Top 5 Coolest Gadgets from 2015 IFA

We bring you the top 5 coolest gadgets from 2015 IFA (Internationale Faunkausstellung – International Radio Exhibition Berlin) show in Berlin took place on 2nd, sep-2015. Some real good Companies and teams were there to show up their cool and latest gadgets. Other new people were also there with their latest electronic inventions like laptops, watches and tabs etc. One of the big thing was Intel Skylake processor which was also put forward that day.

IFA consumer electronics and home appliances is a lead trade show in the world. IFA show happens every year in September and some real good gadgets and appliances are revealed every time. IFA fair is the Europe’s largest consumer electronics fair. No doubt it is because of the number of things being shown in this year’s IFA show.

On the other hand most of the appliances and gadgets shown were copied or were the same old versions with some minor touchups.


We now bring you the top 5 coolest gadgets from 2015 IFA. These are the gadgets which may not be recently invented or best but they stood out of the crowd and were interesting and different from the rest in an innovative manner.

Panasonic Future Mirror

Panasonic has always been known for its best quality electronic appliances. You must have heard or seen its prototype which was displayed at CES Texas in January this year. But this one is a lot improved than the last version with a lot of addition in its features. It’s an interactive mirror for all those who love themselves and want to look beautifully perfect. It shows you how you would look like if you try some particular sort of makeup. It also tells you which specific color makeup will suit your complexion. Rumors are that it will soon be available in the market with extra good features.

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Glow in Dark Smartphone

Wiko is a French smartphone manufacturer company. It’s not a well-known and best for its products company but its mobile devices are gradually making it towards success. At IFA trade show it revealed a collection of their products, some of which are available in the market and some are on the way. It revealed its Wiko Fever with common specs like 13-MP camera and 5.2” touch display etc. But its difference from normal smartphones is on the basis of its luminous body that glows in the dark and makes it easy for you to find it in the dark or inside your bag.

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ASUS VivoStick PC

ASUS revealed a bunch of electronic products at IFA show in Berlin but the most useful and cool was the ASUS VivoStick PC. Turn around to any of your HDMI- enabled Monitor or TV and make it a Windows 10 PC. All you need will be a mouse and a keyboard. Comes with two USB ports and a 2 GB RAM. It has got 32 GB internal memory and lets you to control all the system remotely from a smartphone. It is still unclear that when ASUS is going to launch it in the market.

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The Lumify Sensor

The 4th most interesting and cool gadget among the top 5 coolest gadgets from 2015 IFA is the Lumify Sensor. Philips among with many other devices revealed this gadget too. It gives you high quality imaging of Ultrasound through a smartphone. It’s for the convenience of women for no more going to Doctors for such small tests and checkups. It is soon going to be available in the market in U.S. but not in Europe.

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alt="cool gadgets of IFA fair"Theta 360° Pictures

At IFA show in Berlin this was another good gadget to be seen. Revealed by Ricoh this cool gadget has a 360° portable camera. Capture 14-MP high resolution pictures spherically and can also record video with a recording time of 25 mins in HD. The captured can be then uploaded to social networks and can even be shared upon Google Maps or Google Street View.

These are the top 5 coolest gadgets from 2015 IFA. These gadgets from the 2015 IFA trade show are worth knowing about. Next IFA fair is going to be held on 2nd, sep-2016. We will keep you updated regarding any news from IFA, till then keep tuned.



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