The trend of mobile phone is increased on the very large level today in the world globally. Every then and now we came to know that a new mobile phone has launched which is better than the previous. Many cellular companies are completing with one another for gaining the maximum market share in the mobile market all over the world. Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Sony, Blackberry are competing with one another globally and they all are giving tough time to each other. Companies like Lenovo, Huawei are also having entered in the market and their performance is quite good.

In the current world, mobile phone is a source of connection with one another and it has connected millions of people across the world. The trend of mobile phone has been increased from 2000 to 2005 and then a wind of mobile phone has come and covers the entire world with its strength.

Companies are competing with one another globally and for that they are introducing their best mobile phones in the market. Each mobile phone has its own importance and unique features. Every company is targeting specific group of people. For example Black Berry mobile phones are known as “mobile phones are Business class”, as their tagline show that these mobile phones are for the Business Man, so the targeted area will be attract towards the Blackberry handset because they are mentioning their class in their advertisements. Now, Samsung has launched tremendous mobile phones over the time and they are targeting the whole group of people and for every class they have their special handset which will suit and satisfy their needs.

In this blog I will target the Top 10 best mobiles of 2015 of different companies. From bellow to the top, so here is the list of best Smart phones of 2015.


“Xperia Z3™ is the premium phone from Sony with incredible performance, an innovative camera and PS4 gaming technology”

The general specification of Sony Xperia Z3 is:

Screen size: 5.15 inch, Resolution: 1920 x 1080, OS: Android Lollipop 5.0, Storage: 16GB, 32GB. RAM Memory: 3GB, Battery: 3,100 mAH, Camera: 20.7 mp Back, 2.2 mp Front, Colors: White, Black, Purple.

Sony Xperia Z3 is one of the most famous mobile phone in the 2015. Sony has updated his screen quality than his previous versions. Sony Z3 has brighter Sony Bravia screen which create extra HD picture for its users. Sony has also extended the battery life of its new sony z3 which will give its users more usage and extra stand by time. The camera quality is somehow same as we have seen in the previous sets but this time they have include auto focus mode in their camera which will allow you to take extra enhance quality burst shot through your sony z3. The special feature about the Sony xperia z3 is that you can connect your Sony z3 with your play station, so you don’t need to sit in front of TV or don’t be feel sad if some else  is using TV now you can play your favorite play station games on your Sony xperia z3. It has special signals which can connect it through the play station.


Google Nexus 6:

“More Space to Explore”

The general Specifications of Google Nexus 6 are:

OS: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, RAM Memory: 3GB, Storage: 32GB, 64GB, Camera: 13mp Back & 2mb Front, Screen Size: 5.96 inch, Resolution: 2560 x 1440, Colors: White, Black

Google nexus 6 is more Phablet than a simple smart phone because of its huge screen size it can work for you both as a Smartphone and also as a tablet. The quality of screen is enhance by Google and this time we got a quad HD screen which contain extra large display and give us the most pleasant way of seeing things in HD screen. The use of latest android 5.0.2 lollipop makes your life easier with your nexus 6 , because you will experience the best smooth system which you have never been seen over time.

Another best thing about Google nexus 6 is that Google has reduced the launching price of nexus 6 just for its users, it is not because nexus 6 is cheap, but it is the best nexus ever made.

nexus 6

IPhone 6 Plus:

IPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure”.

The general specifications are given bellow:

OS: IOS 8, RAM Memory: 2GB, Screen Size: 5.5 inch, Resolution: 1920 x 1080, Battery: 2915 mAh, Storage: 16/32/64/120 GB, Camera: 8mp back & 1.2mp Front.

Apple first ever phablet phone simply you can say a big brother of iPhone 6 but increased in advanced features but also with a bigger price. The screen quality is more advanced than of previous one this time this is full HD screen. The back camera has optical image stabilization, so pictures look sharp and also brighter then past. IPhone has also extended his battery life which is a good and brighter sign for its users; the new battery will give its users more time to use the new Iphone 6 plus.

Yes we know that this is the most expensive phone of the time but if you are a real Apple lover so this iPhone is just for you.


LG G3:

“Simple is the New Smart”

The general specifications of LG G3 are given below:

OS: Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, Rear camera: 13MP, Front camera: 2.1MP Screen size: 5.5-inch, Resolution: 2560 x 1440, Storage: 16GB/32GB, RAM Memory: 2GB/3GB, Battery: removable 3,000mAh, Colors: White, Silver, Black

The demand and trend of LG handsets are growing day by day, because of its features and high quality resolution plus wide range of camera quality. the main point of LG handsets are that they are targeting skimming price strategy, the price of their handsets are quite low but the specs are very high and that’s why people are more like to the LG handset.

The new LG g3 has QHD screen quality which will show you a realistic and special preview of your videos and pictures. The new Back camera is 13mp with optical image stabilization which will enhance your photo. LG Company has improve its features from their past handsets, the new lg g3 has more stable RAM memory, more storage and it also has the new android lollipop update which will create a smooth interface of the LG G3.

LG G3 has its own build in 16/32 GB memory plus the new feature is that this time LG has made SD card slot in this mobile device so now you can also advanced your space up to 120GB memory card. So now you can save your entire data into your new LG G3.LG has also upgrade nits security function now you have special invisible pattern lock in your handset so that no one else can use or open your smart phone without your permission.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

“Innovative Breakthrough of Samsung”

The general specifications of Galaxy Note 4 are given below:

OS: Android 5, Battery: removable 3,220mAh, Rear camera: 16MP | Front camera: 3.7MP, Screen size: 5.7-inch, Resolution: 2560 x 1440, RAM Memory: 3GB, Storage: 32GB, Colors: White, Black.

