Top 30 best games for android smartphone 2015

In this article, we will show the top 30 best games for android smartphone in 2015.  Since you know, there are many games for android and you can play games on android phone to spend your time and get enjoyed as well at the same time. There are most popular android games and best games for android smartphone that you can play on your phone and get comfortable with it. Playing games refreshes your mind as well. In the meanwhile, it spends the time as well and you won’t know that how hours have been passed easily. There are the best android games that are more awesome and you can play them more and enjoy yourself with them. We will not bore you more by writing some stories. Let’s just get to the task, the list of most popular android games of android phone.

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Best games for android smartphone 2015 :

We will start the list of most popular games for android and here’s how we begin :

    1.  Luna League Soccer :

As companies like EA and Pro Evo have not developed games for android phones so now there’s another game called Luna League Soccer. In Luna League Soccer, you don’t have to kick the balls from one place to another instead kick the balls from goals to goals instead. It’s a whole lot of fun. You should really play this game. This is really awesome. It is one of the best games for android smartphone 2015.

  1. Dungeon Hunter 5 :

  • Finally the wait is over and here comes the Dungeon Hunter 5 with a bit of twist in the game. The new game brings some new features on the dungeon hack-slash and crawling formula. The aim is same as the previous ones, you’ve to save the kingdom of Valenthia with three of your mates. The best feature in the game is the ‘Strongholds’ multiplayer mode where you’ve to train your monster army and build your own base to attack other players and their strongholds.
  1. Subway Surfers :

  • Subway Surfers, probably the most known game on android. Almost like Temple Run, subway surfer’s infinite runner takes you to beautiful and colorful tracks, railways. All you have to do is run from that Inspector and his dog and collect coins on your way as you run. Also, you have to avoid incoming trains and score as much as you can. As you collect coins, you will be able to unlock new characters and upgrade your powerups.
  1. Temple Run :

  • Temple Run and Subway Surfers are almost the same games just a little change in gameplay or the game. In Temple Run, you have to run from those animals and score the highest you can. Also, just as subway surfers, you have to collect coins from which you can unlock characters. Possibly, the only change in Temple Run and Subway Surfers is the inspector and the tracks / railways.
  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne :

  • Asphalt is possibly the most played racing game ever. And so it doesn’t stops bringing in new games with new features and way better gameplay as well as graphics. Probably, the most known game among Android users. You will be able to drive your dream cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. You can also start your career mode in which you got to beat your competitors.
  1. Dead Trigger 2 :

  • Following the success of their previous version, Dead Trigger 1, Dead Trigger 2 is here with much better gameplay and graphics, a bit more fun to play. All you got to do is show some guts and kill those zombies as you travel through various undead places of the world. It is certainly disgusting and that is the reason why we like it.
  1. Shadowgun: DeadZone :

  • Shadowgun Deadzone is literally the most played multiplayer game among Android users. It probably requires a decent smartphone because of its demanding graphics. The game contains several modes such as Deathmatch , Battlefield-style Zone Control. The game also includes an easy to use multiplayer voice chat.
  1. Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games :

  • Dumb Ways To Die 2 was officially developed to teach your kids about dumb things that literally leads you to embarrassing moments. In this game, well, its very simple but pretty fun, all you got to do is jump over electrical fences , unclog doors as well as ride dolphins for as long as possible. The game gets faster and faster as you play.
  1. Angry Birds Go :

  • The most popular game Angry Birds have now a new game called Angry Birds Go , a racing game probably different from the other Angry Birds game as you got to shoot at targets in them while in this version you’ve to race and defeat your competitors. Simple, but possibly pretty fun.
  1. Clash Of Clans :

  • Clash Of Clans also known as CoC, a very addictive game in which you got to build your own town and its defences. Afterwards, you have to train your troops and take over other players. As we know it’s a multiplayer game, its duration is never ending and is certainly the most popular game on the Play Store. Once you start playing, we can assure that you’ll be addicted to it.
  1. Fruit Ninja :

  • Its been years now of Fruit Ninja being here yet it is as addictive as it was on its first scene. Swiping your finger on the smartphone , well we mean ninja sword to make deadly attacks on the fruits such as bananas , peaches , watermelons and apples etc  and making them fall by your sword/blade. Make high scores in this infinite fun arcade game.
  1. Badland :

  • Badland has been greatly lauded by games critics as well as ourselves. Basically, its an adventure game where you got to tap the screen to guide a group of forest dwellers through dark , strange , swampy forest full of frightening shadows and obstacles. Furthermore, aside from compelling gameplay it also has a multiplayer mode, the graphics are awesome also it has a great soundtrack.
  1. Boom Beach :

  • From the developers of Clash Of Clans, they brings in Boom Beach. Same as Clash Of Clans, in Boom Beach, you have to build your territory and make its defense as well as you got to build your own army to attack or defend against other’s attack. It is a popular Android game and the graphics are decent, and it is among the best you can get on Android. The type of units sent probably make the difference between victory and defeat.
  1. Angry Brids Series :

