Top 20 best Android Photo editing apps for 2015

Smartphones are capable of doing incredible things when it comes to editing pictures and stuff. These new and advanced smartphones are equipped with some of the best photo and video editing apps that can view and edit many pictures in a limited amount of time and which you will like. Smart phones cameras can do really incredible things nowadays when it comes to taking photos and then sharing it with a network of your choice and it can easily become the most enjoyable moment of photography.

Photo editing on Android is on the early stages where you can do the basic edits. However, apps are still being developed and new apps are coming out everyday that are adding more functionality and mobile photographers have more options than they ever had. We have a list for you today which is for the best and top android photo editing apps.

While there’s plenty to be said about the apps, we are focusing on the stand alone apps for android regardless of what kind of camera and skill level you have. Below is the list of best android photo editing apps for 2015.

1. Boonfire Photo Editor :

Boonfire best photo editor

Boonfire Photo Editor is a very good and cutting edge photo editor providing great and stunning effects. Some of the major features of it includes innovative filters and effects. No other photo editor than this provides such realistic painting and show. Some of the effects that it includes are the magnifying glass effects and realistic painting filters. It includes cool funk filters, auto enhance selfies and many smooth photos. It has its own gallery on instagram :

2. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe light room mobile best android photo editing apps

On 2nd in the list of best android photo editing apps for 2015 is Adobe Lightroom. It is free but requires creative cloud subscription.  Adobe has recently released its iCloud subscription to android. It allows you to edit raw images and enhance photos with variety of presets and tools. The application is for 30 days trial but those who have the subscription can keep it after the trial period is over as well. It would have been more nicer if it was available for non Creative cloud users as well but if you happen to be a creative cloud user, then this is a must have for you.

3. Autodesk Pixlr :

Autodesk pixl best android photo editing apps

Autodesk Pixlr is a high rated and high functioning photo editor that is recommended by our readers. There are many editing options available in it including red eye removal, whiten teeth option and much more. There are also basic tools like crop and rotate etc.  It’s a good photo editor from Autodesk and is having a big name in the graphic design.

5. Cupslice Photo Editor :

Cupslice photo editor best photo editing apps

Cupslice is another photo editor with more tact and polish. Though, the features are not too classy but it has over 50 tools to start with and along with it, some editing tools. It also has a list of stickers that you can add to your photos and these stickers get updated every week. It’s a very nice and simple app and it will meet the needs of many people.

6. Fotor Photo Editor :

fotor photo editor best photo editing apps

It is a deceptive photo editor which seem it to be in depth but has quite a few features. Included in it is a one tap enhance and there are scences to adjust your photo according to the conditions you took it, filters and effects which can be changed one after another and a collection of other basic and advanced editing tools to enhance your photo up. You can enhance photos yourself using this app. There are also stickers and text frames etc for people who like those sort of things.

7. PicsArt Photo Studio :

picsart photo editing app

PicsArt photo editing studio is more than just an app. It has got more that 1 million installs. It has now become a collection of cool and creative people in order to beautify the World. Featuring a nice gallery of video and photo editing tools, PicsArt Photo Studio inspires you to create and invent anywhere. By using the very powerful image editing tools of PicsArt Photo Studio, communities have created and developed many pictures and photos, also aspiring newer people to join the fun.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express :

adobe photoshop express

The eighth in our list of best android photo editing apps for 2015 is Adobe Photosho express. It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. It operates as an entry level photo and video editing platform and many features are packed into this app. The options auto fix and one touch provide one click edits while slider control provides further tweaks and edits for contrasts, shadows, exposure and more. Additional advanced editing can also be done using this Adobe Photoshop Express.

 9. Snapseed Mobile :

snapspeed mobile

Snapseed is available for Android and iOS both. It has autocorrect feature that lets you auto clean your photos. It contains Tune Image Tool that lets you to adjust brightness , warmth , image-wide effects , shadows. It comes with a selection of tools and filters such as tilt-shift etc. Snapseed , in addition , has Selective Adjust that lets you tune localized parts of the image with color , saturation and brightness.

