Top 20 Shortcuts used in Windows 10


Top 20 Shortcuts in windows 10

Shortcuts are use to help user. They are little operations which are used to do a very short work like save, copy, undo, closing any dialog box or window, cut, paste, delete and select all. These are commonly used with Alt, Ctrl, and Shift. Like Ctrl+S will perform saving activities, Ctrl+C will copy the things or files, Ctrl+Z is used for undo some task which you have done by mistaken, F4 is used for closing any dialog box or window you have opened, Ctrl+C is used to cut something (when we cut something from any document computer will copy that things as well and we can paste through Ctrl+V that thing any where we want), Ctrl+V is used for pasting operation, Delete having a single button to perform deleting task, Ctrl+A is used to select all the text or even full document which you can see on the screen.

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Top 20 Shortcuts used in windows 10

Most commonly used Shortcuts in Windows 10 are:

Window + Alt + R Stop recording
Window + Alt + G Start recording current activity on screen
Window + G Open the Game DVR recorder
Window + PrtSc Take a screenshot and save it to Pictures folder
Window + TAB Access all desktops and apps in Task View
Window + Ctrl + F4 Close current desktop
Window + Ctrl + Right Cycle through desktops to the Right
Window + Ctrl + Left Cycle through desktops to the left
Window + Ctrl + D Create a new virtual desktop
Window + Down Snap active window to bottom of screen
Window + Up Snap active window to top of screen
Window + Right Snap active window to Right
Window + Left Snap active window to left
Window + X Open Start button context menu
Window + A Open Windows 10 Action Center
Window + I Open Windows settings pane
Window + S Open Cortana for text input
Window + Q Open Cortana for voice input
Window + Shift + Left or Right Move apps from one monitor to another
Window + 1/2/3…. Open programs that are pinned on the taskbar. The first app is number one.


While using these keys you can perform your task in very less time…

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