Top 10 Best Android Browsers in 2015

There are many browsers for android, and some are really good and some are normal, not every browser is the fastest android browser but every browser has its own structures and has its own way of working. In this article, we will list the best android browsers in 2015 that can be used for downloading different videos, streaming and many other things as you do so. You will really like this list since its handpicked and all browsers are very great browsers and they work in an awesome way. The good thing is that they are totally free and you don’t need to spend a penny on them and use them as you want. They are nice to have on your android phone and you should really have them to have a great and fast android phone in your hands. These fast browsers will make your phone fast and thus you will become happy in more than one ways so download and install these browsers on your smartphone to have fast video downloading and great optimization of your internet speed. Your internet speed will increase with these browsers since they are fast and have high internet speeds to make your android browser faster and more secure. You should really try these browsers out. They are good and great and you should try them as soon as you can and you can try them one by one.

List of Best Android Browsers in 2015 :

Here is the list :

1. Chrome Browser :

chrome browser for android best android browsers in 2015

Google Chrome is the most known and used browser among computer users, also, it comes pre-loaded on your android smartphone. It has different features but one of its best features is that it syncs your brower data from one device to another as well as it is pretty good at navigating the web. It also includes an incognito mode, if you use incognito mode your browsing won’t be tracked in short a private window.

2. Mozilla Firefox :

Mozilla firefox browser for android best android browser in 2015

Mozilla is the second most known as well as used browser among PC users, and like Chrome, it syncs your browsing data from one device to another which includes, bookmarks, history, passwords, add-ons along with open tabs. In addition, Firefox also provides a private window that can be easily opened. Firefox has long provided extensions and add-ons and it has WebRTC-enabled for the future.

3. Opera :

opera browser for android fastest android browser

Opera is indeed a hardworking supporter of smartphones, it seeks to set itself apart from the pack and is probably dependable. It has a great feature of Private Mode or Off-Road mode where you browse separately, Opera is indeed ranked as the fastest browser across many platforms. Furthermore, you will be very pleased as it also syncs your browsing data from one device to another also, it was recently served with WebRTC same as Mozilla Firefox.

4. Maxthon :

maxthon browser

Maxthon is not only available for Android as well as it has versions for Windows, MAC, iOS etc. It centralize and syncs your online browsing data of your device. On the homepage, you got quick access to your most used/favorite websites and some of the publications which can be removed and you can add your favorite sites. Also, on the main menu you have access to night mode which literally means darker screen, private mode , and data-saving feature which switches image loading off and it makes it one of the best android browsers in 2015.

5. Dolphin :

dolphin browser for android good browser for downloading

Dolphin has probably no shortage of features which make it special. It has a voice searching feature, gesture allows you to access sites you frequently visit along with a third party add-on with tons of extra options. Dolphin is indeed the only browser with its only theme engine. It has over eighty million downloads and it has many add-ons such as dropbox add-on etc. You have to install add-ons the same way you install apps from Google Play Store as Dolphin’s add-ons are on Google Play.

6. UC Browser :

UC Browser

UC Browser can be so called one of the most popular Android Browsers. It lets you improve your browsing experience by having some cool and great features such as preloading which loads the page much faster. One of its best features is that it manage your downloads and automatically resumes it if there is an internet connection problem. UC Browser has more than 500 million downloads , in addition, its most downloaded in China and India.

7. CM Browser :

cm browser best android browser for streaming

CM also called Cheetah Mobile also holds a great and amazing Android antivirus called CM Security app with millions of downloads. If you are low on storage, CM Browser is the browser you need to use/have. The browser is only 1.92 MB and takes only 5 MB of space only after installation. It offers a very smooth browsing experience and a clean interface, and if you compare the interface with Opera Mini , it is much better making it a fine and decent alternative.It can be said that it is one of the best android browsers for downloading videos and different other things.

8. Opera Mini :

opera mini browser for androidd

Opera Mini’s interface is a bit out dated but we will recommend it for low-end phones. Opera Mini takes only 4 MB of space after installation. It has a feature of data compression which reduces the quality of images on websites. Its big brother Opera, has a way better interface along with these features though it takes more space as compared to Opera Mini.

9. Hover Browser :

hover browser for android free download

Basically, Hover is a floating browser which literally means that it hovers over other apps. You can use the web to browse while doing something else like sending emails or watching a movie etc. It’s a very useful browser if you want to have an eye on webpage while you are busy with other apps. For instance, you could write a document while keeping football scores open in another corner.

10. Link Bubble :

link bubble free android browser

Link Bubble brings a bit of difference to the mobile browsing table, it has a Free and a Pro version, to get access over all the features you will have to spend 5 bucks to get the Pro version. You have floating bubbles instead of tabs which means the more links you load/open the more floating bubbles you will have/see. Last and important thing , its only compatible with Android 4.1+.

So that was our list of best android browsers in 2015 that you can download and install on your phone to  have fast browsing and download with greater speeds. Subscribe to this website for more such lists and the lists will be delivered directly to your email. Subscription is free.