Racing games for Android/Best 5/with Download Links

Racing games are the most searched and downloaded among all types of games. And due to the innovations being made in the Racing games like new features, new cars, visual upgrades, body upgrades, and the top of all due to the performance upgrades, cops and pursuits in most of the games the demand have increased even more. There are some Racing games series which are the pioneers of Racing games, like Need for Speed, Asphalt, Blur, Real Racing and Fast to Furious etc.

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But of course then arises the question that which ones are the best? So we have made up a list of the Best racing games for android (Includes Drag Racing games, Street Racing games and Rally Racing games).

Top 10 android Racing games

  1. Real Racing 3:

The first among the best android racing games published on 28th Feb 2013 by Electronic Arts and was developed by Firemonkeys Studios. For IOs, Black Berry and Android. Real racing 3 for pc was also released later on, (Just a tip: There is a real racing 3 hack also released). You can also enter real racing 3 car codes to unlock cars, Real racing 3 cheats for android are also published or enter real racing 3 money cheat to play the game, he easy way. Real racing 3 is an award winning game, and to believe this statement you should experience the gameplay yourself. People are so crazy about it that they are searching desperately for real racing 4 release date. It was considered as one of the best android racing games in 2013. Its rating on IOS as well as Google Play Store is 4.5 /5.

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Real Racing 3 apk link:real racing 3 free download

For More Visit:Real Racing 3 official site


  1. Asphalt 8 Airborne:

The 2nd of the best racing apps is asphalt 8 game. Developed and published both by Gameloft. The game is from the Asphalt series, the release date of asphalt 8 airborne was 22nd Aug 2013. The platforms which this game can run on are IOS, Android, Black Berry, later on asphalt for windows was also released, after which asphalt 8 cheats and asphalt 8 hacks also got released. You have to play asphalt game to become a master of Racing games. The rating of Asphalt 8 on Google Play Store and IOS both is 4.5 out of 5.

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asphalt 8 download free: Asphalt 8 apk

For More about asphalt 8 game: Asphalt 8 Official Website


  1. Need for Speed Most Wanted:

The number 3 among the best racing apps belongs to the series which is a building block of Racing games, need for speed most wanted game was developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts on 30th Oct 2012. Need for speed most wanted for PC, Xbox and Play Station was released first. Later on it was released for IOS and Android. NFS MW is the one of the most famous games among car Racing games.

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Need for speed download: nfs most wanted download now

For More Visit : need for speed games Official Website


  1. Need for Speed No Limits:

Once again a game on the list of best android car Racing games from the NFS series. It was developed by Firemonkeys Studios and the publishing part was done by Electronic Arts. Need for speed No Limits release date was 6th January 2015, this game was given the title of best racing game of 2015. The platforms that it runs on are Android and IOS. NFS no limits car list is a huge one. The rating of need for speed no limits app on Android is 4.5 and that on IOS is 4 out of 5.

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Need for speed no limits download link: need for speed no limits apk

For More Visit : Need For Speed Official Website


  1. Angry Birds GO:

So the 5th of the best Racing game apps is angry birds go app, you won’t have any better option than to play angry birds go when you are getting bored. Released on 11th dec 2013 by Exient Entertainment and Rovio Entertainment. Angry birds go is the 8th game of the Angry Bird Series, a kart Racing game released for Android, Black Berry, Windows and IOS. The Rating of angry birds go app on android is 4 out of 5 and that on IOS is also 4 out of 5.

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Free download angry birds game: angry birds go app

For More Visit: angry birds Official Website


So these were the Best Racing game apps what do you think about this list?