Top 50 Best Android Apps 2015

If you are an android user and looking for some interesting and risk free and best android apps then you have come to the right place. In this blog we are going to tell some of the best apps for Android. It doesn’t matter what kind of app you are looking for, we are sure we’ll have something listed that will help you out.

We all knows that the Google Play Store have thousands of interesting applications that will surely help you out. And there are too many of them so it gets hard to find a decent one as every app has fake copies which totally wastes your time or money. Although, there are categories like Top Paid and Top Free, Featured and Best Selling etc. even though it is sort of difficult to find the right app. That is the reason we made this post/list.


These apps are also very helpful for those people who had just bought a new android mobile phone or they are new in the android world . so they will take help from these apps as they don’t have a knowledge of this tech world/

Then we have made a best list for you The following apps are the list of the Top Paid and Free both and it is absolutely going to benefit you. If you pay for one of the app from the list, you are safe and it is worth it. Here are the list of 50 best android apps for Android

Best Android Apps 2015

Best Android Apps 2015


Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Facebook, the most polished app on Android and it is one of the best android apps list of every year. Downloading this app means you’ll have the ability to share your thinking, images and videos etc. Also, the app delivers equal updates from your friends. This app is fully free and you can download this application easily from the android play store.

Opera Max

As we know, every smartphone makes use of mobile data and we want it unlimited. That’s where Opera Max strikes in. Its a free service and is totally fantastic! It crushes down the size of images , videos and also speed up website load up time. It also saves third of your general data usage. The most beneficial thing in this android browser is that this is one of the most simplest browser and you will not torching your self by many advertisement because opera max by itself block these add and it let you to browse your stuff more easily.

Circle Of 6

Circle of 6 is for such situations when you discreetly need help from your friends. It sends your message to your 6 contacts in just two quick taps. One message asks your friends to quickly get in touch with you whereas the other sends your GPS location and a request to your friend to picked up.

Avast – Mobile Security And Antivirus

Malware, the most known antivirus app. It is free and a powerful Antivirus app that you can trust. It highly impressed the PC users and is ranked as the best free antivirus of 2015. Also, its Android release is quiet impressive too. It scans all your downloads for hidden virus or trojans. It also protects your browser, an amazing app to download.


Twitter, for some it is a useful way of sharing and tracking news, and for some its addiction. That’s where Fenix comes in. Fenix streamlines your twitter experience. A few days with Fenix and your twitter productivity will go beyond the roof. Fenix may not be free, costs £2.99 currently , but is really worth it.


Spotify is an app that totally deserves a spot on your Android smartphone. It is sort of free, spotify now comes with a stripped-down playlist for the users who don’t want to pay but still wants to use it. It puts millions of songs from the biggest artists around the world. If you want it premium, it costs £9.99 a month.

Google Authenticator

This is another useful app. Using Google Authenticator you can safeguard and protect all your online accounts. Once you have reigstered it, you will only need a pass code to open paypal, dropbox etc.


VLC, very known among PC users. If you have ever struggled to open and play a media file, you don’t have to worry now, make sure VLC is installed on your piece and you are done, no more struggle. Its recent update fixed the bugs and brought some new features such as support for ISO files and DVD menus. It can play almost all formats of videos and their functions are very easy and more powerful than any other media player in android.


Whatsapp has over 500 million downloads and Facebook bought whatsapp recently for $19 billion. Using whatsapp, you can share videos/images, audio messages and can do texts etc to your friends. Recently facebook has purchased the whatsapp on $18 billion dollars.


As we all know, Google Talk doesn’t exist anymore and is dead, but now we have Google Hangouts! Using Hangouts, you can not only do instant messages but it lets you do video chatting for free as well. If you are a Google+ user, you can do a conference call upto 12 participants. It also gives you beautiful SMS  messaging option and it will change your custom android messaging to hangouts for more colors and more fun.


If you’re worried about the NSA or someone who is peeking at your text messages, TextSecure is your solution. Messages sent to other TextSecure users are encrypted over the air. At first, the app was in Beta, but its full version is released and is ready for use!

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

If you like to listen to podcasts, then DoggCatcher Podcast Player is your app. Its clear and attractive interface makes it easy to manage and play your podcasts. Also, you can set it to automatically download new episodes. Things that make it different from other podcast apps is its wealth of option and customisability.


You can say, a friend of TextSecure. RedPhone lets you make some encrypted calls over a secured network to other TextSecure users. It also works with your phone number and dialer. It also alerts you when another RedPhone is on line. So, if you are worried about NSA , RedPhone is your solution.


Seen an article on Pc, but doesn’t have time ? Pocket is your solution then. It allows you to save articles and videos. You can read or see them later without even Internet Connection as it totally works offline. Pocket is so far the best I’ve seen for bookmarking. And, it is totally free!


A showcase of music videos, concerts and live performances. You can hunt down any individual artist using the search engine. All you’ve to do to get going is search for any artist or music video and simply click on it. Probably, a treasure of long-forgotten performances done by any artist!


