Upcoming Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 Release date and Specs

The new upcoming Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 is expected shortly this year as its accessories have reached India for various testing and evaluation processes. This upcoming Samsung Phone will be having features and specs as that of a Samsung Galaxy S5 or a Galaxy Note 4. It is not a good practice of releasing products so fast and leaving no time for marketing of the last inline product.

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This upcoming Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 has its Components like Cover glass, Main board and the SIM tray etcetera in the testing phase. This is another practical proof beyond all the rumors that Samsung Galaxy A9 SM 9000 is under process and will be seen soon. Although there is no particular date specified for its launch.

alt"upcoming samsung galaxy A9 SM-A9000" Till now we have three models evolve from the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. These Sansung smartphones are Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A8 which is an ultra-slim 6.3 mm thick phone. All these are metallic phones. Moving on to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9000. It is expected to have specs as that of a Sansung galaxy S5 or a Galaxy Note 4. It obviously will be full metalic as all other Alpha phones are i-e (full aluminum). It most probably will be coming with a big 5.3 inch Super AMOLED display.

A glance towards Samsung Galaxy A7 tells us that with some major and minor changes this upcoming Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 will be packed with a Qualcomm CPU, a 64 bit most probably with 2-3 GB RAM. Its camera may range from 12-16 MP and will be a slim phone ranging from 6-7  mm  thickness.

All the phones from Sansung in A series were warmly welcomed with a good market. This upcoming galaxy phone is also said to be a good one to turn you back from many other brands. As always it will be a mid-range smartphone and will not be one of those high end smartphone which are a whole lot difficult to buy for a normal middle class individual.

The release date of Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 is not yet conformed but it is certain that it will be launched in months but not years from now. There must come some hurdles for Samsung in the release because Sansung is up to the Galaxy S7 because Apple already has released iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6S plus, to which Samsung should have some smartphone in competition.

You will get a full in depth review on Galaxy A9 once it is launched and is in the market.