The Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone HANDS-ON

The Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt was one of the most anticipated game of the year. We all know the CD Projekt RED has announced two paid DLCs for The Witcher 3. These expansion packs have been reported to add 30 hours of gameplay. The two DLCs are

  • The Witcher 3 – Hearts of Stone
  • The Witcher 3 –  Blood and Wine


The Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone Official Screenshot were released yesterday by Polish Studios. Aside from this many are waiting for the release of the DLCs. The first DLC namely “Hearts of Stone” is intended to be released on October 13th 2015. But PCGamer managed to get a copy of the game and did a little Hand-ON review. We are going to explore it little and let you know what we found out. Those who don’t want the game to be get spoiled don’t read this 😀

The Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone managed to impress us how it revolves around the Quests in the early two hours of the game. You’ll get a chance to fight and kill a giant frog which was also revealed by the yesterday’s screenshots of the “Hearts of Stone”. The giant frog goes by the name  “Toad Prince”. Later on you’ll crash a wedding party being possessed by a ghost. The game is similar to the original The Witcher 3 but still it looked better than the original.

Meeting an Old Friend

During the course of the game you will get to meet an old friend. Yeah right if you have seen the screenshots you’ve probably noticed that Shani (a character from the Original Witcher 1) is present in the DLC. Hearts of Stone opens in a very spectacular way. A notice board leads Geralt to a quest where he needs to kill a monster living under the sewers beneath the city of Oxenfurt during which he unites with an old friend Shani. Shani is working a medic for the Redanian army. The sewer monster the giant frog has killed many, but apart from that he produced a lot of venom and poisoned the water supply. So Shani is working on producing an antidote and as usual like the previous game she joins him on his hunt. There is also much to spoil but it wouldn’t be good as the gameplay is so we are not going to spoil because it wouldn’t be fair.

alt="The Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone screenshot"

New Tricks : According to PCGAMER  

“Hearts of Stone also adds the Runewright, a new type of NPC vendor that has the ability to convert runestones and glyphs into ‘words’ that imbue items with powerful abilities. However, they come with a heavy price. Enchanting any item with a word will block all of its slots and destroy any equipped runes or glyphs. In essence, you sacrifice a few smaller bonuses for a single, powerful bonus.”

alt="The Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone"


The Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone – Verdict

From the things we got to know from PCGAMER The Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone is going to a great expansion with so much packed from new characters, quests, tricks and stuff. You’ll just love it plus we didn’t spoiled it much just gave an overview about the starting hours of the game there is much to experience in late game.

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