Top 20 Apps to keep your life in order

Work load, hectic schedules, job burden, housekeeping, studying and meetings are enough to keep your life busy till next few years. A tiny Smartphone that everybody carries in their pockets can make our lives much easier but questions arises HOW?? Its answer is very simple. Connect your mobile device to internet and download the below mentioned apps that helps even the busiest person to stay organized and boost his productivity. These apps actually tackle your forgetfulness, financial issues, data storage, communication gaps, insecurity and much more..


  1. MINTMint

Mint helps you manage your money. with Mint you can view all your accounts from phone tablet or pc in one place. It’s never been easier to stay on top of your finances. you work hard for your money but with mint you can manage it easily. It helps you in saving your money and spending it smarter. You can view your expenditures, savings, bills all at same place as well as you can create your own budget.


  1. COLORNOTE colornote

Colornote is a replica to notepad, you can save your ideas, things you like, things you see or anything that comes to your mind inside it. Now you don’t have to memorize things that may possibly forget, just write a notes and save all at one place. User can take their notes on home screen as widgets for ease of access.



  1. ANY.DO is a task management app used by millions of users all over the globe. With this amazing app you can plan your day, which week which day which time shall you do what activity that helps you complete your tasks in an orderly manner. It is one of the best “to-do” apps which make things happen. It is known for its easy to use interface and classic features.




  1. EVERNOTEEvernote

Evernote is another handy app to keep your routine up to date. Some of its features that put it on top are:

You can access its notes from anywhere anytime & any device
Its voice recognition is just like Apple’s siri
You can directly email into your evernote inbox
Its geo-location features enable you the place where you  made the note.



    Polaris Office

Polaris office is just like MS office for android users. You can now make your presenations, edit your documents and prepare your spreadsheets offline. It doesn’t requires any internet connection. It isn’t complete MS office package but it surely satisfy your maximum needs.





Never miss a photo/video in fear of limited data storage because cloud storage service providers have now solved the problem for users. Dropbox is one of them i.e a kind of big hard drive in the sky, it’s basically a cloud based storage service. It syncs all your data to cloud storage and you can access them anywhere through internet. Dropbox made the storage easy.


  1. AUDIO MEMOSAudio memes

This amazing app turns your phone into a high end recording device. It’s a product from iOS developers for Apple product users. Its free version is
available for ipad as well as iphone. Its interface is simple and innovative. Tons of new features have been added to audio memes that has made it
more reliable.




Expense reporting that doesn’t suck that’s the promise of the developers of the best business app developers.Expensify makes purchase reporting simple as well as aesthetically pleasing. It allows users to track purchases in a simple way giving 4 options of reporting and expense that are Smartscan,Expense, Time and Mileage.




  1. FOXFIFoxFi

Sometimes we travel and need internet connection when there is no wifi. Foxfi turns your cell phone into a hotspot device without any tether plan. Advantages of Foxfi are:

Rooting is not required
Multiple connections are supported at same time
Supports multiple devices
No installation required on PC


It’s very hard to beat skype when it comes to communication specialy when you are travelling internationally. This application specializes in chat, voice calls and video calling. Users can exchange pictures, video messages and files. Conference calls can also be created with this amazing app.





Checkmark is a leading to-do app, It is capable of handling large checklists and complex task structures. It ensures perfect user experience. If someone prefer tasks based on locations then checkmark is second to none for this. It perfectly controls the hierarchical task structures of every user.







With camscanner you are able to scan documents and images instantly making it easy for you to manage, sync, update and share no matter where you
are. Any document can be digitized using your phone camera, camscan will crop it automatically and will turn it into a scanned file. You can print that file or keep it in soft form for future use.






Printing made easy by HP Eprint app, this amazing app enables you to print documents wirelessly. You can now print your files even if you are not sitting near to your printing device, all you need is just to connect your printer with your cell phone via WIFI to send the particular file to the printer.



Mile IQ

If you are self employed you would probably be keeping mileage record of your vehicle to keep an eye on your vehicle finances. MileIQ is an app that self detects the mileage when you get into car it starts automatically and you don’t need to do anything. You can also classify your trips either its personal or business trip and it will give compile your records accordingly.





Applock is a light weighed app that is capable of locking almost everything on your phone. It ensures the user a best security on their devices. Once you lock the app, no one is able to access or uninstall that app. Every file/app that is clicked to open will ask for the user defined custom lock code/pattern. No locked item can be accessed until the required lock is defined accurately.




Whatsapp is all in one app where you can send voice messages, text messages, images and videos to your contacts. After addition of calling feature in whatsapp has made it a splendid communication app. Its interface is user friendly and themes are eye captivating. Users can do group chats with friends & family.



Sometimes the availability of internet is not possible 24/7 so this application allows you to save links, articles or anything you see on internet for later viewing. It is basically for offline readings that allow users to adjust text settings for comfortable reading. It syncs the saved items to your phone so if you are even in airplane you can still view/read your content without internet connection.




Venmo app is widely used for mobile payments. You can send money to anyone very easily. It is a kind of digital wallet. There are two options Pay & Request. When you click on pay, the money is instantly sent and if you hit the request button you would send them notification for sending you the money.






This application calculates every step you take, it measures walking, cycling and running in multiple units. No internet connection is needed for it to work. It is a total offline app that only get updated when connected to internet. It shows you the summary of distance, steps, duration and calories you burned in a particular span of time.





20. 30/30


Doing time tasks just got easier with 30/30 app, it enhances the productivity of an individual by simply keeping your routine on track. Anybody can rely on its productivity and simplicity. Some of the prominent features of 30/30 are:

Gesture opted interface
Performs multiple virtual tasks
Full fledged customizable interface
Options to control your notifications


These 20 apps are few from thousands of apps on playstore that eradicates your problem of forgetfulness and hype of doing things which might lead  to mismanagement of time and money.