Samsung Galaxy S7 Price, Specifications and Features

Samsung is the most used smartphone in the World with millions of users using it and its quality is super and outstanding as well. Samsung is a class on its own. Samsung got more popular when it introduced the Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S series have been the choice of many users since it meets the new technology changes and updates. Samsung Galaxy S series have almost 200 million units after the S5 was released. On 1st March 2015, S6 hit the market though S7 is yet to come, the company will release S7 on February of 2016. Expert will regularly update you about the features that S7 will have. The company is trying to add more and more good features in S7. Also, there is no official news from the company regarding S7 release date, but surely, they will officially announce the release date soon. It is expected that the phone will be released in February 216 but still you can’t be sure that it’s the exact release date of Samsung galaxy S7.

As we all know that recently Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released and it got a big demand and people really enjoyed that tablet from Samsung. It was a big success for the Samsung company and recently Samsung is trying to develop some smart phones that will be on the show and will be enjoyed by many people. Samsung, as we know is one of the best smart phones and tablets company having branches in almost every country of the World. It is the most used mobile phones and tablets brand and people just love Samsung for its quality is quite amazing and nice.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

Expected Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date :

Officially, there are no announcements from the company regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, however, there is some information about Samsung Galaxy S7 release date. Samsung Galaxy S7 may release in February of 2016 that means first quarter of 2016. Well, the company has to act aggressively against their competitor and every knows that which is Apple. Recently some of the Apple customers started to buy Samsung’s smartphones, which is really profitable for the company. The company has to fulfill the demands of the customers and whatever they expect from S7, also, February 2016 is probably the month of release Date of Samsung Galaxy S7.

What Are The Specs Of Samsung Galaxy S7 ?

Probably, everyone is eagerly waiting to find out the specs/specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7, also, apple has started planning for iPhone 7 which according to them will out-perform Samsung Galaxy S6, that means the company has to think bigger and bigger and has to maximize the specs of S7. In German languague, you call specs as erscheinungsdatum. So here are the samsung galaxy s7 erscheinungsdatum :

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 8 GB RAM :

According to the leaked threats, Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 8 GB of RAM that is likely to be more than your laptop or computer. All of your stuff can be done using your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 64 Bit Processor:As expected from S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 64 Bit Exynos Processor. 64 bit of processor means improve in speed, and a rocking 4.5 GHz processing power, that means its going to be damn fast.

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 32GB Hard Drive / 64GB Hard Drive / 128 GB Hard Drive:

As written above, according to the official Samsung specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will come in three kinds of hard drives. That will be 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

There will be more Samsung Galaxy S7 erscheinungsdatum as well as the time goes and the company reveal new Samsung Galaxy S7 specs.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S7 :

You might be interested in knowing the features of Samsung Galalxy S7. So below are some of the Samusung Galaxy S7 feature which is the most awaited smartphone :

It will have 30 Mega Pixels Camera :

Yeah you read it right, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 30 Mega Pixels camera. So yeah, you will have HD and high quality pictures with its camera and will take more selfies than ever.

It will have Waterproof Technology :

In the future or many upcoming smartphones will have a Waterproof technology which means the device will be fully secured from water. Furthermore, the device might be dustproof as well as the users will guarded against dust. Therefore, the smartphone will be totally dustproof.

It will have 5G Network Connection : 

By now, 4G is the most fastest and best Network Connection , but the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 5G Network Connection, yeah, 5G which means the fastest of all. It will boost your browsing, as well as your speed. Furthermore, the device will have super fast Wifi to boost the connectivity to the internet.

It will have Super Amoled Display :

Most of the people expect S7 to have super Amoled Display that is approximately 4k 5.5 inch. Other smartphones enjoy only Amoled Display but Samsung Galaxy S7 will have the super power!

It will have Infared Sensors :

Infared Sensors are so awesome that it should be released today, but unfortunately, we have to wait. Samsung Galaxy S7 will have Infared Sensors which will according to them measure your body’s temperature and give precise results. Also, it will be able to see through walls. Probably, one of the best features of Samsung Galaxy S7.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S7 :

In USA, Samsung Galaxy’s S7 price will be 999$. In Canada the price is same as in USA. In India, the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 will be 68,500 Rs. In Italy, €840. In Belgium, the price is same as in Italy.

In South Africa, the price will be 11,145 South African Rand. In Indonesia, 11,542,264 Indonesian Rupiah and in Malaysia, Samsung Galaxy’s S7 price will be 3,652 Malaysian Ringgit.

The Samsung Gallaxy S7 will come out in 2016 and you should make arrangements for it. If you are a middle class person, save some money for buying Samsung Galaxy S7 and if you are rich then you don’t have anything to worry. But this will be a phone that every should try out and use. We are excited for the release of Samsung Galalxy S7 as well