Top 5 Search Engine Optimization mistakes that a blogger should avoid 2015

Your blogging needs a good SEO score for your blog posts, therefore you should have to follow some common rules of Search engine optimization, and if you follow those rules this thing can take your blog to the sky. A blogger should use SEO in the right manner as Google uses some algorithm and it takes some factors to consideration of your SEO score and on the basis of that score Google rank your website or blog.

In the startup every single person want to post blog as many as they can to increase the views of the blog and rank their website on the highest level but in this whole process most of the time every blogger makes some simple mistakes and then he or she has to pay for that mistakes therefore today we are going to tell you some Search Engine Optimization mistakes that you should avoid while writing your content and make your post SEO friendly.

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search engine optimization mistakes that you should Avoid- Diaryinc

Common SEO Mistakes:

(1)   When you target wrong keywords:

Keywords targeting is the main task while writing a SEO article. You should have to fully focus on your articles heading, firstly take some time and t

hink about your topic and makes it easy for the users to read. In the startup of blogging and even some good blogger also makes these kind of mistakes.

When you decide a topic on which you want to write something unique, then you should think about its relevant keywords and do not target or make keywords by your own. The best way to target the right keywords is Google Adwords which gives you overall explanation and full detail of keywords that you should choose and then you have to target that keywords on your content.

(Tip: try to target those keywords in your content which has low competition but the monthly searches are very high, as it will boost your blog/post on the top level or on the first page of Google if you follow the SEO rules)

When you target the right keywords in your post and also do the right ON and OFF the page SEO, your post will fore sure boost up and it will be ranked by Google.

(2)   Imperfect Article/blog/Post:

Blog post quantity and quality are the two basic things and every person who wrote different blogs or content should keep these two things in their mind. Now a day’s many websites are suffering from these poor written article or blog posts. Writing only a very short written post can harm your website, when a reader comes first time to your website and see your article or post and when  he sees that it is too short, the website image is suddenly been down in the user’s mind. That is why you should have to properly explain things in your article so that then a user should attracted towards your post and then he will again come and see your post. Google also don’t like very short contents, and short contents have almost no chances to rank in Google.

(3)   Matching or Copied Content:

Selection of topic is the main thing for your blog, you should choose a topic which has a demand in the market and people are looking for that topic. We have seen many people, when they see a content on any blog or website and then suddenly they start writing on that topic. This is not the right way to write content and there are also some people who copy the exact article with same content and they post it on their blog but Google has a unique procedure for that, when you post an article on your blog or website Google sent their own technical spiders to your website and if they found out that this article having the same content has been pasted a time before this post so the copied content will be banned and it will never ranked in the Google. So be sure when you write an article do target your own keywords by using the Google Adwords and then write a unique content so that people come to see a unique and not a copied post.

And if at least on the safe side if you like someone article and you think that you can add more detail to it so then you can take a help from that article but do not copy the full idea or content to your own website.

(4)   SEO friendly Images:

Picture in any article or blog post has an important impact on overall post as it will give user a practical view of what you have written. Many people just add images in their blog post but they do not edit the pictures properly.

When you are using word press and when you upload an image on that, it will give you some options like Title, Description, Alt image, and caption. More than 60 % of blogger don’t know the reality and importance of these options. They just ignore that options but in the eyes of Google these images are very important and it is also a source of huge traffic for your blog.

As a blogger and SEO specialist you should have to complete these options by giving a title, Caption and Alt images are also very important alt images can tell Google and viewer what this thing is like for example when you upload a picture of apple in the alt tag box you should write “this is an apple”.  Moreover also give a good a brief description of your image and try to use keywords in your description as it will make your post SEO friendly.

When you properly used these Alt images and description for your option it will help your post to be ranked on Google and you will have a huge traffic on your blog.

(5)   Proper Sharing of the Blog post:

Blogging has two different parts one if writing a good and unique content and the other part is the proper blog sharing. Writing Content has a 30% part while the sharing of your blog has 70 % part in your whole blog post. So now you may understand the importance of sharing your blog.

Now sharing also has some rules and some platforms on which you will share your device and the users will come to view your article or blog post. The first platform is Social Media that is facebook, twitter, Google+, linkedin and many more like these. You should give and share your blog post on these platform and it will help you to increase your page views.

(Tip: Join the communities on the Google+ and some blog post sharing Groups on the facebook and post your article link their in the group it will really help you to increase your traffic).

There are also many platforms like Reddit, Medium, Kingged plus, tribal and many more. You can sign up on these website and post your links on that it will give you a huge amount of traffic and you can gain advantages over other people.

These are some simple points about common Search engine optimization mistakes, which we want you to know while targeting SEO. Keep these points in your mind while writing your content and when you follow these rules then you will understand proper SEO.

If you have any quires you can tell us in the comment box we will try our level best to answer your questions and solve your problems. Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