The new Galaxy note 4 has super Amoled technology screen quality with advanced QHD screen of 5.7 inches and extra pixel which will made your screen like a 4k TV from which you can’t let your eyes off.

Samsung is very much famous for its note (PHABLET) handsets, the start from the Note 1 and now samsung has launched the official Galaxy Note 4 with some unique and advanced features. The Note 4 has special Fingerprint scanner which will let only you to unlock you device and nobody else can use it without your permission.

The battery is also updated the new note 4 has long lasting removable battery, more battery means more power and more back up time. The new stylus of note 4 is also update, this time you will get the new stylish and slim stylus with you Galaxy note 4.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

The Next Big Thing is here, “The Galaxy s6 is arguably the most advanced Smartphone ever made”

Specification of Galaxy s6 edge is given below:

OS: Android 5, Rear camera: 16MP, Front camera: 5MP, Screen size: 5.1-inch, Resolution: 1440 x 2560, Memory: 3GB, Storage: 32GB/64GB/128GB, Battery: 2560mAh, Colors: Silver, Black, white.

So the big thing is here, Samsung has announced their best Smartphone of 2015. The market share of Samsung after the launched of s6 and s6 edge has increased a lot. Thanks to the curve edge of galaxy s6 which made the most beautiful set of history of mobile devices.

The RAM memory is increase from 2 to 3GB, which allows you to enhance your PC performance. The new Galaxy s6 has advance 16mp camera with auto focus capability which will shape your image object more deeply. Battery power is also increased to 2560 mAh which will give its user more time to use the new s6 edge.

The price of Galaxy s6 edge is high as compare to other handsets of Samsung, but if you are a real Samsung lover so this phone is for you because it will give you a edge corner advantage over the other Smart phones.


HTC One M9:

HTC one M9, “Make it Yours”.

The general specifications of HTC one m9 are:

OS: Android 5, Screen size: 5-inch, Resolution: 1920×1080, Memory: 3GB, Storage: 32GB, Battery: 2840mAh, Rear camera: 20.7MP, Front camera: 4MP, Color: White, Black,Pink.

Well, HTC handset are not in the top 5 order of 2015 Smart phones but HTC still a phone with bst build up quality and one of the most beautiful phone of time.

The camera quality of HTC one m9 has been updated to 20.7 mp with extra features like they have updated the optical image stabilization, and also the blur effect in the images which will create your image object clearer.

The best thing about the HTC handset is the Beat Audio technology which they used for their handsets. None of other mobile phone company has used this technology but yes HTC is using this technology since very past and this time in HTC one M9 it also has increased to more advance feature. So now you can listen t your favorite music any time anywhere with your beat audio sound.

A good thing about the HTC handsets is that they charge a reasonable and low price from their customers as compare to their handset I the market. HTC one M9 has all those amazing features which their latest handsets have but they are charging low just to increase their market share and be in a stable position in the Smart phone market.


iPhone 6:

Bigger, better, sleeker and faster”

Specifications are given below

OS: iOS 8, Screen size: 4.7-inch, Resolution: 1334 x 750, Memory: 1GB, Storage:16GB/64GB/128GB, Battery: 1,810mAh, Rear camera: 8MP, Front camera: 1.2MP, Colors: white, Grey, Black.

Apple has increased many features  in their new iphone 6. The screen size is alao increased to 4.7 inch which will give its uses more quality screen view and extra sharpeness.  The pixel density and per frame swcond is also ncreased just to satisfy apple users that IPhone is not less than any other Smart phone.

The camera is still 8mp but the features is updated, now you has optial image stablizaion option and the main thing is that now you have dual shot lens in your iphone 6.

The price of the iphone is very much high, we know that apple charge high rom their customers. But apple is selling a brand, and if you are  apple lover you will always purchase his products.


Samsung Galaxy s5:

OS: Android 5.0 lollipop, Screen size: 5.0-inch, Resolution: 1980 x 1020, Memory: 2GB, Storage: 32GB, Battery: 2100 mAh, Rear camera: 13MP, Front camera: 2.2 MP, Colors: white, Grey, Black.

The Samsung galaxy s5 has retained his place in 2015. The users of Samsung likes the galaxy s5 because f its features and unique style. The galaxy s5 has 2 GB of RAM. This was the first handset in which Samsung galaxy has used new UI design having some shades of blue color in that. Which were so famous in the users and the users like the design a lot. So Samung has made this UI as his basic UI and all the other handsets has come with this interface.

The camera quality was also increased from the previous handsets with lots of new features. The rice of galaxy is quite reasonable and the users are quite happy with this Smart phone.


Samsung Galaxy S6

The general specifications are stated as follow:

OS: Android 5, Screen size: 5.1-inch, Resolution: 1440 x 2560, Memory: 3GB, Storage: 32GB/64GB/128GB, Battery: 2550mAh, Rear camera: 16MP, Front camera: 5MP, Colors: white, Black, Silver.

When we compare Samsung galaxy s5 with galaxy s6 we came to know the real difference between both of them. The camera quality is superb. The screen size is very much reasonable and one hand an easily reach at the top.

Samsung has fully upgraded the design of new Samsung Galaxy s6, the new touch Wiz UI is used in this mobile phone. The RAM memory is updated to 3GB which will allow you to play your favorite, high quality games on your handset.

The price is little high as compare to other handsets but Samsung is also giving you the best of it.


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