Top 5 online Games

The Top 5 online games written here are according to an official website. We are not doing any favoritism. There are many online games but some of them are the all-time favorite. They are so hit that they have a kind of legacy. The currents one are most favorite and when the new ones launch they take place of the old ones with an even better fan count.

So here is the list of the Top 5 online Games.



  1. Mine Craft:

When I first saw this game I was like “Who is going to play this?” but when I saw the rankings I was like WHOA! This game has an open hand of whatever you want to do. It does not have any special graphics or scenes but the gameplay is so much interesting that this game is even recommended for children because it brings out their imagination and creativity and makes it clear what the child has to become in the future. Kids prefers drawing or making the things of their interest. Hence on top of the Top 5 online Games.




  1. Dota 2:

The fastest rising game ever in history. First of all its online so you are not playing against bots, which is one thing that makes it interesting. The second thing which makes it interesting is that every time you have to build up a hero from the start. There are 110 heroes and about 150 items. Thousands of ways you can make a hero. Plus the Dota tournaments gave it unexpected popularity. The second one on the list of Top 5 online Games




  1. Call of Duty:

The third on the Top 5 online Games here is something really classic. It’s a first person shooting game and has been around for a long time. Every new version that gets released takes the place of the old version with a higher amount of fans. No matter which country you go to. You will easily find professional players of this game. The best part about this game is that it has different playing modes. You can play as a team or you can play in a free for all.




  1. FIFA:

This game here has a legacy. Every year a new version is released with better graphics and gameplay and tricks and control etc etc. Now I will prefer playing football outside in the ground but one has to admit that the game is a craze. A lot of things you can do. The latest version out is FIFA 2015 and 2016 is soon to be released.




  1. Empire Earth:

A new game with the game play of one of the oldest games that is Age of Empires. Ages has been added. Resources are different buildings are different. Now I am pretty sure most of the people out there have played Age of empires. And now Empire Earth has taken over that game. A single stage takes about 2 to 5 hours and still people play it. Just imagine the craze.



There are a lot of games out there, some of you might even not like these games. But they are among the most played games on planet Earth. Playing once is must for all of them.