Things to Check before buying a Smartphone

Smartphones do it for us, don’t they? Yes everything. Why don’t have a look at the list of things to check before buying a smartphone. At home, from home on the way to Office, At Office and then back to Home. All your tasks are assigned to your smartphone. Starting from the early morning alarm to your daily WhatsApp calls, all is done using your smartphone. For all your tasks that you complete using your smartphone you must have a best phone. Your smartphone should be the best in accordance to your daily use and the features of it which you use daily.

Have a look at this list below and help yourself buying a real good smartphone which will fulfil your daily needs and give you the features you want regarding your daily use, personality and your profession as well.


alt="things to check before buying a smart phone" This is common. Everyone sets a level of investment or maybe a level of spending bucks before doing any such thing like buying a smartphone. But in case of phone it’s very important among the list of things to check before buying a smartphone because there is a whole lot of verity of smart phones in the market.

If you don’t set a level you may get into problem. In the market you may see Samsung, iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry and an LG etc. Which to buy now? And then of course you will see different models of these brands. Many of these models will attract you and will persuade you to buy them but at that time will you have enough money on you to buy that particular model?

Looking at all these things which may create problem, you should set a range of budget to invest in your smartphone and then stick to it and don’t be dual minded or don’t change your mind at any level.

What features you want?

A Smartphone is smart because of its features, right? You must have in mind the right and suitable features which you need in your smartphone. If you know what features you want it will keep you safe from spending extra on the features you don’t want.

Talking about the features you want, it’s not compulsory to have all the latest features in your phone. You can choose the right features in accordance to your profession or your daily use. You may need a BlackBerry instead of flagship phone of the year if you are a businessman or you may need a mid-range feature phone instead of having all the latest finger-print and eye-scanning like features.

Sorting out all the daily use features you need can comparatively reduce your investment in the phone and can be a good selection regarding your profession.

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Go with the suitable design

A round cornered or an edged cornered? This make a whole lot of difference and has an impact on your personality too. More than the color of upper that you wear people nowadays look at the smartphone you hold in your hands. You must choose a design that will match you personality. You may choose an ultra slim or a normal one, this depends on who you are and what you do?

Besides, you must keep in mind things like where you keep your phone, how you take it with you to different places, and is your pocket big enough to carry it? Well the last one was not serious but yes it can be a serious one sometimes.

alt="important things to consider before buying a smartphone"

The design should be such that it won’t make any difficulty for you while carrying. If you carry it in a purse, pocket or maybe place it in a car phone holder, it should fix in there or it can be a big problem. The reason is that nowadays smartphones are large enough to carry around in your hands whole day long.

Which Brand?

Repeating the sentence “More than the color of upper that you wear people nowadays look at the smartphone you hold in your hands”. You must choose a brand that people recognize as the best one. No matter how much you invest it won’t look perfect if your smartphone brand is not recognized.

It’s like the color which is in, during specific period of time or for a year maybe. It’s “Marsala” for your information, now in 2015. Every year there is a flagship phone and of course that particular brand is in that year. You will find all your desired features in any smartphone brand. So, be wise while choosing both the brand and the features.


Nowadays people are very anxious about the specs of the phone. Every month a new phone arrives in the market with the newer specs. Now people can’t decide which phone to buy. Specs is the main and the most important thing which anyone sees in a smartphone. People in general always want a phone with the best camera, processor, screen and all the other new features.

Specs are the key feature which helps decide a person which phone to get. In the market there are is a variety of smartphones, but people are now more focused on the screen sizes of the phone. Later the iPhone had a smaller screen, it was an issue for its users but then they increased the size of the screen and thus it satisfied the customers.

Technology also competes with the screen size. As people demand bigger screens they also demand the best technology. Best tech/spec means having the state of the art processor, camera and all the other useful features like Touch ID or Heart Rate Monitor. Now these feature when in a smartphone can help very one in their daily life.

You may choose the one which suits your daily use. There is no need of buying a smartphone with a very fast processor if you are not in need of it. This saves your bucks.

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OS & Updates

alt="things to consider before buying a smart phone"There is a variety of smartphone brands and models and then there you have a number of OS in those phones. Again the same thing, you must choose the OS which will be helpful in your daily life. An android maybe if you like enjoying new apps once and every moment or an iOS if you want quick updates regarding the apps and the whole OS too. You may also choose a windows phone if it suits your daily work.

BlackBerry also is making one of its model under android platform and will be released soon this year. This means that you must be sure about what you want and you must be wise while selecting your smartphone with the right OS for you in it.


Camera indeed is a special and must have feature in a smartphone. People now don’t carry big cams with them or a DSLR maybe, they use their high quality phone cameras instead. Your smartphone camera may not compete a professional DSLR but it is next to it and if you are working in your daily routine than this camera of your smartphone is enough to cover and capture anything you want.

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While investing a huge amount of bucks, camera is a must among the things to check before buying a smartphone. You may go for an android powered xperia if you are more concerned about your smartphone camera, otherwise iPhone, Samsung and the some LG’s also come with good quality camera lens and they capture good clicks.


Done with all the main things above. Now comes the last yet important one among the things to check while buying a smartphone and its warranty. Most of the international brands come with at least 1 year warranty. It is important because while buying you a smartphone you are not allowed to check it first and then pay for it. You first have to finalize that you are willing to buy this smartphone and you will pay what it worth’s. After this you are allowed to check it.

So before checking your phone, you must make sure that it has a specific warranty time during which you can replace or repair (if it is repairable) your smartphone. Also make sure that you carefully read all the terms of the warranty and then sign it, in order to avoid any problems that may happen between you and the seller or the brand which is selling its model.

alt="important things before buying a smart phone"

All these are important things to check before buying a smartphone, because you can’t afford to spend a huge amount of money and then cry over it. You must be careful at the start and choose wisely. If you are weak at remembering things, bookmark this page with you before you go to the market and look around for a phone. Only looking at the headings can tell you what to buy.