Top 4 Cool Looking Fidget Spinners

You have all probably heard of fidget spinners. They have been everywhere recently but why? Fidget spinners have been so popular that they have even been banned in some schools. These addictive little toys come in many different colours and shapes. Hey, you can even start a fidget spinner collection. Here’s a look at our top 5 fidget spinners from the new and upcoming fidget spinner online shop.

4. The Purple Camo Tri Spinner.

This spinner combines the original shape and look that you are used to but it is coated with a brilliant purple camo design. With ultra-fast bearings this spinner looks great both stationary and while spinning. You can buy it at Fidget spinners shop today for £13.99

3. The Rose Gold CFK Tri Spinner

This spinner comes in the trendy rose gold colour. This is not your normal fidget spinner, with a custom design from the Custom Knife Factory, it is bound to get your peers’ attention. You can also find this spinner in 2 different colours, silver and black.

2. The Rainbow Dual Spinner

This spinner is perfect for those who love to fidget or those who just want to have fun and look cool. It is not the popular tri spinner but instead a new type of spinner – the dual bar spinner. The dual spinner has a unique shape in addition to an eye-popping rainbow colour.

1. The Rainbow Bubble Tri Spinner

In continuation with number 2, this spinner combines the original tri spinner shape with the unique rainbow colour. It provides a calming effect and can be used to help focus the mind. Being almost dead silent, this is perfect to play with whether you are alone or with friends. This toy is perfect if you want to look cool whilst playing with your fidget spinner.