Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date, Specifications, Features & Rumors

There is no doubt that the mobile phone Galaxy Note Series are one of the most successful handset of all time. Starting from the very first Galaxy Note 1 which was release in September 2011, from that time people were very much attach t this unique series due to its extra large display, unique features and due to this stylish and the first ever stylus pen has made this set one of the most successful mobile phone of Samsung Company. Then the demand of this series increased over the time and Samsung then launched its next big thing that was Samsung galaxy Note 2 with more unique features and updates from its previous version. Then Samsung release Note 3, Note 4 and the recent release is galaxy note Edge.

Samsung galaxy note series has generates lots of revenue to Samsung Company. This series has many good and extra features then other handset and that’s why this series has no competition, NO one till now has beaten Galaxy Note series.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was release in the September 2014, and it has many new features then of its previous versions Samsung has improve the design and processor. So now people are waiting for the coming GALAXY NOTE 5.


Samsung Company has some serious likeness and Contract with the month of SEPTEMBER. Because all the handsets of galaxy note series has been released in the month of September, so it is easy to say that the coming Galaxy Note 5 will be released in the September 2015. But yes Samsung is very much famous for big surprises may be this time the note 5 will release before or after September month.

Galaxy Note 5



The previous version of note series (Galaxy Note 4 check the specifications click here for the specifications of Note 4) had 3 GB of RAM memory. This time the new Galaxy Note 5 will have the 4 GB of RAM which means that more speed and high performance of handset. Higher RAM will allow the Samsung user to use multiple Applications at the same time with no luggage and no slow motion things which was very hectic in previous versions. This high GB of RAM will also allow you to allow Galaxy user to play more highly advanced game on this device because it has higher GB of RAM which allow its users more speed and it can digest more apps at the same time.


The new galaxy Note 5 will have 21mp back camera, as in the previous version in the galaxy note 4 it was 16 mp but this time it is possible that Samsung will give its users high quality camera with more unique and attractive features. Coming towards the front facing camera so there is a rumor that coming note 5 will have 8 mp camera, so it is a very happy news for all the selfie lovers that they will get a high class full HD camera which will create their selfie more realistic and beautiful.

galaxy note 5


The new Samsung Galaxy note 5 will have internal storage of 64GB which is huge improvement by the Samsung Company because the previous versions have 32 GB of storage but this time it is more than previous. Other than internal storage Samsung note 5 will bring the expandable storage up to 120GB. Yes 120 GB which is a huge capacity, so now you can store your data in the your pocket because Samsung will bring you high capacity f storage in your coming note 5.


There is a rumor about the coming Galaxy Note 5 will have either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and 4GB of RAM, or Samsung’s own Exynos 7422 chipset, with four Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53. Which means that you will find your note 5 faster, more intelligent and quicker respondent than of previous ones. You can play heavy and fast games on your coming note 5, you can also use multiple apps at the same time because it has powerful processor. There were many problems with multiple apps in the previous versions they were very much lagging in between the performance due to small capacity of processor but this time Samsung is coming with a bigger processor.

galaxy note 5


Samsung galaxy note series is very much famous for its battery capacity it gives more back up and more on time use than any other handst in the market. The previous galaxy note 4 has a battery of 3240 maH which was also good but this time people are expecting more form the Samsung Company and there is a rumor that the coming handset will have a battery of 4000 or 4200 maH. Which means that now you can easily use your mobile all the day and it will ruin your only 50% battery.  Yes because the 4200 maH will give you 2 days full use and if you have not very much use of handset so this battery will work you for more than 2 days.

The coming galaxy note 5 will also have the super Ultra-power saving mode which is very much famous in Samsung new latest handset this mode will keep your screen dim and will give you easily 5 to 7 days battery bakup. The removable or non removable battery is depend up on that if Samsung is stick to the metal case then the battery will be un removable like Galaxy s6 but if they launch the handset with leather back then it will removable which is a good thing.


The coming Samsung galaxy note 5 will have first Ultra-HD 4K AMOLED display and the screen size of the coming note 5 will be  5.9 inch AMOLED with a  pixel density of 780ppi which is very high as compare to other handsets that were release previously . The coming note 5 will have resolution of 2160×3840 pixels, and would likely make your eyes bleed with all that detail on a colorful AMOLED screen. Samsung is working on 4k screen technology from a long time and it is shown in the handset of Samsung, every then and now every Galaxy mobile has high screen technology and features which differentiate it from the previous one.

galaxy note 5


For sure that Samsung is working on android m, which is the latest android softwar and SONY company has launched the nw android m for its users. So it is expected that the new Samsung Galaxy note 5 will have the android m feature and update plus the addition of Samsung Pay (which will launch with the Note 5) and a bunch of features that help you make the most of the bundled S Pen stylus.

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The Samsung  Galaxy Note cost £599, this is the price when it was launched in September 2011. The Galaxy Note 2 cost £550 , when it launched. Both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 cost £599 when they were released. So it expected that the new coming Galaxy note 5 will be price between £599 to £650.


The general specifications of the coming Galaxy Note 5 are mention below:

  1. 4GB of RAM Memory
  2. Latest S Stylus Pen
  3. Finger print Scanner
  4. 64 GB of internal storage & 128 GB External storage.
  5. 4200 mAH of battery with ultra piwer saving mode.
  6. Octa core 64-bit Samsung Exynos 7244 processor
  7. 21mp back and 8mp front facing camera with optical image stabilization
  8. 4G, dual-band 802.11ac with MIMO and Download Booster.
  9. Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS, GLONASS.
  10. 9mm thick metal chassis.


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