The cost of internet : Pakistan vs the Rest of the World

The cost of internet : How Pakistan is compared to the rest of the world?


All over the world, the cost to connect to the World Wide Web  varies with each and every country. Depending on different factors like taxation, telecommunication cost, external costs etc.  Now how will you compare Pakistan with other countries when u r talking about the price of internet.

The average cost of internet per  month ( 10Mbps. Unlimited Data, DSL/Cable) in Pakistan is calculated around $35.81. the amount seems to be so much but compared to most of the countries it is low, especially of the western countries, with United States and Canada both are going over $40, calculated on monthly basis.  According to the average income of the Pakistani people this is a huge amount compared to those  countries that have much higher income as per capita.

With the imposition of recent heavy tax on the Telecommunications industry in Pakistan, the cost of internet has been raised  considerably. Carving of the territory by telecommunication companies can also be one of the reason for high cost of internet. When there are only a handful of yhe internet service providers, then there is less or no competition in the area, and which may be the main reason of competitive prices.  Such as in Pakistan, DSL internet or cable is mostly provided by PTCL, and there is no or very less competition for them in the sector.

With the advent of wireless internet, 3G and 4G services, somehow has opened a new way of inexpensive connectivity, and with the continuous growing and improvement of these services, internet will become more inexpensive and accessible to the people.