Top 15 Social Media Plugins for WordPress 2015

If you are looking for the top social Media Plugins for WordPress then you are at the right place, because in this article we are going to list that. There are many social media plugins that you can use on your WordPress blog else website but here here we will list the best social media plugins for WordPress. You are going to really like it and they are great. Social media plugins allow you to share your content on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other websites. This content can then be liked and shared by other people on Social Media websites such as Facebook. For example : You create a post and share it on Facebook using the Social Media Plugins and some people like it, gradually more people will start liking it and then more and more. Some people will even share it, so like this more people will share it and your content will flow from one place to another place very easily and quickly using these Social Networks so there are many benefits of using it and you should most probably use these plugins to get maximum reach on your posts and content and to get more views and likes on your content by users.

wordpress top social media plugins

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress :

Well, here is the list :

1. SocialFans :

As you look at, you would probably say ‘’great presentation’’ , an effective and great WordPress plugin. Indeed, it’s a premium and responsive WordPress plugin probably for your social media fans such as subscribers and followers as well as it has a lot of features coming with 30 social networks like Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest and 27 other social networks. The icons are really good and it will certainly amaze your users as well the plugin is just awesome.

2. Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress :

Well, if you can get the license of this plugin, undoubtedly you will never ever need to get a new one. It provides you with tons of features and options to use and design the social sharing buttons the way you wish/like. This plugin is simply outstanding as it is flexible and very powerful, means that it can be adjusted to match your requirements. For instant, how you want to display buttons, the design/look of the buttons, you can choose the location where you want to show the display the social sharing buttons.

3. Monarch Social Sharing Plugin :

As everyone has their own choice, if you are looking for a paid and really good plugin for your blog, we recommend Monarch Social Sharing Plugin. The plugin is by Elegant Themes, and they have given their full best for this plugin. Well, not only it allows you to display social sharing buttons anywhere you want but also the buttons are very attractive and are made with a goal of encouragement. For downloading Monarch, you will need to buy a license of Elegant Themes which gives you access to all of their themes and some more premium ones.

4. Digg Digg :

Digg Digg is another very good plugin in WordPress plugin directory as it integrate social media sharing on your blog. It indeed has some really good features such as lazy loading which will make sure that your blog is not slow down by social sharing buttons. Well, it doesn’t play good with Jetpack responsive theme, anyway, you can add floating sharing bar as well. If you want to offer mobile version of your blog, Digg Digg is your way to go.

5. DC Simple Share Buttons :

DC Simple Share Buttons load pretty fast and is very simple as the buttons does not rely on external resources to load, its written in PHP, CSS and HTML.  It has WordPress Social Media Buttons and it features an option to show buttons on your posts and pages automatically. In addition, if you want to add buttons in your page or posts , you need to use shortcode else if you want to add buttons manually you need to use php tag. One of its best things is that it does not slow down your blog as it does not load JavaScript or any external script.

6. Flare :

Flare is yet indeed the most attractive WordPress Plugin that helps you to get followed and allows your content share via media types, pages and posts. Some of its great features are that it easily organize your icons , you can customize their icon’s appearance, you can control the types of post you want Flare to appear, you can also add a follow me widget and flare also follows your visitors down the page and conveniently when not needed. There are many more features you will find as you Flare.

7. Jetpack :

Jetpack comes with a lot of powerful features and is one of the most known WordPress plugins. Well, you will need to activate it first then you will be able to rearrange and add social sharing buttons. Some of its features include security that keeps you WordPress site safe and protected with Single Sign On, customization helps you keep your blog unique and the way you want it, content tools let you publish and create richer content with post by shortcode, email etc, there are much for you to explore but for that you need to use Jetpack.

8. Share Button Mashshare :

Mashshare Share Buttons puts some clean designed and very decent Share Buttons on the top and at end of your posts so that you can as many feedbacks from your visitors as possible. It also show the total share counts on Twitter and Facebook at a glance. It doesn’t slow down your blog as it does not load any external scripts and count data, it works with every theme smoothly , also it automatically embeds into your posts and pages via Shortcode. Share Button Mashshare can be used as WordPress Social Media plugin for header.

9. Floating Social Bar :

Well, Floating Social Bar is also an eye-catching WordPress plugin as it horizontally adds a floating share bar to your blog posts, pages, and other post types, and so it helps to get maximum shares. Floating Social Bar is fast and very slim, it allows you to drag and drop the social buttons you want to display, it only loads scripts when necessary and many more features for you to explore and is one of the best social media plugins for WordPress.

10. Social Media Feather :

Social Media Feather is a simple, lightweight and a modern looking social sharing buttons where you can integrate icons on your blog easily. It doesn’t slow down your blog and it supports Retina and high resolution display. Well, you can fully customize titles and URLs, its super lightweight social sharing and following, it comes with a default modern icon set, and the available skins can be customized with cool effects and much more.

11. Shareaholic :

Shareaholic also known as sharing is caring, one of its best things is that its not only for social sharing , but it also gives other features such as to show related or recommended content to increase the time and engagement of readers on your blog. Well, it share counters for Twitter , Linked, Facebook etc, it has official support for Google’s URL shortener, it is localized in more than 15 languages and many more features.

12. Mircoblog Poster :

Mircoblog Poster is slightly different from all these other WordPress Plugins, it lets you automatically puch your blog into various social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicous and much more. In addition, it also supports multiple codes and shortcods on the same platform.

13. ShareThis :

ShareThis is also the most popular among WordPress Plugins as it has decent customization, a huge variety of features, and has more than 120 social media platforms and over 1.5 million downloads. Basically, this plugin offers more than just social buttons, and it comes in the form of Hovering Bar that is disaplayed on the left or right side of your pages along with counters and with your choice of small or large buttons. In addition, it has a CopyNShare widget which lets you know when your content is copied and pasted.

14. Slick Social Sharing Buttons :

If you want a WordPress plugin that is to understand and implement and has a variety of options, Slich Social Sharing Buttons is the plugin you need. This plugin lets you customize button types, you can choose posts and pages that should be displayed on social sharing, also, you have to choose either a slide-out bar or a floating bar. Furthermore, you can customize location, floating speed, direction, animation speed and much more.

15. Social Media Widget :

With a large list of supported social media platforms, which also includes Email and RSS, along with some decent and interesting customizations, Social Media Widget is indeed the easiest plugin to use. You can create sidebar widget for social sharing, along with some links that will open new tab or window once clicked. Social Media Widget features three icon sized, four icon styles and four animation types to make your social media buttons look awesome on the page.

That was our list of top social media plugins for WordPress 2015. We hope you liked this list, for more such lists, subscribe to this website to get them directly delivered to your email. Remember, subscription is free.