Santa Run Santa First Ever ANdroid Game Developed by CodeTecho

There are a lot of game developer company that developed game on Christmas. One of the new emerging company name codetecho developed their first game for the android lover in the market with just in 3 days by name Santa run Santa.

Santa run Santa first fast Android game developed by Codetecho is a very enjoy and epic fun game with a cute Santa run.This year at 25th December the mighty Santa has arrived with his bag full of gifts and heart full of love and hope for children. Santa run Santa is developed by the concept that how it arrived with there bag full of rewards and u will enjoy their efforts by playing this game.  santa run santa 1There are a lot of features in this u will enjoy by doing this in the start Santa starts to run and collect the gifts from the ground and cross all the hurdles then take an air flight with their excellent plane and receive gifts and you will just need to protect it from the difficulties and gain more rewards when taking flight.

There is no limitation in the game and this game you can use it on any Android smartphones and tablets just like Samsung, Nexus, Qmobile smartphones, Hawaii, androiAndroid smartphone, LG etc.

There is a lot of drama in the Santa run Santa first fast Android game developed by Codetecho just like collecting gifts, escaping snowy form hurdles, sharp blades, the storm cloud and the pits in the ground. In the start, you can easily receive the gifts and cross the hurdles but as you move on the game is modified from easy to hard so collect the gifts but be careful of the hurdles otherwise they can smash you. So enjoy this epic fun game on your phone and also give us feedback.

Here below is the link just click the download and enjoy it.

santa run santa by codetecho