Samsung is the seventh best global brand for 2015

Interbrand recently released a List of Top 100 best Global brands of 2015. According to the brand consultancy association’s new list, Samsung is the seventh best global brand for 2015, in front of any semblance of Amazon, BMW, and Intel.

At the point when contrasted with a year ago’s positioning, Samsung has held its own particular staying at the seventh spot, while Toyota, GE, and Cisco tumbled down in rankings. Samsung’s image quality is esteemed at $45 billion by Interbrand, which looks into a brand’s money related execution, it’s capacity to impact shoppers buy choices, and the degree to which it can bolster premium valuing.

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best global brand for 2015- Diaryinc

Apple ($170 billion), Google ($120 billion), and Coca Cola ($78 billion) stand at the platform position of this list, and they have been doing as such for as far back as three years. PayPal and Lenovo are the new participants in this rundown of 100 worldwide brands on 97th and 100th positions separately, while Nokia and Nintendo dropped out of the rundown. You can hit the source connection to visit Interbrand’s report and see the complete rundown.