How To Speed Up Moto G (2013) Performance

We love the original Moto G. It represents the whole revolution of smartphones, it was one of the best phones that cost less than two hundred bucks. After a few years of its release you must have noticed that you’re Moto G has started to slow down a little despite its almost-stock Android interface and UI.

Below we have discussed some of tricks to Speed up Moto G (2013) Performance. By following these simple tricks you can definitely Speed Up your phone’s performance.

Remove Widgets

If your Moto G (2013) normally lags, there may be too many widgets updating and managing your home screens. Even though if you are not on a particular home screen and on the other screen widgets take a lot of data, shifting and consuming system resources and RAM. Thus, get rid of these widgets which are not in use.

alt="Moto G (2013) Widgets"

Clear Cache

There are two cache memories on your phone, one is for your apps and the other one is for the system itself. The app cache memory stores data for a temporary time to make the apps launch faster, but it can get a bit lagged up over due time. You may feel and think that it may be a slow process but for a long run, it makes your phone run faster.

To clear out the system cache, you will need to boot into Recovery Mode. Turn off your Moto G, press and hold Power and Volume Down and then use the Volume Rockers to highlight “Recovery” and then press Volume Up to select.

You will see then open Android screen where you need to press and hold the Volume Up button and then press the Power button and release it. Now you will be seeing the Recovery Mode menu. Use the Volume Down button to go to “Wipe Cache Partition” and press the Volume Up button to clear the system cache.

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Free Up Storage Space

This is one of the simplest and the most common way to make your Android experience faster is to simply delete some stuff that you don’t use or you don’t need it your phone. To decide which stuff to delete, check your apps that you did not use in months, remove them. You can even check your Downloads folder and see the files which you don’t use.

The same thing goes for your media files like audio and video, delete these files which you do not watch or listen to. Because of doing this, the pressure on the RAM and System Resources reduces thus making your Moto G (2013) even faster.

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RAM Management

RAM is the biggest factors when it comes to your phone’s speed. If your phone does not have a lot of RAM in case of Moto G (2013), it doesn’t then make sure that your phone is not using those apps which use a lot of RAM.

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Disable Animations

This is not really a real way to make your phone feel faster, but disabling your animations in the phone can make your phone feel a little bit faster when you go through different home screens. Launching apps is snappier and some pop ups are also quick.

These all tricks have worked for most of Moto G (2013). Now if you try all of these tips and tricks, pretty much sure it will Speed Up Moto G (2013) Performance.