Top 10 Best VPN’s with Download Links you must try in 2016

Before jumping onto the list of top 10 Best VPN’s lets answer some simple FAQ’s first.

What is VPN?

VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. As the name says, private network what it does is that it establishes a private network inside the public network, as if the device is connected directly to the private network.

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Functionalities of VPN?

Lots of them. The main ones are Security, Management, Surfing Blocked Sites, and Encryption.

How is a VPN created?

It is actually the establishment of a virtual point to point connection through what we call traffic Encryption or we can call it tunnelling protocols.

Types of VPN:

                        As this article is about the top 10 best VPNs so we will not go into much details of the types. Just the names are going to be mentioned just so that you get to know about it.

  1. Hybrid VPN
  3. SSL
  4. IPsec
  5. L2TP VPN
  6. Site to Site VPN


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Now VPNs can easily be downloaded from the internet. But those are the free versions, they have certain drawbacks like

  1. Slow internet Speed.
  2. They have limited functionality.
  3. Some VPNs might copy your data and sell it for themselves. The recommended suggestion is that buy a low priced VPN but try not to use the free ones.
  4. Displaying of Ads


On the other hand the paid VPN has the following features.

  1. High Speed.
  2. Better Security
  3. Secure data connections
  4. The availability of full features
  5. No Ads


Top 10 Best VPN’s:

Here we go with the list for the Top 10 VPNs. The VPN software free download links are also given.


  1. Hotspot Shield:

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The most famous known and the best VPN on planet Earth based in USA. Almost everyone knows about it and have used it. You don’t have to make an account before using it, just install and play. Hotspot Shield free version has a traffic limit of 750 Megabytes per day which is A LOT for free version but it will display ads plus only specific locations can be selected in the free Hotspot Shield version furthermore the free version also blocks some sites. On the other hand the paid version has many benefits, the price is only $29.95 per year. Availability is Hotspot shield for PC, MAC, IOS and Android. Which includes no ads, no speed limits, any location that you want, and all sites in reach. In other words we can say it optimises your internet surfing experience. They have servers in 15+ countries and no multiple logins are allowed.

Download Hotspot Shield Here : Hotspot Shield Download


  1. Spotflux VPN:

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Based in USA the Spotflux VPN is also a very famous. It also has a free model and a paid model. The free model has limited number of functionalities and a premium account has to be purchased for the full features. One of the best features of Spotflux is that it compresses the data so less bandwidth has to be used secondly it gives us the option of ad blocking which mean it will do the work of two softwares alone. It is availability is Spotflux for PC, IOS, MAC and Android and is working further to increase the number of platforms. The free version is totally free for as much time you want to use with limited functionalities. And the Premium version is for $29.99 per year.

Download Spotflux Here : Spotflux Download


  1. CyberGhost VPN:

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Well I’m sure you must have heard about CyberGhost! It’s based in Germany with impressive security and an easy to use environment. The free version is as good as the premium versions of other VPNs but again with limited functionalities that are limited speed, Probation on torrents, disconnection after 3 hours of use with unlimited traffic. Premium removes these restrictions and grants access to more servers over 550 in 30 countries with faster speed available for PC, IOS, MAC and Android. There is another upgrade that can be made to the premium account, and that is premium plus account, which enables you to use your account on an additional device. A 30 days money back guarantee is given with the yearly subscription, and 14 days for the monthly subscribers to get full money back in case if they don’t like the software. CyberGhost’s website seems smooth and is well laid out, making it stress-free for new customers to try both the free VPN and upgrade to Premium. The premium version costs only $6.99 per month. So what are you waiting for? GO FOR IT!!

Download CyberGhost Here: CyberGhost Download


  1. Open VPN:

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Based in USA the Open VPN has servers in US, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Switzerland. It is available for PC, MAC, IOS and Android. The free version can be used only for 100MB per month, after that upgrading to premium version would be mandatory. It has the security of up to 256 bits encryption available for Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, QNX, Mac OS X, and Windows. The price for the premium version is $9.60 per 1 year per client. But you have to make at least 10 client purchases for it, for 2 years its $18.24, for 3 years its $25.92, for 4 years its $32.64 and for 5 years its $38.40 per client.

