Top 10 Bloggers you should follow in 2015

TOP 10 bloggers 2015

Blogging is becoming one of the most well established profession nowadays. More and more bloggers are coming each new day. Blogs are being made every day and people are showing their talent on these blogs. It is a profession that one can start independently and excel with time. Bloggers are the entrepreneurs. Pakistan is a country that is full of many talented people. These people don’t really get the opportunities to show and present their talent. Whether, it’ cricket, hockey and many other sports, Pakistan has always proved its metal and showed tremendous results. The people of Pakistan are really hard working and can prove their potential if they get some good chances. Blogging is a profession which many people in Pakistan has started to adopt and many have adopted. There are many good bloggers in Pakistan and have made good blogs. In today’s article, we will show you the top 10 bloggers that you should follow in 2015.

List of TOP 10 Bloggers that you should Follow in 2015 :

1. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai :

Who else could be on the 1st spot rather than Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai? He’s a tremendous blogger and a very talented guy. His major blog is My Blogger Tricks and has made many other blogs like Smart Earning Methods and some more. Mustafa has been blogging right from the very start when many people in Pakistan didn’t even know about the term blogging. He has been providing help to many starter bloggers on his blog My Blogger Tricks and many tutorials with it. His blog says that Blogger is the good platform to start your blog on and you can tweak it according to your needs. Many blogger plugins and themes have been made by him. His blog is the one of fewest first blogger resources areas. So he is the 1st in our list and you will agree with us. Many other bloggers have also mentioned him the top blogger of Pakistan and we won’t steal this title from him on our list either. His monthly earning from the single blog My Blogger Tricks is above 12000 $.

2. Taimur Asad :

On 2nd in our list is Taimur Asad of He is another talented young fellow. His blog Redmondpie focuses on technology news and updates. Taimur writes about the new jail breaks and the happenings in the technology world. His blog covers smartphones, gadgets, and all the techy things. Redmondpie is always the first to break smartphones news and releases. Redmondpie covers things from smartphones to cameras and PCs. The blog gets high traffic since it is one of the good technology related website.

3. Naved Javed :

The third on our list is Naved Javed. His blog is He is from Karachi, Pakistan. His blog was started in 2008 and now is a blog which gets a lot of traffic. His blog is all about smartphones apps, Windows apps and Android applications etc. Naved Javed is using Google Adsense, Tribal Fusion and BuySellAds on his blog to earn money. He is earning thousands of dollars from his single blog. He is a guy from which one get inspiration from.

4. Syed Faizan Ali :

On 4th in our list is Syed Faizan Ali. Like My Blogger Tricks, Syed Faizan Ali has a blog called My Blogger Lab which provides blogging tutorials and help to people. Syed Faizan Ali has made another blogging resource website as well called Templateism where there are themes for Blogger platform. The themes are free as well as paid. These themes are very professional, elegant and good themes. Syed Faizan Ali is an example of a young and talented blogger. He has been mentioned in several other places as well.

5. Abdul Wali :

On 5th in our list is Abdul Wali. He has a blog called where he shares Urdu tutorials regarding to blogging, web designing, photoshop tutorials and SEO tips. He creates video tutorials as well. His blog has a very high amount of traffic. Abdul Wali is helping the newbies in many ways by creating Urdu Video tutorials for them. These tutorials range from Blogging to Web Designing and Making money online to Photoshop and Google Adsense tutorials. Abdul Wali is really a hard working guy and thus, he’s 5th in our list of Top 15 bloggers that you should follow in 2015.

 6. Ghaus Iftikhar :

Another one on our list is Ghaus Iftikhar. His blog is The blog is about technology and technology reviews. The readership of his blog is great in many countries. He is a graduate from Bahria University Islamabad. He is earning 6000 $ plus from his blog

7. Ali Qayum :

The 7th on our list is Ali Qayum. His blog is He’s earning a lot from his blog. His income is nearly 10000 US $ 10k US$. Ali Qayum has started blogging in 2009 and he’s MBA from Comsats University Lahore. Ali Qayum writes about technology and techy things on his blog.

8. Ammar Ali :

On 8th in our list is Ammar Ali. He’s a young guy managing his blog He writes about blogging tutorials, tips and techniques to help the new and expert bloggers. The blog’s viewership is very high and he’s an aspiring blogger of Pakistan. Ammar Ali is 18 years old and is one of the great upcoming future blogger of Pakistan. Ammar Ali got fame and money in a very little age. Thus, he’s included in our list.

9. Ahmad Awais :

Ahmad Awais is another great blogger from Pakistan. His blog is where he writes about many different things. Whether its about technology or design, he shares many things on his blog. Apart from blogging, Ahmad Awais is a WordPres developer, Web designer and Web developer. Awais earns about 2000 $ from his blog but with his other skills and talent, he earns more that that by selling his services to people. Ahmad Awais is a very humble person. He can be the best inspiration for all the new people and newbies out there who want to make money online. They can learn a lot from him.

10. Aamir Atta :

On 10th in our list is Aamir Atta. His blog is He’s one smart man and his blog has great traffic. He along with his team writes about technology, mobile phones, technology updates, technology news and the happenings in the IT world. His blog covers news from local telecom news to many technology updates. Aamir  has a forum as well where he and his team solves problems of people related to IT.

11. DiaryInc :

So we have included ousrself in the list. Though, it’s not a person but a blog which is in 11th position. DiaryInc provides blogging tutorials and affiliate marketing tips and methods to earn money online. We are developing as we speak and our blog will be one of the top blogging resource website in the few months. The work is in progress. Hope you will support us in it as well.

Your Thoughts :

Now it’s up to you that what do you have to say about our list of top 10 bloggers that you should follow in 2015. If we have missed someone then do tell us. If you want there should be someone else included then tell us. Share your blogging experience with us and the stuff you are blogging on. Whether you love technology and want to be a techy person and if  you are more into political stuff, you can start a blog on it and share what you think with the World. With couple of months of struggle and doing the right things are the right time, you can also make it in the list of top bloggers in the next two years.

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