Today 17 Google Birthday Celebrates with Doodle

Google, the search engine celebrating today 17 Google birthday. Google have a nice doodle decorating their website to celebrate this 17 birthday.

alt+"Gogle doodle birthday"

If you go to, then you will see 1998’s “Google” logo on CRT Screen. Wearing a birthday hat, a couple of balloons, and a few throwback to the Google old days of lava lamp.  You can also see the Google letter hiding in this screen image. There is the ‘G’ followed by the 2 Os, (the balloons), then there is lower case g hidden in the pattern of that CPU. L for the lava lamp and then the “e” can clearly be seen as the wire connecting the CPU.

In recent years, date 27 Sep is the Google birth date and they are celebrating today their 17 birthday. However, the question take birth and everybody talking about ‘Google Birthday’ that Google remember everything expect their real birth date. As Google not know their birth date but after 2006 Google celebrating their birthday on 27 Sep. when you click on Google’s Logo then Google auto-mated search Google birthday Date and give info about Google birthday.

Google Birthday Dates Confusion:

Browsing through the Google doodle archives adds to the confusion. The Google doodle for its 4th birthday dated 27 Sep, 5th Google birthday was on Sep 8, a year later it becomes 7 Sep, followed by Sep 26 for its doodle birthday. From the 8th year onward Google seem to settled for 27 Sep to celebrate their birth.

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