Download Open VPN Here: Download Open VPN


  1. TunnelBear VPN:

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The word Awesome is not used for VPNs until and unless Tunnel Bear VPN is the VPN we are talking about. It is based in Canada and is available for PC, IOS, Android and MAC. The free version has a capacity of 500MB per month after that you will have to upgrade to premium, 500 MB is a lot to check the software. The paid plan includes different packages like $49.99 per year and $4.99 per month. Because of some new changes in the start of this year tunnelling around blocked or censored websites is now a lot easier due to which your digital privacy has been extended. The new features enables us to turn VPN On/Off with a single click, also the feature of auto connect post hibernation has been enabled. The price for tunnel Bear the Giant bear which means premium in the context of tunnel bear is $6.99 per Month another offer in the free version is that If you use the free version you can get an extra 1GB download limit by tweeting about them.

Download TunnelBear Here: Download TunnelBear


  1. Cloak VPN:

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Cloak is the best kind of network security utility, one that requires very little data for the user. The service can secure your iOS device’s connection automatically as needed. It has a great security and that’s why it’s one of the highly used servers! One can tell Cloak immediately whenever they have security issues. It has some amazing features. It happens automatically, one has to go through the initial setup and then its way too simple. If you are concerned a lot about your security you can choose whether or not it treats cellular networks. Its keeps your preferences and priorities saved.  Cloak is friendly and simple, gets you familiar with colour coded icons which tells you about your current network security situation is. Cloak itself is a free download, and the platforms which it can work on are running iOS 9.0, PC, Android and MAC. Given how much of our daily life and business is conducted online. They give 30 days of free trial version after that update is necessary. The Price for premium is $99.99 per year.

Download Cloak VPN Here: Download Cloak VPN


  1. Private Tunnel VPN:

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The best incentive Private Tunnel offers you is that it conceals your location and costs you only for the data. Cool right? We’re sure all of us want to camouflage on the sites. Private Tunnel only supports its own software to make connection with its VPN servers, and this is available for Windows and OS X. When you go through the website thoroughly you get to know that you can use other lines, providing there is OpenVPN software help. To make this happen you your personal profile as a PVN file will be needed to be downloaded from the Private Tunnel website, and transfer this into your system. Private Tunnel is a commercial trigger of OpenVPN Technologies, the developer behind the open-source OpenVPN software suite. The first hit of 100 MB is for free. That’s pretty comforting as it enables you to check if the service works. Thereafter data packages are sold at $12 for 50 GB, $20 for 100 GB and $50 for 500 GB. According to Private Tunnel. So you must have got some idea about it. Don’t hesitate! GO FOR IT NOW!

Download Private Tunnel VPN  Here: Download PrivateTunnel


  1. SecurityKiss VPN:

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Secure your internet connection with SecurityKiss VPN providers who helps in bypassing restricted sites and providing security. But as the name says, it mainly focuses on the security of the connection. The free version is free for lifetime but there is a limit on the daily traffic. The paid version provides 1024 bit security the breaching of which is next to impossible. It has servers in more than 4 countries. The premium version costs $6.55 per month. It’s a bit expensive but high in security compared to other VPNs.

Download SecurityKiss Here: Download SecurityKiss


  1. Hide My Ass VPN:

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Hide My Ass is, THUMBS UP!! One of the biggest VPN source in the world! With over 900 servers in 210 countries across the world, no one reaches Hide My Ass for such great numbers. They’re based in the UK, and have spread miles away than any British export that isn’t soccer! Its speed is phenomenal. You will have no issues streaming Netflix and getting to US websites. The fastest server is automatically selected by this software. The team is quite efficient they and are available most of the time to answer any ambiguity. As they are popular, they have a good support and community website which means that their services are ideal. Hide My Ass has three different packages (1, 6 and 12 months) $4.99 per month, and the monthly plan is now down to $9.99. For long term though the 12 month package is recommended and if you get a change of mind you can easily utilise the 30 day money back guarantee available for all plans. So it has a lot of offers! The company provides 860 servers with 310 locations and 190 countries. Practically, it is a great service supporting almost all major protocols. Their free services show their devotion and commitment to the internet security and privacy. All it takes is a username and a password. YOU WON’T REGRET!

Download HideMyAss VPN  Here: Download HideMyAss VPN


  1. Zen Mate VPN:

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Zen Mate! Enjoy Security now!

Where ever you surf, Social Media or Information surfing you have eyes behind you that note your actions and report them back to HQ. Zen mate provides you with an invisibility cloak. In other case if you are sharing a network with someone they can easily sneak in and steal your data, Zen mate provides the shield to protect your data. Zen Mate gives you 7 days of free premium version after which you have to pay to upgrade to premium version. It works on IOS, PC, Android and MAC. The price for one year is $30.19 per year.

Download Zenmate Here: Download Zenmate


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