Top 25 Must Have Best Cool Gadgets of 2015

It’s gadgets you are living on. For every possible task you want to do, you have an appropriate gadget with you. What if you don’t have gadgets for everything? Maybe they are in the market but you don’t know about them. Well we bring you the top 25 must have best cool gadgets and gizmos of 2015. Roam around and you won’t find any better list than this. These are must have gadgets. Keep them with you and you will never face any difficulty in your daily routine.

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Flapit Counter

This $300 Flapit Counter is one of the cool gadgets for your office, agency or a customer center. It’s the first amazing physical counter which is connected to most of the major social networking platforms. It runs on Wi-Fi and weighs 3 kg. It counts your likes, tweets and comments etc. from any of your social networking platforms and displays it physically. It can be easily placed in your window, store or on your wall.alt="business gadgets"

Zuta Labs Pocket Printer

This is another among the list cool gadgets, Weighing 350 grams the Zuta Labs Pocket Printer can be taken anywhere with you and can be used for printing. It runs on a rechargeable battery and connects directly to any device which uses Wi-Fi. It is not limited to the size of paper. Its batter allows it to be used for a one full hour and after that needs a recharge. It prints one line at a time and is a great to use pocket printer. It costs $199.

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Wocket Smart Wallet

It really is a smart wallet. Comes with its own credit card having your name and physical signatures. And this single card can be connected to any of your accounts and can used to withdraw or take out some cash. It has got stitched leather at its back which keeps it safe. It replaces this one single card to any card which you chose. It costs $179.

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Credit Card Lightbulb

It’s a card. Wait no it’s a bulb, a card bulb. Put this cool gadgets in your wallet and take it with you anywhere. It is very useful. There may come a time when you are in real need of light. It turs on when you flip the bulb inside it. It’s led and also includes batteries in this flat design. It costs $4.

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USB Wall Outlet

This is a must have USB gadget. This cool gadget has four USB ports. It can be connected to any electric network in any place of yours and will charge any gadget that charges with USB cable. It also comes with an option of a holder. This holder can be used to put the gadget which is charging and keep it safe from any accidental fall. This useful gadget costs $4.

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ioSafe N2 NAS

This best cool gadgets is well known for its disaster proof technology. It comes with internal drives which can be extended up to 1TB. Floods and Fire like disasters doesn’t harms it in any way. It comes with 4 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port. The company also gives you the service of recovering your data if anything happen to it. If they are not able to deliver your data, they will pay you $5000. This useful gadget itself costs $895.

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alt="useful gadgets"SolPro Helios Smart

This is amazing solar charger. This is one of the must have cool gadgets, it just takes 90 minutes to get charged from solar and then starts charging your phone and tablets. You can charge any two devices at a time. If you found no sun any day, you can also charge it direct from any AC source and take it with you. It costs $119.

Sony Smart watch 3

This latest smart watch cool gadget is powered by android and is easy to sync with any phone and tab etc. It makes easy several tasks to do. Helps you in different things like attending incoming call or calling someone etc. This useful gadget is made of stainless steel and looks pretty much the same as a normal watch. It can be controlled using your voice, touch and gestures.

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Zolt Laptop charger

This is one of the best gadgets. It’s an ultralight laptop charger which can also charge any two USB devices at the same time. Its scratch proof and can be placed anywhere because it is not too large. It can rotate 90° and can be easily placed in any socket with no difficulty at all. It costs $99.

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alt="must have gadgets"Withing Pulse

Want to stay healthy. Get this useful gadget for you and get to work. This is an amazing cool gadget which helps you in many ways regarding your health. It counts your steps, evaluation you climbed, your heart rate, your supply of oxygen to the blood to check if the respiratory system is working ok. You can even wear it while sleeping. The next morning you can see your sleep cycles and sleep quality indicator lists. It costs $99.

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

This bulb is a real cool gadget for iPhone and iPad users. It connects through Wi-Fi to your device and you can make your own lightning system. The bulb is compatible in almost all sockets. You can connect as many as 50 bulbs to a single device. This bulb comes in a large variety of shades. Each of this bulb consume 80% less electricity than a traditional bulb used in daily life. It costs $199.

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alt="useful gadgets"Lenovo ThinkPad Stack

This is a cool tech gadget which has many things brought together for your ease. It has got a Bluetooth speaker which can come in handy for conference calls, 1TB of storage, a power bank and also a Wi-Fi access point. This can be used all together or in any arrangement as you wish. All of the components are powered by same power source.

Roll-up Keyboard

It’s a very useful gadget. This is a one case silicon keyboard which is very easy to handle and you can take it with you anywhere. If you are used to keyboards and you wish to use them everywhere then you must have this best gadget with you. It’s good for kids because there is no fear of breaking down and it is interesting to use. It works on both Windows and MAC.

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alt="Cool gadgets"Microsoft arc touch mouse

A portable and easy to use mouse. This cool gadget works wirelessly and is aye catching. It is very good because it can work on any surface. Be it a carpet or hard surface like wood. For scrolling you don’t have to wheel, you just have to move your finger upon the silver portion in the middle. This costs $59.

iTrail GPS Tracker

This is the latest spy gadget being offered. It is so small that it can be placed anywhere in purse, car or any bag. It has got 64 MB RAM and is water resistant. This useful gadget costs $139.

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Tree Branch Headphone splitter by Kikkerland

Use this amazing gadget by kikkerland. This a must have gadget. It has the capacity to hold thre audio 3.5mm jacks at a time. Share your music with your friends and family. Our even share it with any passenger fellow who is travelling with you. It costs $5.

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alt="cool gadgets"Sound asleep iMusic pillow

You always sleep with a pillow. But this must have gadget lets you do two in one. You can do both, enjoy the comfort of its soft fibers and listen to music as well. It has built-in speakers which gives an effective light music. It gives you relief from using headphones while sleeping which are very tiresome. Any phone, CD player or tab can be connected to it. This cool gadget will cost you $15.

Smartphone Projector Video

This projector lets you connect you phone to it and the view whatever you want to see more clearly and in big. This is a best cool gadget, because it also has some space left for speakers in it. By adding your speakers to it and viewing anything in your room on your wall, you can make a small cinema of your own. This useful gadget costs $15.

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World’s smallest Walkie Talkies

This is another useful gadget which is very interesting. This best gadjet lets you talk to next person from over 100ft through walls and doors. This is a real good gadjet to use with you siblings, friends or your lady. It is a gadget to spend your time more affectionately, because walky talky is always a thing that is used in free time of enjoyment in families.

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This is what we have for you. Top 25 Must Have Best Cool Gadgets of 2015. You must hurry in buying one of these and start enjoying. If you think something else can be added up there, kindly drop it in the comment box below.