Top 30 Best Android Photo Editors of All Time

Android photo editors are the apps which provide you the platform of making your picture more creative and beautiful. If you love photography and want to edit your photos and make changes in your pictures, and want to improve the look of your picture so you must install photo editor. Check out the list of some of the best Android photo editors apps.

PicsArt Photo Studio

It is one of the top amazing and wonderful Android photo editing, drawing and collage making app, with a 250 million of downloads, it has a rating of 4.4 and its size is 35 MB. it provides you the maximum number of tools to edit, crop, enhance, blending, clone etc. It provides you the best collage maker to make picture collage in frames, grid, and free form or with pictures in the background. You can also enjoy thousands of effects, clip art, frames, filters masks etc. you can directly share your photo from picsart on instagram, twitter, facebook, dropbox etc. and it also gives you the opportunity to enter your drawings in their weekly drawing contest. You can enjoy all itsfeatures for free. alt="Android Photo Editors"

Photo editor by aviary

It is one of the best photo editor and a part of adobe family. It provides you a discriptive, solid and powerful platform to explore your creativity. It has a rating of 4.4 and over 5o million of downloads. It is available in the size of 17.05 MB. Aviary is a photo editor through which you can easily and quickly edit your photos. It consists of all those tools, features and effects that you need and give you the right to edit your photo in a better way.

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Pixlr- Free photo editor

Pixlr is also among one of the best Android photo editors with a ratings of 4.4. It has over 50 million of downloads and available in size of 17.95 MB. It provides you the opportunity of quick fixes and awesome effects for free. Capture the best moment and make it more beautiful with thousands of tools, filters and effects. It also provides you to create photo collage and capture a lot of moments in one. You can directly share your edited photo on social media from Pixlr.

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PhotoDrector Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector Photo Editor is pretty cool app with best effects to adjust and enhance your images. It has a rating of 4.5 and has over 1 million of downloads. Through this app you can just change your mobile picture into a professional picture like as they are captured by Nikon or Canon. This is a quick app which let you to adjust RGB with a visual histogram. It has a lot of amazing and awesome tools which will make your picture more expressive. While the app requires Android 4.1 and above software, 1 GHz processor, 760MB RAM and only supports JPEG or PNG image.

Color splash Effect Edit

Color splash effect edit is a great and fantastic photo editor with a lot of collage effects, filters, and photo editing tools. It has over 10 million of downloads and has a rating of 4.0. this app will let you to create pretty photo collages and photo grid layouts. It also convert your mage into black and white image. It consists of 37 marvelous effects, 40 frames, 30 special filters, 301 stickers, 20 textures, 301 clip arts. It has more than 100 different photo collages and grid layouts.

Photo Editor for Android

Photo Editor for Android is a free and simple image editing app, with a smaller size of 3.20 MB. It has a rating of 3.9 and is downloaded by over 10 million of the people. T has a lot of functions and effects which can change your image lie old style effect, blurring effect, black and white picture, glow function and color balance etc.


Mirror Image- Photo editor

Mirror image photo editor gives you the best reflection and mirror effect, it has a rating of 4.2 and over 10 million of downloads. The size of the app is 18.23 MB. If you want a mirror effect in your photo than this app is perfect for you to create a mirror effect and reflection on your pictures you can further add effects and frames to these mirror photos. It consists of 15 new mirror effects, 37 amazing filters and effects, 30 frames, 301 clip arts and stickers, hundreds of grid layouts and collage. so these are all  of its features which you can expect from a descriptive photo editor.

InstaBeauty- selfie editor

InstaBeauty editor is the perfect choice of photo editing app for selfie lovers with a small size of 17.03 MB. It has a rating of 4.0 and over 10 million of downloads. If you want to have a perfect   smooth, and beautiful skin just click a selfie and beautify your skin InstaBeauty. It has 4 main features Beauty Camera, Beauty Collage, Beauty Video and a Quick Snap. Beauty camera provides you to a take a beautified photo with its camera with your own choice of skin. Beauty Collage gives you the ability to stitch multiple selfies in amzing Grid layouts, frames, magazine-style and much more. Beauty Video gives you the opportunity to make a video with your favorite skin and beautify it which is pretty good to share it on Instagram, facebook etc. Quicksnap fulfill your wish of taking a lot of selfies and then you can choose the best one. So if you want to create good looking photos and videos so just click the download button freely.

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FotoRus- Photo Collage Editor

FotoRus editor is like an all rounder because it gives you a Selfie Cam, picture frames editor and photo collage maker, with a size of 31.01 MB. It has a ratings of 4.4 and over 10 million of downloads. It consists of a PIP camera and provides you a secret album and special effects, it has wonderful filters, stickers and tools to create a stunning photo. It provides you a beauty camera through which you can make your photo more expressive. You can protect your favorite and secret photos in its secret album. Simply it has a lot of functions to edit a picture for free.

