Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review The best Note ever

  Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Last time Samsung galaxy note 5 was launched. Which was full of tremendous features that took the market immediately all over the world. Samsung galaxy note 5 came as fever for the peoples. every mobile lover was bold by its features. But this time, Samsung is planning off to launch its best note ever that will surpass the features of Samsung galaxy note 5 and will have more nice features than Samsung galaxy s6 and Samsung galaxy s7 too. In Newyork, the new Samsung galaxy note 7 was announced that will be launched in the US on 19 of august and after that, it will be available all over the world.  Samsung just skipped the title Samsung galaxy note 6 because to make it equal with Samsung galaxy s7 by title. Samsung declared the Samsung galaxy note 7 the best phone ever by the Samsung company.



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Design

The design of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is very stunning with the 5.7-inch display that none of the Note has before. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a flag shape phone that is very helpful for a dependable and comfortable grip. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has glass on the front but at the back side as well  and have edge screen at the both of side, left and right which is for the first in any of Note. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a Quad HD super AMOLED display with 1440×2560 pixels. This Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is 2.2 mm thin than Samsung galaxy note 5 and more powerful than it. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is coming with the fabulous four colors  that are;Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, Black Onyx that is increasing the beauty of this device.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

In features, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is far ahead than any of the Samsung Galaxy phones. These are the features for which everyone phone lover is crazy for it :

processor chipset

Samsung Note 7 has an octa-core processor which is very powerful more than any Samsung galaxy phone. The chipset has 4×2.3 GHz Mongoose with very fast 4×1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 which is the best pair of a processor for doing big things and do multi-tasking very efficiently.


Note 7 has the most intelligent S-pen ever. For which special built-in software are installed by Samsung for more synchronized environment. With the hover, on the screen, it can translate any word to your respective language so that you can’t miss anything and could understand anything and put it in your idea and thoughts.


Note 7 has the 12-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash.Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has 5-megapixel secondary cameras with the dual video call. The camera is HDR which can do 4k video.

Iris Scanner and Fingerprint

Samsung  Note 7 has iris scanner. which late you unlock and lock the phone with the lens of your eyes alongside it has fingerprint system too. Now you can protect your precious data and any folder by your lens of eyes.


Samsung Note 7 has 64 GB internal memory and at other hands, Samsung galaxy s7 has 32 BG memory and support SD card up to 256 GB. Samsung galaxy note 7 has 4 GB very fast RAM.


Samsung  Note 7 has 3500 MAH battery with fast charging capability and most of all wireless charging will be there. The Samsung has introduced USB type C charging feature in Note 7 which is for the first time in Samsung devices.


Samsung Note 7 is waterproof. Samsung Note 7 can be put in 2-meter water without any harm. You can watch video browsing the internet in heavy rain. The S-Pen is water resistant. Now you can write notes in heavy rain.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price

The Price is not finalised but according to Samsung. The Note 7 will be equal to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in price but will be more than Samsung Galaxy s7. The estimated amount of Note 7 will be 770 or 800 dollars.