Top 20 Android Business Apps of All Time

In today’s Business era if you want to be an entrepreneur or you are an entrepreneur you must have access to your business documents and files, and if you have any queries regarding business you would use your laptop but now small tasks are moving towards smart phones so don’t worry Android business apps are here to help you little bit in your business. Check out the list of some of the best and useful Android business apps:

Polaris Office + PDF

Polaris Office + PDF is a free office solution which help you to create, edit and share word, excel and power point documents. It has a rating of 4.3 and over 10 million of the people are taking advantage from this app. Through this app you can view as well edit, save and share your Microsoft office documents. PDF is also supported in this app with out any network connection. You can easily search for documents in the Home screen of Polaris office. You can also have access to the recently viewed documents. It can also read power point documents and PDFs on your phone. You can also download and edit files from documents and files from other cloud services including Drop Box, Google Drive, Box, One Drive etc. it also have the feature of camera mode through which you can take and insert pictures and videos into documents. It has a free cloud space of 10 GB while installing its premium version you would have a space of 100 GB as well as password protection to protect your documents.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most famous and best professional app with a ratings of 4.3 and over 10 million of its app downloads. it provides you online and free storage from Google with safety. If you don’t have a space on your mobile phone and you want to save your important documents, pictures or files so you can use Google drive to save your files safely forever. You can also invite your friends to view, edit and can leave a comment on your files and folders. You can open these files from any where you want.

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OneDrive is also a place which provide you a free storage of 15 GB, currently over 10 million of people are using its app with a rating of 4.4. It is the one place for each and everything in your professional life, provides you a free online storage of 15 GB for your personal files and folders, so that you can have access to it from your Android phone or tablet. Its Android app helps you to easily work with personal, professional and work files when you are on the go. OneDrive app is only valid for devices running Android 4.0 and upper versions.

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Startup and Business Ideas

Startup and Business Ideas is a very useful and smart app for those who are new to business world or want to start their new business. It has a high rating of 4.6 and over 1 thousand of users. If you don’t have an idea and you want start a new business than this app is very helpful for you providing complete business idea in three amazing ways. The app consists of online ideas which gives you the opportunity to start earning money, t also have live expert or a coach who will help you in starting your new business and gives you feedback on your ideas through chat, it also provides you numerous articles which will help you in your new startup. The app is very useful for those who really want to earn money. you can buy the app from Google Play in the category of Android business apps.

Business Plan and Start Startup

Business Plan and Start Startup is among the useful Android business apps which is an awesome app for professional, bachelors and new entrepreneurs. It has a rating of 4.3 and has over 5 million of downloads, while more than 23000 people has created business plan on this app. This app helps you in learning how to write a business plan and empower yourself for long-term. It offers you create a personal business plan or with your business partner and friends, it contains a step by step timeline that takes you from planning to your startup with the best possible way. It have some motivational tools so that you can be organized and motivated, it provides you the ability to ask any question regarding your business plan from its entrepreneur community.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one place which make you able to manage your business on Google. It has over 1 million of downloads with a rating of 4.3. it gives you the opportunity to show the world that you are open for business and available on Google Search and Maps. With the help of Google My Business you can verify your business information, you can manage customer reviews, know about the customer insights that how they are interacting with your business, as well as you can make your brand through this app. It is free to download the app and use its awesome features.

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Business Calendar

Business Calendar is an all round complete calendar app specially for the highest standards. It has a rating of 4.4 and over 5 million of downloads. it is a customizable app, and has a perfect Google sync. It helps you to set events and appointments on their due dates for reminder, it has a quick day view to all of your events of the day. It has plenty of options like search function, event view, color coded year view, graphical and texture presentation etc.

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Expense Manager

Expense Manager is among one of the best Android business apps with its amazing and wonderful features which will help you to handle and manage your expenses. it has a rating of 4.3 and over 1 million of the people are using this app. If you can’t handle your expenses and you are searching for a tool, so don’t worry expense manager s here to help you in managing your expenditures and budgets. It can track plenty of your expenses like income, taxes, credit card, multiple accounts etc. It can do budgeting or you as well can organize your bills by weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It also have the option of backup and Sync, can auto backup on Google Drive, Dropbox and SD Card. You can also use its convenient tools like currency converter, regular calculator, tip calculator, loan calculator interest calculator, note, shopping list etc. it is an easily customizable app and is available in different languages. So don’t waste your time download the app and enjoy all of its features for free.