Sometimes, it is difficult or even doesn’t exist to send some secure messages. That’s where Wickr strikes in. A fully encrypted secure messages service that even sends media messages. You have to ensure your private message stays private by setting up a lifespan for each message. A really good app, should give it a try!


Aldiko is an e-book app for Android users. The good news is that it is completely free! It supports .pdf and .epub formats. It also lets you import files from your storage or SDCard. All you got to do is browse the titles via the bookshelf or search your library for authors , publishers , genre etc. Its free as well as Premium. The Premium one costs you £2.49. Totally worth it.


Pushbullet is the easiet and fastest way to get photos, screenshots, web links, notes, lists, files etc across to your computer via a browser plugin and vice versa. You can also share images, videos and documents with other Pushbullet users. Also, you can use Pushbullet as an RSS Feed. And, it is completely free.

Bitdefender Mobile Security And Antivirus

Bitdefender Mobile Security And Antivirus has all the features you would like an Mobile Security and Antivirus app should have. All the addition features didn’t change the focus on security of bitdefender. It scans quickly and have a cloud-based method to keep your smartphone safe and clean. It has both Free and Premium version. The Premium version costs you $14.95 per year, definitely worth it.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield is a software application developed by AnchorFree that is used for securing Internet Connections, often in unsecured networks. Hotspot Shield won an Editor’s Choice award for VPN, and it works finely on Android. With just a few taps, your ip is encrypted and routed through the developer’s secured servers.

Mr.Number-Block Calls, Texts

If you are annoyed by someone or you don’t want someone to bother , Mr-Number is your way to get to. Using this app, you can block calls, messages from identified people, whole area codes, and code prefixes. It also lets you to fight back against intrusive texts and calls with an decent spam-reporting system.

LastPass Password Mgr Premium

A major repair to this app, and finally it looks as good as it performs. Using LastPass, you can access your secure notes, saved passwords and filled forms from your Android, also you can create new ones that’ll sync to all your devices. The new version of the app, melds the password manager, putting the app’s auto-login feature at the forefront. The premium version costs you $1 per month.

Lookout Security And Antivirus Premium

As you all know, staying has never been easier, Lookout has been Android’s main security for years, providing protection against Trojans and malicious applications and against aggressive mobile advertisers. The app has now improved anti-theft tools that might notice that your phone is stolen way before you do. The Premium version is priced at $3 per month.


Tor, probably the most famous for providing access to the so-called ‘’Dark Web’’ whereas it is also useful way to connect to the internet for keeping your browser movements private. Using Orbot, you will be connection to Tor in just a few seconds. Definitely, sometimes , it may take some attempts to get online. And thankfully, it is totally free!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an app for instant messaging service and voice communication. Messenger lets Facebook users chat with friends both on mobile and on the main website. It is simple, clean and have the ability of sending hundreds of videos! Also it contains some awesome stickers. Obviously, it is totally free!

Tuneln Radio Pro

If you love to listen to radio, Tuneln Radio Pro is your app. It gives you access over 100,000 radio stations, that means you don’t have to worry about your favorite genre, it’ll have you covered. There is a free version and Pro version, Pro version provides you with some features that free version don’t have like, pausing , recording etc. The Pro version has a advanced social tool that helps you in finding and sharing music.

Google Fit

If you want to look fit, Google Fit is your app to download, it obviously deserves a spot on your smartphone. Not only it tracks your activity, but it brings information from other third party apps and devices to bring you a decent and fine view of your fitness which means you don’t have to switch again and again to see how you are doing.

Runtastic Pro

Runtastic Pro can definitely do more than just keeping track of your favorite routes. It is able of mapping you, tracking you and automatically cheering you up. It also features a decent and fine music player, that helps you to boost your stamina and cheer you up. You can use it for hiking, cycling as well as walking. Absolutely, serious stuff for competitive people.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Weight Loss catch works as a fitness coach in your pocket. A useful and decent app for those who want to lose weight. Everyday, the app tells you how many calories you need to eat and burn to meet your goals. Premium users get more features and online communities than the free ones. Premium version costs you $9.99 per month.

Cookpad Recipes

Coodpak Recipes, a useful app for women who want to learn cooking or just started to cook, also for those who want to learn some new dishes. Cookpad connects you with tons of recipes. You can easily add one to favourite recipes, manage shopping lists and helps you find some new recipes. Once you start using Cookpad Recipes, you won’t have an excuse not to eat.

Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout

Ordering food is a real pain. You need takeout, menus, knowledge of terrain, faith that the person gets the order right, cash etc. Using Seamless, you won’t face difficulties again, it does all of the stuff, even it lets you pay via credit card on your Android smartphone. Seamless Food only supports restaurants in Washington DC, Boston , Miami, Chicago , Houstan, Los Angeles , San Francisco and everywhere else !

Action Launcher 3

If you want your smartphone look the way you wish, Action Launcher 3 is the app you need to install. Using Action Launcher 3, you can import all your settings, all of your favourite apps and shortcuts are exactly at the spot where you want them. Action Launcher 3, absolutely deserves a spot on your smartphone and it is totally free.


