Top 5 iOS 9 Features for Freelancers

These are the top five new features in iOS 9 that will help provide you with greater capacity to work from anywhere. You can use these features and make your life easier with your iPhone.

Top 5 iOS 9 Features for Freelancers


When iOS 5 launched, one of the most interesting thing which catches the eyes of every person in the world was “SIRI”. Many users from other companies have come to iPhone just to use this app, since that time this is the most useful app of iOS platform. Which can add reminder and appointments on your calendar very easily. You can ask what you want and SIRI will answer you. The latest update of SIRI in iOS 9 adds myriad new functionality, but perhaps most useful thing for freelancers and the user of fiverr is the ability to set reminders from text in an email or a message and to also set location-based reminders which will keep you update and you will never ever gets forget of your reminders.


If your working routine is very tough and you always work outside home, and you don’t have a time to sit in a home and charge your iPhone, or you are annoyed to carry chargers with yourself to every place to charge your mobile phone. iOS 9 new low power mode helps you to maximize your iphone performance with minimize the extra apps and give you more time to usage. These functions Dim the screen and limits some functions but it can only add 3 to 4 hours more battery power to use.

Swipe Over and Multi-tasking

On ipad, swipe over application will allow you to access on different apps without leaving the current app that you are using currently. Moreover you can also go into the split view in which you can use both the similar apps at the same time. This feature was not there before the iOS 9 and many users were complaining that they cannot use both the apps at the same time.

Proactive Assistant

Working with Siri application, the new iOS 9 has a function called Proactive Assistant that learns your habits and analyzes your data to create helpful shortcuts to apps and functions of your choice. For example, when you want to create an event or email of your choice, proactive will give you suggestions of your contacts based on the subject line and event detail.


In ipad 3, and ipad air 2 there is a option that allows to to watching your video, even when you close that window or app. The video will appear in the small box and you can adjust the video box on everywhere on the screen. This feature is very help full for a person who is doing video transcription or doing some translation related work.

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