Top 12 Best Puzzle Games for Android

best Puzzle Games

With time changing we all are playing games more, as winter come and we all will be staying more time in home with our android gadget or any other smartphones or tablet. Think for a while that we will be in our rooms most of the time and will be bore, so for that we’ve been keeping an eye out for the best ways to involving ourselves entertained till the warm weather back to us. So you guys are ready to take a drive into our top list of the best puzzle games android version.

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The Room Two:

Best Puzzle Game

Best puzzle game “The Room Two” is not an action game but this game is more atmospheric one. As its puzzle game so you should take your brain and use it more to explore different room and objects. In this game you should observe many thing at one time, different clue will give to you and you will make together to explore the different rooms and different objects.

The Room 2 was built for mobiles platform, it runs amazing 3d Graphics, 3d objects and surrounding give you the feel to touch real objects and it runs very smoothly. This game is available in play store for US $1.99 / Pakistani rupees 239.

  • Size of the Game: 286 MB
  • Total downloaded: 500,000+
  • Ranked: 9 out of 5 stars
  • Offered By: Fireproof Games
  • Developer Email:

Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle

Best Puzzle Game

In free best puzzle games then “Roll the Ball” on the top from every side, having awesome graphics and real move involved you to take the ball in pipe line to get the reward. Some of the elements which included in this Roll the Ball best free puzzle game are Sliding Puzzle, Puzzle games, Brain Teasers, Escape Games, Hidden Object Games, Physics Puzzler, Match 3 Puzzle. So don’t need to download having only one element which only Roll the ball have. What you to do in this game is that you should take ball from one end to another but for that you need to join different pipe to make a line for a ball. Some pipes are hidden in block, there you will use your brain. In roll the ball apk there is no limit of time so you should free and use your brain more to win hard game in easy move.

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  • Ranked: 1 out of 5 stars
  • Size of the Game: 78 MB
  • Total downloaded: 5,000,000+
  • Offered By: BitMango
  • Developer Email:

Cut The Rope 2: Best Puzzle Games

Best Puzzle Game

Cut the rope 2 is the second version of Cut the rope, this time it come with new challenges which take a start very easy enough but at time cut the rope 2 game hold the pace.

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This game is a playful puzzler in the vein of angry birds. The game all about the cutting the rope with swiping your finger. Om Nom who’s like frog explore different places and getting taste of that places. In this game you will meet to all new challenges, meet with friends and the best about graphics and sound which make awesome sound. So for what call you wait go download and play Cut the Rope 2.

  • Developer Email:
  • Size of the Game: 34 MB
  • Ranked: 2 out of 5 stars
  • Total downloaded: 50,000,000+
  • Offered By: ZeptoLab

Unblock King:

Best Puzzle Game

Easy best puzzle game but this game will never give you a chance to bore you. When you finish your first stage you will be want to do the next one also. Unblock King is all about how to make a way for the one red wood to go out from the display but for that you manage other wood to make a path for the red one.

You can also play Unblock King multiplayer mode, single player which include all mode from easy to pro so don’t waste a time go and play this simple puzzle game. Game all about brain that how you use your brain to win this game in very short time. You can also play with anyone playing Unblock King all over the world (Online Mode).

  • Size of the Game: 55 MB
  • Total downloaded: 10,000,000+
  • Ranked: 2 out of 5 stars
  • Offered By: Mobirix
  • Developer Email:

Tic Tac Toe: Best Game in Student’s Life

Best Puzzle Game

This game is played by everyone and almost all student once take a taste of that game but on paper not on any tech gadget, so this game have everything but this time don’t waste your paper come and play on your phones. Tic Tac Toe apk having four mode for you guys, from very easy to pro. You can also play this game with any other friend (multiplayer mode) and also single player mode which include all that four mode from easy to very pro level.

  • Size of the Game: 01 MB
  • Offered By: Wintrino
  • Total downloaded: 10,000,000+
  • Ranked: 9 stars out of 5 stars
  • Developer Email:

Jelly Blast:

Best Puzzle Game

Jelly for itself make a taste to do more and more to get that sweet taste from that. Jelly Blast game is very much likable from the game users. In this game you play with the dorable evil witch for the jelly. So it sound very nice when you take a stand for something. Jelly blast is a best puzzle game three same color of jelly make you near to defeat that villain. Many new challenges come in your way on weekly basis, getting the rewards and level will keep you joy for the hours, play Jelly blast game with your friends and family member and make them entertain also in that winter season.

  • Size of the Game: 50 MB
  • Total downloaded: 5,000,000+
  • Ranked: 6 out of 5 stars
  • Developer Email:
  • Offered By: Clean Master Games

Crazy Kitchen:

Best Puzzle Game

Are you love to go in kitchen and make something favorite for yourself and for me also, that can we share with each other. Or you want to open your kitchen and people are coming to you and you ready for to satisfy their hunger by creating different bakery sweets, scrumptious Mexican fare, Savory Asian Cuisine and much more. With going day you will be meet with different new challenges and also fun that how you can build your business, after time your business on peak you will be enjoying produce more. After completing every challenge rewards and extra special features will give to you.

  • Offered By: Zindagi Games
  • Size of the Game: 17 MB
  • Total downloaded: 10,000,000+
  • Ranked: 5 stars out of 5 Stars
  • Developer Email:

Reppid Roller:

Best Puzzle Game

The best puzzle games is the best to stay entertain for the hours. Reppid Roller is the new addictive classic ball roll game, in the game you will stay with your ball for as much time you can. The ball on one tray and that is shifting up side and you can through that ball to another tray with very calm way. Your main focus will be on that the ball will be in your control. If the ball falls down or touch the upside of the display so you will lose that game. This game is launched now, a new game having very much to cut off that season of winter. Reppid Roller game is offered by the Software Alliance, got 5 stars out of 5 by the 14 player of the Reppid Roller.

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  • Size of the Game: 91 MB
  • Total downloaded: 50
  • Ranked: 5 stars out of 5 stars
  • Offered By: Software Alliance
  • Developer Email:


So here you will got the best puzzle games for this winter, download that games and enjoy with your family at your own home. Best puzzle game list of “the Room 2, Roll the Ball, Cut the Rope 2, Unblock King, Tic Tac Toe, Jelly Blast, Crazy kitchen, Reppid Roller”. All that puzzle games best from one another, graphics make very awesome sound, sound quality also very much appreciated. The Room 2 is paid version in the list of best Puzzle Games and other reaming all free.

Enjoy this winter with best puzzle games and if you know any other best puzzle game recommend us that we can write on that and update our list according to that trend.