Top 25 best free android launchers 2015

After investing in your android phone you obviously want it to look cool, give high performance and make it more convenient to use. We solve your problems here, get any best free android launcher now and enjoy your android device. Here is a list of top best free android launchers along with their features and details.


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Go Launcher

Go Launcher is the best free android launcher with a stylish yet decent look. Its latest version “Go Launcher Z” provides you with daily updated themes to make your phone look cooler and enjoy your daily use with enhanced gestures.

It has more than 100 million downloads and its ranting in google play store is 4.5

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APUS Launcher

APUS is the second best free android launcher. It has a got a built-in search option which helps you easily find any app on your phone or even websites. It has got power+ which saves your battery life boost your device speed. One of its good features also includes “priority apps and smart folders” through which apps are automatically located category wise on the home store and makes it convenient to find an app.

It has more than 100 million downloads and its rating in google play store is 4.5

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Solo Launcher

With over 50 million downloads and 4.5 play store rating Solo Launcher is the third best free android launcher. It gets your phone fast and clean by cleaning your android phone cache using its “solo 2.0 speed booster”. It has beautiful and good looking handpicked fonts along with smart attracting widgets and a search option to look out for anything you want.

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Hola Launcher

In the list of best free android launchers, Hola Launcher is at number 4. Besides its 50 million plus downloads and 4.5 android rating, its size is only 2.5 MB which makes it easy to download and install on your android device. It has 10,000 high definition icons to set your android device more unique than others and has an automatic feature of getting you delighted by setting a new wallpaper every day. Also gives you then convenience to turn your screen of  by double-tap.

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Zero Launcher

With over 50 million downloads and 4.4 play store rating, Zero Launcher is the fifth best free android launcher and is popular for its free themes and wallpapers. It is also best known for is personalization and is good for android 4.0 and above. One of its many good features includes a down swipe on your screen to search for apps in your android phone.

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Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is famous among android users for its best customizable home screen feature. You can change layouts, icons, animation and touch gestures etc. It’s highly optimized to work sound and fast. Nova Launcher is sixth among the top best free android launchers.

It’s rated 4.6 at play store and has downloads over 10 million.

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Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

4.4 play store rating and 10 million downloads along with some good 3D features makes it the seventh best free android launcher. It shows the 3D dynamic effects along with some good custom options which totally redefines your android phone. The best option in this launcher is that you can put together different themes and make a single one for your own device.

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CM Launcher

With a size of 2 MB and a built-in antivirus engine, CM Launcher has a rating of 4.6 at google play store and has more than 10 million downloads. This makes it the eighth best free android launcher. Known for its smartness, it automatically arranges the apps into different folders based on your habits and allows you to customize your wallpaper according to your personal style.

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C Launcher

10 million downloads and 4.6 play store rating makes alongside some great power saving and personalization properties this launcher makes it to ninth number in the list of top best free android launchers. It’s speedy and is safe to use for protecting your phone from third parties and has a quick launch panel on lock screen.

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EverythingMe Launcher

The decent and simple EverythingMe Launcher is at number tenth among the top best free android launchers. It delivers everything you need from your phone in just one tap and has a prediction bar which delivers the apps you need at the time of use according to your context. Unlike other launchers it is popular for its features along with its simplicity.

It has more than 10 million downloads and its rating in google play store is 4.5

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Line Android Launcher

Previously named as “dodol launcher”, Line Launcher comes at number 11 in the list of top free android launchers. Featured with best phone booster and battery widget, gets it a rating of 4.4 and 10 million downloads. It has got another good feature of decorating your home screen with various stickers which are free and creative.

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Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 is the twelfth best free android launcher. Comes with low requirements, saves RAM and battery and has some good security features, including hiding apps from the apps grid and protect them with a password. At play store it is rated 4.4 and has over 10 million downloads.

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Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher has over 10 million downloads and is ratted 4.4 in play store. Popular for its customization, including the option of creating your own widget for free, makes it the eleventh best android launcher. It is available for android 4.0.3 and above. You can share your home screen just by a single touch via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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Apex Launcher

4.3 raking at play store and 10 million downloads along with its good customization options puts it in number 14 among the list of top best free android launchers. It comes with some good transition effects and lock feature to prevent accidental changes.

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ADW Launcher

ADW Launcher grabs the fifteen position in the list of best free android phone launchers. It configures your apps in unlimited groups and hides the unwanted apps. Comes with some good gestures for fast operation from home screen (swipe up, 2-finger swipe up, pinch-in etc.). At play store it is ranked at 4.3 and has over 10 million downloads.

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Cheetah Launcher

Raking at 4.4 with 5 million downloads, Cheetah launcher is the sixteenth best free android launcher with 1000+ free themes and dozens of free animations and a feature of automatically hiding inactive apps for your convenience. Its unique installation-free feature makes it faster as compared to other launchers of its level.

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360 Android Launcher

5 million plus downloads and 4.3 play store ranking and millions of free themes and wallpapers brings 360 Launcher in this list of top best free android launchers at number 17. It is a fast android launcher with high optimization to work quickly and supports various languages along with a built-in cleaner to flush your RAM.

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Action Launcher 3

With a rating of 4.1 at google play store and 1 million downloads, this launcher has made its place in this list at number 18 and is going up day by day. It allows you to import from your existing layouts from other launchers and gives the very same feeling. Besides, it’s powerful and highly flexible which uses material design.

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Now is the time for you to get any of these top best free android launchers from play store and start using it with highly personalization options and feel like you yourself have made it for you. We always provide you with the best suggestions and would appreciate if you want to add any other launcher in this list, just drop it in the comment box below.