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 Photo editor Pro

Photo editor pro is a powerful editing app with awesome effects available in size of 13.63 MB. It has over 50 million of downloads and has a ratings of 4.3. it is a comprehensive photo editor and pretty cool to do whatever you want on your mobile. There are a lot of stickers, effects, filters and photo frames available to make your picture more creative. You can download this app for free.

Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro

Photo Editor Collage Maker is just awesome collage maker and free photo editor with a rating of 4.3. It is available in size of 19.60 MB, and has over 5 million of downloads. It is a powerful collage maker which combine multiple photos with photo grids and myriad layout frames. You can add emoticons, popular tags and smiles to your photo. It is simple and easy to use for free.

Romantic Photo Editor

Romantic Photo Editor is a free app which will make your photo romantic, lovely and cute. It has a rating of 4.0 and over 1 million of downloads. The app gives you the ability to replace a lovely and romantic background of your picture. You can add a lovely, romantic and cute frames to your favorite picture, so you must take fun of this lovely app available in small size of 9.85 MB.

Funny Photo Editor

Funny Photo Editor is one of the best Android photo editors in funny category and amazing app which provides you to edit your photos and faces with funny faces and stickers. It is available in small size of 8.09 MB with over 1 million of downloads and has a rating of 3.9. With this funny app you can change your and your friend photos with hairs, spectacles, mustache, and funny stickers. You can edit a fresh picture and as well you can edit a picture from gallery. It is a user friendly and simple app to use it easily and enjoy.

Fantasy Photo Editor

Fantasy Photo Editor is an awesome app just enter the fantasy photo studio and enjoy the magic of mage editing. It has a rating of 4.0 and is downloaded by more than 1 million users. It have some special effects which will make your picture extreme beautiful. It is a free app which will lead you to the fairytale era where your imagination becomes unlimited. Try out its amazing and wonderful fames and tools the magic will happen in front of your eyes.

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Ghost In Photo

Ghost in Photo is funny wonderful and free app with a rating of 4.0 and has over 1 million of downloads. The app allows you to place a ghost in a picture from your collection or camera to scare your friends. You can just make your friends fool and scary by placing a ghost in your photo. You can install this scary app free to scare your friends.

 Image Editor

Mage Editor is a powerful free photo editor which supports multiple tabs, layers and even actions with a very small size of 3.58 MB. It has been downloaded by more than 5 million people and has a rating of 3.8. it is designed to be the Android alternative to Windows Photoshop. You can draw shapes, croping, brush drawing, resizing, applying effects and much more.

Hijab Montage Photo Editor

Hijab Montage Photo editor is a free app for women to put hijab on their faces which is just amazing. It has a rating of 4.0 and over 500 thousands people has downloaded this editor. As the new trend of hijab has arrived so if you want a hjab photo just take a photo and fit your face to your favorite hijab montage frame. It consists of more than 30 hijab collage frames which are all of high quality.

 Suit Photo Editor- Fashion

Suit photo editor edit your photo with unique and formal dresses of your own choice. It has a rating of 3.8 and has over 1 million of downloads with a size of 9.58 MB. As in the present Era people want to be more stylish, fashionable and dashing but sometimes we miss our favorite dressing due to some reasons so don’t worry suit photo editor will replace your dress by your favorite dress as well it can change the color of your dress. It has also a funny usage by exchanging the dress of men and women. The app is free, easy to use and Understand.

Photo Editor Tattoo

Photo Editor Tattoo provides you the option of making a tattoo on your body with out any pain. It has a rating of 4.0 and over 500 thousand downloads. the app s full of fun to provide you the facility to put a tattoo on your body with out any pain and simply share it on social networking websites.

My Fake Look- Photo Editor

My Fake Look photo editor create funny images from your library. It has a size 15.06 MB with a rating of 3.9 and has over 10 million of downloads. You can make fool your friends by manipulating montages, putting beard and changing the original photo. It can also make photo collages from your photos in your gallery. You can save the image and than share it on facebook, twitter etc.

Photo Background Changer

Photo Background Changer is one of the best background changer app, it gives you the facility to change the background of your picture. It has a rating of 3.7 and has over 1 million of downloads. If you don’t like the background of your picture so you can replace it with your favorite background, you can cut your picture and place on the background that you like. it is a small, free and user friendly app.

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So these were some of the best Android photo editors which will make your photo more clear, Beautiful, amazing and expressive with its awesome features as well as it provides you the opportunity to become more creative in photography. So choose your favorite photo editor for Android and enjoy it.