Ufone Signs Contract with Huawei about Network Managed Service

Huawei is a global leader in providing managed service; Ufone has signed contract with Huawei about Network Managed service for improvement of better network efficiency to its customers.

Huawei currently managing 1500+ in more than 80 countries, their managed services centers are located in 16 countries across three continents of Asia, Africa and North America.


With this new contract CEO of Huawei and Ufone gave their opinion regarding to this contract and Huawei agreed to managing and maintaining all network infrastructure of Ufone. Huawei also providing managed services to the whole Middle Eastern region and Huawei shortlisted the stakeholder from Telecom vendors after that Ufone and Etisalat group was select for this contract.

CEO of Huawei Mr. Aragon Meng said that:

                        “They are providing managed services to 23 out of 30 top global telecom operators. The critical knowledge and global experience would be put to use in Pakistan to increase and further enhance. He also said that Ufone work very efficiently and they are very happy to partnership with Ufone with this dynamic Pakistani operator.”

After Ufone Signs Contract with Huawei about Network Managed Service, Chief Technical Officer Ufone further said that:

            “Huawei has managed non-telecom maintenance of Ufone’s network for many years now. Keeping that in view we shall capitalize on the merits of having a well-established relationship and economical pricing, element that allow us to enhance focus on our competitiveness as a major telecom player in the market. They want to provide better service to Ufone’s users.”