Top 8 tips to sell your website on Flippa

8 ways to sell website on Flippa

If you are planning to sell your website on Flippa, and you have already heard about Flippa then you might want to get some tips before starting to sell your website on Flippa. Most of the people who list a website at Flippa for sale ends up selling it for peanuts i.e 100$ and sometimes, not selling it at all.

How and Why? The answer is that they don’t know the secrets to sell their website successfully on  Flippa. They don’t do their homework and thus end up unsuccessfully in selling their website for good price and sometimes, don’t sell it.

If you want to improve your chances of selling your website on Flippa, then the below 8 tips will allow you.

1. Website should be making money :

Before trying to sell website, you need to make sure your website is making money. Een if you have a huge amount of traffic, but don’t go to sell it without monetizing it. It will still sell but the money will be really low. You should first monetize your website before going to sell it. If your website is making $50 per month and if less that 50$ per month, then you don’t need to sell it. Try to improve your traffic and earning before you go for selling it on Flippa. You need to increase the revenue to at least 300$ per month and then stable it. After that, go and list it on Flippa. Such a site earning 300$ per month can be sold for 8000$ and maybe, even more than that.s

Remember that you have to show the proof of revenue. You need to take screenshots of your earning reports and post them on Flippa.

You should have Google Analytics Data :

Most buyers will like to see your Google analytics data. If the buyers are serious, they will want to have the Google analytics data of your website. The analytics data that they get will be used by them to check your traffic details, and other data about your website. They would want to know that the earnings revenue which you have provided are compatible with your traffic stats. Using the Google analytics data, they would confirm that you are not a scammer.

Make your Trust Rating good :

On Flippa, each member has a trust rating and buyers will check that before buying your website and starting to place bids on it. You should try to build your trust rating good enough before selling your website on Flippa. You can  your trust rating by connecting your Flippa account with your Facebook and Linkedin etc.

Set a reasonable Buy it Now price :

You need to set a very reasonable Buy it Now price. Buy It Now price allows buyers to buy your website directly without doing any kind of bidding etc. Now, the problem is that most users set this buying price very high and they set a very crazy Buy It Now price. This makes buyers think that you don’t have any idea about what you are doing and it discourages potential buyers to buy your website as well.

Answer your each comment :

You need to answer your every comment if you want your website to get sold. Even though, if you have written a very clear description, people will have some questions and they want it answered and they can ask it through commenting on your ad, so make sure you answer each of their questions. Don’t delete any comments as well unless you have a strong reason for it. Deleted comments are marked red flags and usually come when sellers try to hide something. So don’t delete any comments since then, buyers would think you are hiding something.

Set the auction length for seen days :

We think that seven days is the good auction length for your ad on Flippa. In tat amount of time, many of the buyers will see your ad. Those who log in a week to check the ads will certainly check yours. It will create a sense of urgency on the buyers who are interested as well.

The mistake most people do is that they set the auction length for 30 days and then, their auctions become dead and some buyers even refrain from placing bids since they think there’s a lot of time remaining. So, always set the auction length for seven days, not more than seven days.

Have a good reason for Selling your website :

On the first place, people will ask you that why are you selling your website. You should have a solid and reason for selling your website, else people will think that there’s something wrong with your website an you are hiding something. Therefore, they won’t buy it so you need to have a solid reason for selling your website.

Invite Qualified Buyers :

If you wish to have more bids on your auction, then you can invite qualified buyers directly. You need to browse through the market place for websites that are similar to yours and find the people who commented on there. You can ask those people to come and have a look at your auction. You can send them a message telling them to come to your auction and place a bid.

Set a Low reserve :

If you set a low reserve price, then your auction will display the following message :

“Bidding open and reserve has been met”

This will be shown in bright green colour.

Keep your Auction on the Homepage :

When creating your listing , you can get the most important upgrade and that’s featuring on the homepage. It’s for 29$, you can get it and then your ad will come on the front page. You can buy that listing for the second time as well, once your listing goes to the second page. This can be a very good idea since many of the buyers check the front page and your ad will get a lot of visibility.

Your thoughts  :

Now, it’ up to you that what you think and what steps and measures you take while trying to sell your website on Flippa. There are some techniques that you can use to sell your website successfully on Flippa and get a good price for it. If you follow all of the tips that we listed in this article, you will surely be able to sell your site for a good price on Flippa. If you think that we have missed some tips and you want to add them, then definitely comment here to tell us about your opinion. Give us your feedback as well.


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