Samsung Galaxy S7 News, Rumors, Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy phones are well known and latest smart phones of this era. Especially, the S series which has always been the best smartphone. Upcoming is Samsung Galaxy S7. Galaxy 7 will be released soon because Samsung released Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge last this year. As Apple has released their iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus, Now it’s time for Samsung to release its latest Galaxy S7. Galaxy 7 will be another big step in the history of smartphones and people are waiting for it to release.

Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung Galaxy phones became well known after they released Galaxy S3. In the history of Samsung phones, Samsung Galaxy S3 was a turning point. This Samsung Galaxy S3 came in with such features which turned all the smartphone users towards it. It became known among all Samsung galaxy phones and all other smartphones as well.

From here onwards Samsung started building more featured and attractive smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and this time The Galaxy S6 also comes in another design which is Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

This time Samsung will reward 2016 with Galaxy S7 and its whole new power, features and specifications. Below are the rumors about Samsung Galaxy S7 features and Galaxy S7 specs along with some changes that are going to happen in this new release of Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

As per Samsung tradition, Samsung release one flagship smartphone a year from the S series. Looking so, it’s pretty obvious Samsung is not going to release Galaxy 7 in 2015. Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released in early 2016. More specifically in the first quarter of 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs

S7 is supposed to come out with some additional features and high performance specifications. This is very important because Apple already has released its iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus and will be releasing its new iPhone in 2016. Galaxy s7 should have outstanding specs to become an iPhone 7 rival.

Here are some rumors about Galaxy S7 specifications.

  • 64 bit Processor

          S7 will have a 64 bit Exynos Processor with a processing speed of 3.5 GHz. This will the                       fastest speed in a smartphone that one can take benefit of.

  • 4 GB RAM

         What tasks can you do on your laptop all together? Too much, should be your answer. But                   Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 4 GB RAM which more than that of an average laptop. It’s too                much benefit if it comes with 4 GB RAM. It will help you to do more with your smartphone.

  •  Galaxy 7 Display

         The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smartphone will have a Super Amoled display. Some phone              are already equipped with Super Amoled display but this Phone will be 4K Super Amoled                    which will be a great experience for its users.

Samsung Galaxy S7

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  • 5G Network Connection

        Samsung is planning to come up with a 5G Network Connection in its upcoming smartphone.           This will make browsing more easy and will leave no more delays in your downloads.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

Some of the Samsung Galaxy S7 features based on rumors are listed below.

Iris scanner

Iris recognition is the next step towards security after finger print scanning process. Rumors are that Samsung is been working on this for the last 3 years but has not been able to add it to their smartphones. This time it may appear in Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7


Rumors are that Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 20 MP Primary camera and an 8 MP front camera. Gigapixel feature will be introduced which will let you have more features in your camera settings and will capture a high quality photo.

Water and Dust proof

Samsung Galaxy 7 will be waterproof. Users will not have to worry anymore to guard their smartphone everywhere for it will be waterproof and dustproof as well.

Infrared Signals

The major change that Galaxy S7 will comprise of is the infrared signals. These sensors will be able to measure body temperature and do such sort of other things. This is a feature which you won’t get in any S series Galaxy smartphone before.

Galaxy S7Galaxy S7 OS

No doubt that Galaxy 7 will be powered by Android. Most certainly it will be running on Android Marshmallow. This will add some enhanced features and will also let all other lately included features work well.

Most smartphones have fingerprint scan feature in it. This time android marshmallow has included a proper system for the fingerprint scan feature and will work more precisely and efficiently.

Memory card and Battery

Rumors are that Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a memory card slot in there and will support a micro SD card. 32GB and 64GB models are currently rumored to come up in 2016.

The battery will be sealed and not removable which is not a new thing as Galaxy S6 also is same regarding its battery.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price Rumors

There is no rumor regarding the price of Galaxy 7. It will be expensive after adding all the good new features. The cost can be estimated round about £600 as there is no chance that it would be less in cost than Galaxy S6. All those who want to see this

This is all that is roaming around about Samsung Galaxy S7 and most of it will be in there. It will be the best phone in the start of 2016 as Samsung is going to make some major changes in it.

If we have missed anything and can be added up there, kindly drop your comment down here. Post will be updated if we notice any rumors around.