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Marketing Plan Strategy

Marketing Plan Strategy is an app that will be just loved by the entrepreneurs because it provides you the opportunity to get expert help for attracting customers towards your business. It has a rating of 4.5 and over 1 thousand of downloads. If you are looking for tricks and strategy to promote your products or business, then this app is perfect for you to get marketing and customers attracting strategies. This app offers you to ask questions related to existing marketing strategy or your strategy or you can chat with a marketing expert who will help you in improving your marketing strategy. If you are new to your business or you are starting to write a marketing plan the app will just provide you marketing strategies and advice as well. All live marketing strategy questions are answered by an experience entrepreneur within 48 hours. You can buy the app in Google Play store for RS 149.

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Linkedln is one of the helpful app in the Android business apps which help you to connect with your professional world. The app has more than 10 million users with a rating of 4.2. It makes your link with professional people, insights, jobs, organizations, companies and more. It provides you the opportunity to make your professional career, find online jobs for yourself, and be aware of latest business news and industry news. You can view and save the job the job you are interested and you can follow companies to get jobs. In simple words t is an easy and simple way to earn money online.

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Business Insider

Business Insider is one of the professional app which keeps you up to date with fast paced Business news and analysis. It has a rating of 4.4 with over 100 thousands of its users. It contains the option of receiving push notifications for breaking news alerts, has the ability to resolve bug fixing and improved performance.

Business Dictionary

Business Dictionary is an app which consist over thirty thousand of business, investing and finance definitions it has over hundred thousand of downloads with the rating of 4.2. You can use it online as well offline it covers all business related subjects lie entrepreneurship, management, economics, human resources and much more. It also consists of business vocabulary which help you to find the meanings of business related words you can download it for free.

Business Plan

Business Plan is an Android app that describes your thoughts and ideas in a simple, easy and professional way. It has rating of 4.1 and over 10 thousand people has downloaded this app. The app covers the category of Android business apps because it helps you to describe your ideas in a fast, convenient, simple and easy but in a professional method. If you want to minimize your time for first idea documentation, the app is using A4 table, by filling up the table with helpful and practical hints you will be able to go through all steps of making a professional and real business plan.

Mind Tools

Mind Tools is a pretty cool app which help you to learn more then hundred business and professional personal effective skills. It has a rating of 4.3 and over hundred thousand of downloads. This toolkit provide you opportunity to learn more then hundred management, personal productivity and business skills the skills which contains includes leadership decision making problem solving team management personal productivity communication stress management time management career development and creativity. So if u have a single free minute u must take advantage from this app by going through these useful skills.

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Business Card Maker

Business Card Maker is an awesome app which can make your digital business card for free with in a minute. It has a rating of 4.1 with over 100 thousands of downloads. It is the best business card maker application trough which you can create, save and share your digital business card. It gives you the opportunity to create 4 different types of card like Standard Card which is very easy to create all it depends on your device resolution, Vertical Card which is introduced new it also depends on the resolution of your device, Multi-sized Card is a customizable card n some extent and is independent of your device resolution and gives you HD quality card, Custom Card s that you can make a highly customizable card according to your need its quality will also be HD. The card can also be used as your digital identity and e-card, as well as you can submit it to them to display it on their website.

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Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader is a wonderful and is one of my favorite app which can just convert your paper business or personal card in digital contacts and manage them easily. It has over five hundred thousands of downloads with a rating of 3.7. The app will help you to read a paper card and turn it to digital and manage them in a better way. Once you click a paper card through camera it will be saved and managed in the app, you can transfer your business card data into 22 different languages through your smart phone, it also have the facility of backup and restore contacts from the save cards, while the app requires Android version 4.0 and later and camera with auto focus. This app is free and can save the data of 10 business cards while you can buy and download its pro version to process unlimited business cards.

Startup Business Planner

Startup Business Planner is the best and awesome app for the new entrepreneurs to estimate the cost for their new business startup. It has a rating of 4.3 and has over 10 thousands of downloads. The app enables you to prepare the cost estimation chart for new business venture, you can get information regarding the process used for company registration, you can get clear idea of the capital required for your new business venture. It helps you to cover registration fee, legal and account fee, set up costs, advertising and promotion expense, staff salaries, rent and a lot of other major processes.

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These were some of the Android business apps which are very useful and helpful, you can take advantage from these apps, they can solve your short problems and they may help you in your professional activities.