  • Everyone has probably played this famous and pretty fun game. There are many versions of Angry Birds such as Epic, Space Rovio etc , also if we add them individually , they’d make our list go boom! The basics are simple, all you got to do is destroy the forts made by the the green pigs by simply slingshooting the birds at them. Simple and pretty hilarious.
  1. Timberman :

  • Timberman, insanely addictive , pretty difficult to master and very easy to understand. Its simplicity matches Flappy Bird and it was officially released in July of 2014. The basics are very simple, you got to cut down the trunk of infinitely tall tree avoiding its branches as they fall from the tree. It’s a very best android game of 2015 and you should play it and its graphics are pretty decent, not that good but you can adjust to it easily so we recommend it to you.
  1. QuizUp :

  • It’s a good quiz game where you will be asked puzzled questions and you’ll answer them . Well that what’s might you have expected but it’s not like this. QuizUp worked like an instant explosion in 2014, using which you can access any sports and entertainment and news etc by just a click. Then you will be asked questions about them in these related topics. That’s how it happens in QuizUp.
  1. Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games

  • Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games is another one of the best free android games and it started as an educational program to teach your kids about good and bad things but now it has a bit developed and it can be played like this : “ You control a character and move it and jump over electric fields. It’s one of the good android games and you should really try it out.
  1. JetPack Joyride

  • This is a good game and you ride a jetpack in it and and it is a very cool android game where there are endless runners and here’s something different, you don’t have to jump to avoid the hazards, you will maneuver your jetpack to avoid the hurdles. You should try this game out.
  1. Words on Tour :

  • In this game, you have to complete words that are adjacent to each other and win like this. It’s a really popular android game and has good graphics as well. We recommend this game to you and you should try it ouy.
  1. GalaxIR :

  • It’s one of the intense and addictive multiplayer games for android. It’s been here for a while and people are really liking it. What happens in it is that you use a fleet of spaceships and bombs with missiles against other players and destroy their plants, OF COURSE YOU HAVE YOUR PLANets as well. So It’S a good game and you should try it out.
  1. Hopeless: The Dark Cave

  • Horror and cuteness combined into one form in this nice little game where there is horror in the cave and you play in it. It is a popular android game and you should play it. It’s 21st  in our list.
  1. New Words With Friends :

  • It’s an online multiplayer game where you can share your words with others that can be your grandparents, your friends and anybody else, your parents etc. You’ll make words and then share them with others, it’s a good job to do. You need to do it.
  1. Skyward :

  • You take two long circles and then you have to shrink them back into nothing that’s it. End of the story but it is a very nice android and popular android game and you should try it out.
  1. Crossy Road :

  • This game is a bit changed from the temple run and subway surfers, in this game you have to cross the road and earn points the longer you are able to cross the road, the more points you earn. It’s a really addictive game and will make you busy in toilet sessions and long journeys. Have a try at it.
  1. Dungeon Hunter 5 :

  • It’s a standard save a kingdom game and you act like a hero in it and save a kingdom by attacking the monsters that are controlling them and attacking their kingdom. You defeat the monsters and you win and become a hero. However, there is a new thing about this version of Dungeon Hunter 5 that you can build you army and forts and then attack other armies and forts pretty much like clash of titans.
  1. RPG Clicker :

  • An RPG game where you would tap your phone and play and shoot and level up, this is how it works. A very common role playing game but this is the best android game for 2015 and you should really try this game out. It’s thrilling and highly addictive and once you do it, you’ll keep on doing it.
  1. ZigZag

  • It’s a very popular android game and where you  are puzzled by sending balls through zig zagged paths and preventing it from falling from the path. It’s a nice and simple game and you’ll love it AND it has a timer as well so that you guide the balls on time down the paths.
  1. Driver Speedboat Paradise

  • It’s made by Ubisoft and you know the class of Ubisoft, they don’t make low quality games, Driver Speedboat Paradise, is a very cool game where you drive high speed boats and compete with opponents and then you get a chance to customize your boat and do modifications in it and you can unlock new clothes and things for your riders as well. So all in one package by Ubisoft, you should like it and like the game as well.
  1. Bebbled :

  • It’s a standard gym shuffling game where you have to make the same color gems and they will vanish, it’s that game but it’s very exciting and addictive and cool and a best android game. You should really try that out.
  1. Newton :

  • It’s a very nice free android game in which you have to shoot the target but the target will have Newton’s physic’s/math’s laws applied and it will divert your shots. You HAVE to shoot correctly and hit the target.
  • That’s it that was our list of top Top 30 best games for android smartphone 2015, we will posts more lists soon. Subscribe to this website to stay updated and the lists be delivered to your email.