your watch.

Another wearable technology, we will talk in thi8s post is the Fitness band which is similar to smart watch as we have discussed above in the post, but this fitness band has some extra features which tracks your daily exercise and the calories burnt while doing normal day to day activities and it gives you the final result in the end of the day.

Smart glasses were first introduced by Google by the name of Google Glasses which can be used to launch apps directly from your mobile phone and watch everything displayed on a screen right before your very eyes with lots of improving features and brilliant angle views.

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Google Glasses- Diaryinc

Another famous wearable technology is the smart T-shirts which will monitor your fitness, this T-shirt has an equalizer which dance to the sound surrounding to you. This technology is very much famous in the market and it is easily available in most of the countries.

Due to advancement in the wearable technologies, but on the other hand it has also increased the new tasks for all hackers all around the world. According to the researchers who are working in the field of security found that there are vulnerabilities in every wearable in the market right now.

Hewlett-Packard’s HP Fortify in its research report found that, “100% of the tested smart watches contain significant vulnerabilities, including insufficient authentication, lack of encryption and privacy concerns.”

The report also suggests that these modern wearable technologies 2015 has open access for hacker and they can easily track these devices and it is not a good thing as all of your personal information will be out and it is easily be traced by everyone.

In general, if we talk about the benefits and drawbacks of these wearable technologies. So


  • It will increase the productivity of the human being.
  • You can stay connected every time with your friends and family with the help of these watches.
  • You can evaluate your fitness and health concern with the help of these latest and fast wearable watches and technologies.


  • The one and the biggest drawback of these latest wearable technologies are the security concern. They are not very secure and hackers can easily track these devices.
  • It can also waste your precious time, as every time if you wear these Latest wearable technologies with yourselves, it will keep you away from other work and you can ruin your precious time.


There are some good as well as negative points about the modern wearable technologies. One side is that it can increase your productivity, but on the other side, it is also not so safe to use because of the security concerns. But if we ignore all the negative aspects of these wearable watches, these modern and fast growing gadgets are very helpful and we can’t live without that.