Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: The Upgrades makes it Sensational

The rumors about S7 have been roaming around for a while now. It’s for sure that Galaxy S7 is the upcoming android phone from Samsung. There are a lot of Galaxy S7 rumors about its features and specifications and of course, most of them will be the part of this new Samsung mobile as revealed by several benchmarks.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the phone which has a lot of users waiting for it, because of the Samsung S series phones which always astonishes the users. Galaxy S6 and Note 5 were great from Samsung and the users are pretty much satisfied from its functionalities and performance, this is the reason they are waiting for its successor S7.

Following listed are some o the Galaxy S7 Rumors which are most probably planned to be in it.

1) S7 Design

Rumors tell that Galaxy S7 will be the same design as Galaxy S6 but this times the material used will be more strong and sensational.

Samsung S7 maybe will use magnesium alloy which will make it stronger than S6. Its predecessor already is quite strong as proven from some videosMagnesium alloy will make it  more strong and safe, which is the most important need of today’s smartphones looking to its size and display screens. There is always a danger you may drop it.

Samsung Galaxy

This phone is also rumored to have a glass on its back, and most probably Samsung will be using its own developed Turtle Glass and not the Gorilla Glass which is somewhat weaker than the one that will be used.

There may also come a premium edition of this smartphone which will be having UHD 4K display. By doing so, it will become the first flagship android powered phone using this feature.

2) S7 Performance

 Users have been experiencing some overheating issues, which were due to Qualcomm Chipsets, so Samsung turned to its own Exynos for S6. This time, Samsung Galaxy S7 will be powered again by its own Exynos 8890 in countries other than US and China where it will be shipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as per Reuters which is a 64-bit quad-core CPU.

Every time we see a new phone from Samsung, it is boosted with more high-performance equipment. Same is the case with S7 it will be a great one to use. There are no specific rumors for its RAM but looking towards 4 GB RAM of S6 and Note 5 it’s pretty sure that i will be packing 4 GB or more RAM.

3) S7 Battery

It will be a non-removable battery equal to that of S6 which is 2550 mAh or a bit higher than that because Samsung can’t go beyond that as they are trying to make the phone slim and smart.

Galaxy S7 Rumors

The charging feature will be faster and powerful as it is said to support a one-day full charge in only 30 minutes.

4) S7 Models

Samsung S Phones always brings you a variety of models in a single phone to choose from. Same will be happening in case of S7. It will be in the following four models

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 plus

Galaxy S7 Edge plus

There may be a premium edition in S7 as mentioned above in the design part. This will make it five different models.

5) S7 Specifications

Besides some of the great updates that S7 will have there are some other Galaxy S7 rumors about its specs.

  • Most probably it will be packed with Iris scanning technology, which is an upgrade from the fingerprint scanner. This technology is more effective and secure, Going further and progressing in the tech side, this is a must-have tech in the upcoming smartphones.
  • S7 will be having infrared sensors used for different tasks like measuring body temp etc
  • The camera is said to be 20 MP primary and 8 MP secondary camera. This will give a good photography experience to the users.
  • This phone is also rumored to be dust and water proof. As we can see in some videos that S6 also is pretty much resistant to water.

Samsung S7

6) S7 Price

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price is still not perfectly known but rumors say that it won’t cost any more than S6 when it was released. It will be £600 which is equivalent to USD $886.

7) S7 Release Date

S7 will be the company’s flagship for the year 2016 and they surely can not take any risks in releasing their flagship phone of the year. It is expected to be seen in March but not for sure. It may take some more time to be seen striking the market doors.

Samsung always has surprised us with their flagship phones starting from Galaxy S3. No doubt This upcoming Samsung Android phone also will be another good sensational phone that takes its user with it physically into the perception.

For more stay tuned, You will be notified once this flagship phone hits the market.


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