Top 10 Best To-do List Apps For Android

Once upon a time we would use notepad, stack or a simple pad to manage your personal matters, important work, meetings or anything you don’t want to forget due to your busy schedule, but now you don’t have to keep a note book or note pad your smart phones can help you to manage and remind your personal matters. There are many of To-do list apps for Android to give you the field to manage and remember your important and personal task, here I present you the best To-do list apps for Android so that you can choose and download  of your own choice.


Evernote is one of the favorite to-do list app of the users with a highest rating of 4.6. Over 100 million people had downloaded this app due to its awesome features to cover their work and make things done. It is a modern work field that syncs between your devices to provide you the facility to work from everywhere you want. It allows you write notes, make checklist, research and organizes your documents, web articles, photos and discuss your work and projects with all those, right within the app. This app has the ability to turn your biz cards into contacts, also helps you in organizing your bills, receipts and invoices. It provides you offline access to your files from any here and has a strict policy, so that you can protect your files. You can subscribe to the app Google Play account, subscription charges will be charged from your credit card.

alt="Best To-do List Apps For Android" To-do list is being called the number one app to cover your tasks and getting things done. It has been using by more than 10 million of people with a rating of 4.4. It organize your life in a very simple way starting from planning your next vacations to a big project at work or sharing a grocery list with your beloved in one place. The app has a task planner which includes cloud sync, speech recognition, seamless, customizable time, shared tasks, gesture support and multimedia notes. It has a smart, clean and attractive design that makes your focus on your daily goals, collaborate with your friends, colleagues, and mates to work and make things done together, you can set a customizable reminder to have access to your important tasks, it also has the facility to attach audio, video, images or any Dropbox folders to any task. If you really need its help you can get it better pro version which you can buy $2.99/month or $26.99/year.

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Wunderlist: To-do List & Tasks

Wunderlist is a beautiful, awesome and user friendly to-do list which helps over 5 million people around the world capture their ideas, work to do and places to visit with a high rating of 4.5. if you are making a list of grocery, working on a office project, or want to enjoy upcoming vacations by visit different areas so wunderlist is here to help you sharing your plans, ideas, or project with your loved ones or friends to collaborate with everyone in your life. It has the ability to sync between your phone, computer or tablet so that you can access your list or reminder from anywhere. You can also do conversations with your friends or mates about your to-dos, you can attach photos, presentations, videos, PDFs and more. The app is free to download as well you can get its premium version which is #4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, to enjoy unlimited access to your files and wonderful features.

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ColorNote Notepad Notes To-do

ColorNote is a wonderful, easy, awesome or you can simply call it a pretty cool app like a notepad. It has a rating of 4.5 and has been downloaded by more than 50 million people. This notepad app is easy to use for notes, shopping list, calendar and a to-do list. The app provides you the plat form  to writye notes, e-mails, shopping lists, memos, messages and to-do list. It has a pretty feature to organize your notes by color, check list notes to get things done, you can organize your future schedule , you can lock your personal notes through password or you can also save your notes to SD card, it has the option of sync or share your notes via e-mail, SMS and twitter.

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To Do List

To Do List is smart task list truly usable app for daily use, it has a rating of 4.5 and over 500 thousand of downloads. it doesn’t matter who ever you arte whether a doctor, a business or any else it will organize you in a better way. It is convenient to use in managing your tasks and its simplicity is the best. You can also add tasks via voice, integration with sharing on Android, its smart home screen widgets show instantly what to do next. Further you can download the app for free from Google Play.

Google Keep

Google keep is among the some of the cool best to-do list apps for Android, it is really a perfect app for reminder and your tasks. It has a rating of 4.4 and over 50 million of downloads. if any things come to your mind and you are worried about forgetting it so just capture it in Google Keep ad it will remind you at right place and right time. It also provides you the opportunity to speak via voice on the go and get it automatically transcribed. You can also take a picture of any document, card, poster or a receipt and easily manage or have it later by searching it. It make easy for you to capture a list for yourself or share it with your friends and loved ones.


Do It Tomorrow

Do It (Tomorrow) is an awesome reminder app which will help you in procrastinating, it has over 1 million of downloads with a rating of 4.3. The app will help you in planning and managing your tasks and time table, setting a reminder for your important things, it is a full virtual to-do notebook, it has fastest and simplest interface, you can also record or edit an existing task. Full fill your needs from do-it (tomorrow) by just having a click on the install button.

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Simplest Checklist

Simplest Checklist is really the smallest, simplest and straight forward to-do app, It has a rating of 4.2 and has over 1 million of downloads. Through this app you can rearrange the order with drag and drop option, you can also input through via voice, the app is free of adds, it has no frills and no confusing details it is just a simple and straight forward app.

To Do Calendar Planner

To D Calendar Planner is a life made simple, ultimate personal organizer. It has a rating of 4.2 and the app is downloaded by more than 1 million people. The app provides you the facility to enjoy a fully scrollable calendar with daily, weekly and monthly and view of agenda, you can define your personal activities and add tasks to it, you can set multiple reminders for your goals and events, you can get organize with a daily step by step routine, you can sync your data with other devices, you can attach Google Map locations to your activities and tasks, it never forget the birthdays of your friends and family, you share your notes, goals, work with each other and more.

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Shopping List

Shopping List app is a useful, best and actual shopping list for your smart phone, it has over 1 million of downloads and is rated 4.1 by the users. If you often make shopping list on page or pad before going for shopping, than get rid of these pages etc and make your shopping list in your phone through shopping list which is one of the best to-do list apps for Android. You can put items in the shopping list from database, keyboard, filled by you, and even through via voice, you can also mark out the important purchases, and you can remove items which you bought.

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Sticky Note +

Sticky Note app is a quick, fast note pad which writes your notes, memos, messages and emails. It has a rating of 4.2 and more than 500 thousand of downloads. It helps you in a better way by managing your daily and important schedule in a simple and secure way. For your can just add the widget of sticky note + on your desktop so that you can open, add and edit a note. It contains different kinds of notes background colors, and the option of auto save which automatically save your documents to phone or SD card.

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Beside of your busy schedule and work time you don’t have to wonder about forgetting of your important tasks, events, goals, work, meetings, and even shopping items because best to-do list apps for Android are here to help you in writing your notes, personal tasks, shopping list, and reminding it on perfect time, you just have to choose any of these apps according to your choice and download it from Google Play.