Top 10 Best Texting apps for android

If you own an android device, for sure it comes with the stock SMS, MMS application for messaging or you have an option of hangouts. But if you are bore from these stock texting apps and you want some another beautiful applications so that you can write on these new applications so we are here with the new and upgraded list of best texting apps for android. This list contain the newest and easiest texting applications which will enhance your texting capabilities plus it will also increase your productivity of writing on these applications.

Here is the list of best texting apps for android, you can choose your favorite application for texting from the given list.

Textra SMS

Textra sms is one of the most popular texting application available freely in the Google play store. The best thing about this application is that it is very simple plus it has many colors themes you can choose your favorite color and your messages will come in that color.  The developer of this application was quick to bring the new Android L Material Design to this beautiful app, which makes this already ‘’beautiful’’ texting app even more appealing and more stylish for their customers. It has also got many interesting features than most stock SMS apps, including quick floating notifications, quick reply popups, a heap load of signature and notification types.



If you want a straight forward and most simplest texting application then 8sms is for sure will be your best choice. 8sms is a text-messaging app which gets straight to the point  to your texting with a bit more added functionality than the average stock SMS/MMS app, like quick pop-up replies so that you can reply to your recipient more quickly . It’s totally free app, although ads will appear after your 14-day ‘trial period’ until you make a donation to this application.


Chomp sms

Chomp sms is one of the oldest texting app in the android store. Evry time they update their app for the latest design and shape just to give their users more sty;lish and beautiful interface. Some of its best features include a huge number of emojis, passcode app lock, message locks, more intense privacy options, blacklists, quick reply popups messages. It also has many customization options so that you can create your favorite theme in it.



This messaging app is available not just for Android but for Windows, Mac and also for web browsers too – and that means you can post from a computer or tablet using your Android phone’s number, which is pretty handy and a good thing, it is good for business people who cannot control both the PC and mobile phone at the same time so this applications is very helpful in that manner. And this is the main reason why we have choose this app to be included in this list. It also support group messaging and group mms so that you can share sms and also pictures and videos in one group. Many of the advanced features require a Premium membership, but at just $9.99 per year that’s hardly going to break the bank and if you want more exciting features this price is very reasonable for you.


Google Messenger

So if you are bore from the stock messaging and hangouts which give you less features of customization and messaging sending option. So we are bringing you the Google messenger application for texting. It has an eye-soothing Material Design interface, and as well as sending free texts you can also use take photos and record audio messages from directly within the app. Google Messenger has all the basic messaging features you need, a very simple and stylish design and a beautiful lollipop features are also added in this messenger.

Messaging (stock KitKat SMS app)

If you miss your kit Kat messaging application which was quite simple and very much fast to use so we are bringing you back with the messaging of stock kitkat. So if you’re already on KitKat, then there’s nothing to see here. But if you’re on an older phone and want to experience a piece of KitKat, or you’re finding the default Lollipop texting app a bit too bright and garish, then this could be what you’re looking for. It’s dark, serious, and contains all the features from Android’s former flagship texting app. It is one on of the most simplest texting application in the android which give you a dark design plus the fats messaging experience.



QKSMS is one of the stylish and beautiful SMS apps we’ve seen in the android playstore, offering material design plus a variety of themes, night mode, customization which will also save your battery, a quick pop up replies, group messaging, message scheduling and more in an ad-free environment. The basic app is free but if you want to unlock all the color options and advanced features the Premium mode is a $1.99 in-app purchase.


It is inspired by the google sms. It is design so that it is look like to Google+ and it has a nice clean design with the latest Android style guidelines in mind. While the default orange interface looks great, you can also grab more themes if you’re willing to drop a little coin for the customization pack swiping between conversation make this app more stylish and beautiful. It also has lots of customization options.



It is one of the most beautiful and high ranked app in the play store. Hoverchat was previously known as ninja sms. The most interesting thing in this application is that this application did not allow you to close your recent application in android and see who text is there. In this hoverchat when you got a sms from anybody a pop up ninja small circle will be come out in your screen and you can reply and see the messaging without closing the applications. Because of this feature we have added this application into the list. If you’re not yet ready to deal with the message, you can dismiss it or drag it out of the way, and you can reply directly from the notification bubble.


hello SMS

it is one of the best-looking SMS apps around. Slick, clean and minimal, hello SMS is the style guru’s SMS app. The app has a super simple tab setup, so you’ll get your friends’ profile pictures and names on the left and you simply swipe out the conversation tab. You can do all the same things you can with most other SMS apps, of course, but the truly unique thing about hello SMS is just how much it manages to do without looking heavy or bloated. If only all apps looked this clean.



So we are don’t with the list of best texting apps for android.. did you agree with this list? Any comment or suggestion is always welcome on Diaryinc platform.