Top 10 Useful, Wiser and Simple launcher apk for Android 2015

Everyone looks around for apks and stuff to customize their android. The best practice is to make your android powered smartphone easy to use and more efficient. There are a lot of ways to do so but one among good techniques to customize your smartphone is to go with a good and simple launcher apk for android. This makes your android efficient, useful and wiser.

The thing about android launchers apk is that it adds some extra features to your home screen most of the times. These extra features makes your smartphone easy to use and lets you take wiser decisions efficiently. There are a lot of launcher apk downloads available on the play store but most of them are not trustworthy for some reasons. The reasons are difficult to use launcher apk themes, heavy apk files, not updated to the new versions. Diaryinc team has come up with a list of 10 simple launcher apk for android. All these launcher apks are available on the play store and are free from faults. Android 6.0 launcher apk is also available for most of these.

Action Launcher 3

Action launcher 3 apk is rated over 4 on the play store and is one of the important apk file to have around on your android. Its other versions, action launcher 3 plus and pro are also great to use. For android dependent individuals it is very important as it features the fastest way to bring any app on to your home screen. It also can bring you back the same layout as it was of your previous launcher apk.

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Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 apk is the best one among the simple launcher apk for android. Smart launcher acquires very low memory on your RAM, it consumes less power as compare to other free or paid launcher apks and has some tight features of security. Samrt launcher pro 3 apk is also available. Using smart launcher 3 apk can be a good experience for android users. Smart Launcher apk update for marshmallow is also available.

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Hola Launcher

Hola launcher apk is an icon rich android app. Hola launcher themes are said to be very attractive and beautiful. Its apk also is less size and consumes less space. Hola launcher app is rated over 4.5 on the play store and favorite of most android users. Hola launcher apk also gives you the feature of turning off your screen by a double tap. As mentioned above that all launcher apk add some extra features to your home screen.

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EverythingMe Launcher

Launcher Everythingme is the best example of high customization. This launcher apk allows to customize your home screen as per your ease and it automatically adds most used or recent apps folder on the home screen. Everythingme launcher apk has got a prediction bar which delivers what you need at the time. It has got an option of adding stickers to your home screen. Everythingme launcher stickers are cool and gives your home screen a good look. You can get everythingme launcher apk download free at play store.

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GO Simple Launcher apk for Android

Decency at its best, Go Launcher apk is a very simple and easy to use launcher apk. It’s rated over 4.5 at play store and has over 100 million downloads. Go launcher apk is the best app to have in your android as it features some of the good android themes and also gives you lot of customization options.

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Nova Launcher

Nova launcher apk gives you the option to change the touch gestures. Android 6.0 launcher apk is also available for Nova. Nova launcher pro apk is available for $4 on the play store. This launcher also reflects simplicity and good customization options for android users.


Solo Launcher

Solo is a simple launcher apk for android that cleans and boosts up your phone using a built-in feature. Launcher solo apk has got some handpicked fonts which adds up to the customizability option for an android user. It isn’t too good with themes but is a wiser apk because of its wiser gestures which come on handy most of the time.

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APUS Launcher

APUS launcher apk is another good android app. Its 5.0 launcher apk is also available. Well known for its search option which helps you find anything from your android powered smartphone. It saves you battery using its built-in module “power+”. This launcher apk is also god because of it own animations and swipe gestures.



Zero Launcher

Zero launcher is another simple launcher apk. Its updates are available for 6.0 as well. Zero launcher apk has gain its popularity because of free themes and wallpapers. It’s rated over 4.4 on the play store and the users are very happy with this launcher apk. This app also puts some 3D effects to your android.

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Next Launcher

Next apk is the best android 3D launcher apk in sight so far. This is a highly 3D effect launcher apk that makes your smartphone light up. Many android users want something new added up to their home screen. The beast part of this pk is that you can make a single theme by selecting different themes and mixing them up.

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Simple launcher apk for android are very important to be downloaded from play store. An android user must have 2-3 launchers depending on his choice and features of launcher apks. These apps add more to your android and lights them up.

Are you going to try some of these? And please let us know if you think that any among these can be replaced by another good apk launcher.