10. Rage Comics Photo Editor :

rage comics photo editor

Rage Comics memes are hilarious and that is the reason why this is here. Rage Comics Photo Editor includes 300 meme faces. It is definitely funniest one on the list , though , it doesn’t have the features these other apps have. If you’re down for a laugh, you better choose it , but if you’re serious , you should pick of these other apps.

11. Afterlight :

afterlight photo editing app

Afterlight is available in both Android and iOS as well. It provides mobile photographers with a wealth of tools for polishing up their snapshots. Users can also apply slider-adjustable filters , crop, transform, textures and light leaks as well as variety of frames. It spoils users for choice with tools, basic edits such as saturation and contrast etc.

12. Adobe Light Room Mobile :

Adobe light room mobile best android photo editing apps

On desktops and laptops, Light Room is the most commonly used video and photo editing app. It is powerful, professional and the curve that it can do to make small changes in photos in order to transform it into a good photo is something you would need. Light Room mobile is only available for android operating systems at the moment and the interface is designed to be touch friendly and in an attempt to offer the same kind of flexibility as of the desktop version. This means that you can strangely zoom in on things in an attempt of making Raw image formats look great.

13. PicSay Pro :

picsay pro

PicSay comes in Pro version and Free version and both offers fantastic lightweight features that can make your photo go pop ! It is very easy to add or remove something while editing. Pro version costs $ 3.99 and is absolutely worth it.

14. FaceTune :

facetune photo editing app

FaceTune is also available in Android and iOS. It provides a variety of for touching up your photos, such as red-eye adjustment, whitening your teeth , pimple and blemish removal. It also comes with a variety of tools for lightening , focus and tweaking , rotating and flipping photos etc. It makes your selfies look as beautiful and possible.

15. Pixlr Express :

pixlr express photo editing app

Pixlr Express comes in both Android and iOS. It has specialized tools that offers your photo a little extra punch, such as basic cleanup , cropping and resizing. Healing brushes and Auto-Fix provide one touch cleanups. Lightening effects and Overlays made for easy dramatic tweaks while fine-grained control is available through other tools.

16. Photo Editor By Aviary :

photo editor by aviary

On 16th in our list of best android editing apps for 2015 is Photo Editor By Aviary. It is available in Android , Windows Phone and iOS. It does the basics finely, orientation , brightness , contrast , cropping , sharpness etc. One-touch Enhance tool lets you illuminate , sharpen and automatically balance colors. Some other tools include fair selection of frames , stickers and filters as well as manipulation.

17. Repix :


Repix is available in Android and iOS. It gives your photo that artsy touch. It has fast image filters , frames and adjustment tools. The special thing about it is that you can selectively paint on special effects using custom effect brushes with your fingertip. Repix supports the S-Pen so it gets even better for Samsung Galaxy Note owners.

18. VSCO Camera :

vsco camera

VSCO Camera , available in Android and iOS provides users with a suprisingly versatile package of tools. It has multipurpose preset filters , adujustable strength sliders. You can tweak image saturation , temperature , shadows , apply film grain , highlights etc. It also allow users to share images across a variety of social media, such as instagram etc.

19.  Adobe Photoshop Touch :

adobe photoshop touch

If you are looking for more technically capable photo editing app, you need to choose Adobe Photoshop Touch which comes in Android , iPad and iPhone. It supports editing of high-resolution photos without any downscaling while editing. It allows the user to work with layers , selection tools , filters , adjustment and more.

20. Photo Effects Pro :

photo effects pro

Photo Effects Pro has a few more features than these others. For example , you can insert meme pictures to make funny pictures , finger paint of the photo. Also, it has the standard tools , filters and frame features. It’s very solid and totally free offering that fill the needs of most people.

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