Top 8 Time Saving Tips for WordPress Bloggers

Blogging is very vast field and it needs time to manage a blog and you have to properly sit and give a good time to your blog to make them user friendly and for the quality of content. But if you are busy these days? Or is it very hard for you to manage all the stuff?  You are a part time blogger? It’s difficult for you to manage friends, family and blogging at once?

The answer will really be yes, because blogging is a part time job but still it will need 2 or more hours from you daily and you would want to use the time but again, when you don’t have enough time, how would you manage?

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So, if you are a WordPress user, then it’s great since we have some tips for WordPress bloggers for saving your precious time.

WordPress is the most used blogging CMS and platform but sadly, most of the users, don’t know how to speed up things using WordPress. They don’t know the secret to speeding up things. That’s the reason why they think that WordPress and blogging are very time consuming.

There are some 6 tips for you that would allow you to speed up things while using WordPress.

Skip Media Library, drop media into Post editor:

You don’t need to put images etc on Media library. Just put all the photos and other stuff directly into your post editor. Normally, what would you do is to click Add Media and then upload your images and put it into your post. So now, leave it and just drag the photos in to your post editor. That’s easy and it will take less time. You can drag and drop pictures in WordPress 3.9 which is the latest version of WordPress till now.

Don’t write Codes, use Auto embedding:

Hey, you need to insert a video from YouTube? So no doubt that you will open the YouTube and go to embed, then copy the code and paste it in your text editor.

But there’s another way and it’s easier. What you can do is copy the video and write

here's the link

WordPress supports these two types of video embedding:

  1. Shortcode
  2. oEmbed.

Interlinking is easy now:

You want to interlink a post for your blog and what you would do is to open all posts and then manually going to the post and copying its link. But it’s more time consuming and will take a lot of your time. You can speed that process up by selecting the option insert link, in your post editor and then select the option link to existent content. Then you can find the posts that you want to interlink. You don’t even have to know the URL. Just click on the posts that you want to interlink.

Don’t resize images, leave it to WordPress:

How can you resize your images when you want to insert it into post? You will either use a photo editor and if not a photo editor, you would use the WordPress image editor. But it would only increase your time and will slow things down. Now, what you can do is that go to media and you will see three image types. Small, medium large. Select one that you want. Now, whenever you want to insert images, you just have to select any of the image size that’s good and suitable for your post. Again, this will speed up your work.

WordPress Sitemap:

WordPress has now updated its versions and now it is very easy for the WordPress users that they can see the full site map including the views and more statistics result very easily. This updates was made on the 3.9 onwards versions so every user should update their WordPress and they can take benefit from the latest WordPress functions.

so these were small tips for WordPress bloggers. Stay tuned to Diaryinc for more tips of blogging and if you want us to make some addition in the post so you can subscribe us or comment below.