Top 10 Heroes in Dota 2

Now we know that every hero has his own specialty in Dota 2. But there are certain heroes of all the types (Strength, Agility, and Intelligence) who are game winning heroes (They have better chances of winning) according in this week.



  1. Omni Knight:

The hero with the most winning rate that is 60.01% and a pick rate of 8.14 according to this month’s Dota 2 rankings. This hero here has both the abilities to support and to attack. Which is very rare. Plus the healing and immunity makes him unbeatable and very resourceful for the team.


Omni dota 2


  1. Abaddon:

The hero with the second most win rate of 58.90% and pick rate of 6.23% which is very less. But with this strong hero you can easily push and destroy enemy towers. His specialty is his final ability. Instead of losing health when hit, the health increases.



  1. Ursa:

My most fav hero in the game. He has a winning rate of 58.48% and a pick rate of 11.20%. Now the specialty of this hero is 1vs1. No one matches him in 1vs1. Due to his third ability his damage stacks as the hits increases. That is the only reason he can easily take down Roshan with just Phase Boots and Mobrid Mask. An ancient creep in the Dota 2.




  1. Zeus:

Be very caution of the Thunder God, he has a win rate of 56.33% and a pick rate of 15.04%. An Intelligence type hero who has very little health. But no one can escape the deadly Ulti, which covers the whole map and hit each and every enemy hero with a lightning strike(The most unique attack in Dota 2), even if you are healing in the base and if he is loaded with Scepter and a refresher orb then your only chance of survival is that if you have a strength type hero who has a lot of health.



  1. Wraith King:

Not to forget the King with the winning rate of 56.05% and a pick rate of 10.74%. Now King here has a perfect combination of abilities which are required for a strength type hero. The abilities are Stun, Life Steal, Critical and the most unique is the ulti due to which he revives after dying. Just like a free Ages of Immortality.



  1. Crystal Maiden:

Never under estimate the maidens. Specifically when it comes to this one. This hero here has a win rate of 55.11% and a pick rate of 12.97%. Now Maiden here does not have a lot of health. She basically works with freezing attacks, her attacks works better when you are facing multiple enemies. But due to less health it is not possible to be done head on. So it is preferable if you close in behind your strength type mates. And work as a support unit. People say getting a rampage is a difficult task. Try maiden, you may achieve your target of getting a rampage.



  1. Silencer:

The name says it all about this hero. A combination of both good attacks and support. Killing is a lot easier if the opponent is silenced and cannot use abilities something which really irritates the opponents in Dota 2. His Ulti, when activated silences all of the opponents on the whole map. The best time to activate is right before engaging a head on battle with the opponents. This hero here has a win rate of 54.25% and pick rate of 12.60%. A good option for strategic players.



  1. Blood Seeker:

One of the best starting mid hero if you feed him fast there is no stopping   him. If you have low health, don’t even think of surviving if you don’t have a town portal scroll. Blood Seeker has a 54.07% winning chance and a 25.70% of pick rate. His Ulti gets you from all sides. If you move you lose health. And in order to fight or retreat you have to move.




  1. Techies:

The hero with the most different gameplay of the game. To play as this hero you have to have a lot of patience and plan everything. Once you learn to play as Techies, you don’t have to worry about the items. Just worry about the first and final abilities. The opponents won’t even think of going for the runes or Roshan if you have techies on your side. They will have to think twice even before pushing. This lil devil has a win rate of 51.87% and a pick rate of 12.69%.



  1. Warlock:

Beware of the wizard. A player with all on attacking and abilities. He can bind all of the enemies. You just hit one and all of them will receive damage. Can heal allies and damage opponents over time. The ulti of this hero is simple madness if loaded with refresher orb and Scepter, Four Golems with unbeatable health and unendurable damage appears on the map. Stopping them is almost next to impossible. If you feed him think of your game as lost. He has a win rate of 51.23% and a pick rate of 4.49%.



Now it does not mean that other heroes are not good. Its just that there heroes had the highest winning rate in this week.