If you have the problem of forgetting stuff, Evernote is your solution. Evernote allows you to save ideas, notes, you can also create a to-do list. Using Evernote, you can record voice reminders and capture images directly at the spot. Probably, a decent and real good app for you to organize your very messy life. Evernote is priced at $0 that means it is totally free.


Probably, it is very difficult for anyone to handle his home PC, work PC, tablet , laptop etc. That is where Dropbox strikes in. It lets you access your files anywhere. Dropbox can also automatically upload photos taken on your piece to your account which means all your shots are right on your desktop without any tedious cable connecting.

Pepperplate Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner

Using Pepperplate , you can easily and quickly access your recipes from any Android piece so that you can cook a blast. This app connects to websites such as Allrecipes and Epicurious so that you can import any recipe you like with just one tap. In addition, you can also make a shopping list and keep your recipes handy wherever you are.


If you like to travel like a royal person, Uber is the app for you. Using Uber, you can connect with local drivers, and it can get you a ride anywhere , anytime within moments of time. Though, if you don’t agree with the fundamentals , it deserves a spot on your piece so that you can have the option of an Uber Taxi when you are discreetly looking for a ride.

Google Maps

Everyone knows, Google Map is our guide from several years. With just a few taps, this app can tell you exactly how to get to your destination, Google Map also supports walking , cycling etc. The recent update features even include the lane you should be on while driving. And as this is Google , you can search out any locations nearby.

Google Translate

Google Translate, probably the most helpful and useful app so far. Using Google Translate, you don’t have to fear about communicating with people as a traveler, Google Translate will do the job for you. It translates the written or spoken words quickly. Even, you can use this app as a speaker , all you got to do is input text through your camera and handwriting. Definitely, the best app to learn another language.


Waze, more likely Google Maps but the main difference is that Maze with an army of users provides some of the best-crowd sourced information out there. All you got to do is set your destination and it will get you there safely, even if you go on the wrong direction it alerts you by a voice message. Waze also supports voice controls for hand-free driving.


Amazon, the internet’s large marketplace, where you can buy anything, priced at cheap rates. All you got to do is search for your item. On Android, the two most known features are the barcode scanner and photo search. Unfortunately, Kindle eBook titles are not available for purchase on Amazon. Surely, it’s a great app, and deserves a spot on your piece.


IFTTT stand for ‘’If this then that’’ , an awesome app you need to download if you want your Android smartphone to do some cool stuff such as , if you write a statement as such ‘’If my location is school , send a message to my friend saying ‘’I’m at school’’ and which can be also shared with other IFTTT users. Probably, you’ll be shocked by its doing. Definitely, deserves a spot on your smartphone.


And how can we forget Skype ? An amazing app used for doing voice chatting or video calls with relatives or friends or anyone else. It doesn’t matter where they, all you and they need are an Internet Connection and skype app installed on your device and you are ready to get going. Also, you can buy skype credits to call on landlines or mobile phone number which are totally worth it.


Everyone does love Vines. Vines, an app which at first had some bugs and it took a bit while to appear on Android, but now , its all good to use. A video-making app that helps you record videos on your mobile phone and share it with the whole world, means share it on the social network. It is totally free and deserves some space on your smartphone.


Snapchat a large social network where you can share different images. Snapchat is currently bigger in terms of users than Twitter. It allows you to take photos and share it on social network which later on leaves no trace. This app has been given a bit more reputation than Twitter and there are a lot more you can do on it.


Twitter, another must-have app for those who love to be on social network. Using Twitter, you can tweet your images and thinking by just typing it down and tapping tweet. It allows you to write up to 140 characters per tweet. The official is probably one of the best to use, with trends of hashtags. One of the best app for social networking, make sure its installed on your device.

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0

Adobe Photoshop, we all know, the most famous photo editing app. Using Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0, you can give your images different look, write text over it, also, it lets you make fine-grain adjustments with simple interface. Easy to use, and one of the best apps for Android. Most of the people edit their images, it deserves a spot on your piece.

Autodesk Pixlr

Pixlr, another most known editing app. A fine app to give your images a fine , good and you can say beautiful touch. Autodesk Pixlr includes tons of effects and adjustments that will leave you confused in selecting a tool.

Writing Challenge

For those who likes to write, Writing Challenge is the app you should investigate. Writing Challenge brings out different set of intervals. The app is simple, you got to choose among the ideas from the app as they come. Its a nice app, though, it won’t let you write World’s or any Country’s best Novel. kind of works like a remainder. Using, you can create shopping lists, sync it between devices , even you can share it with others. sort of encourages you to take a moment and review the things that should be done.


At the end comes Breather. If you need some time to do some sort of work like meetings, writing, or whatever, you need to try Breather. Breather provides stylish, quiet rooms that you can book for half an hour. The service currently holds some space at Montreal, New York, and San Francisco.

We have tried our level best to make this best android apps list more easy for you. Finally we want to say that if you want to add more apps, or your favorite and best android apps in to this post.. do tell us in the comment box.