PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – What should you Buy

It has been almost two years since both the consoles were launched. Its currently September and we are moving close towards the Anniversary of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the past there have been a lot of reviews and comparison about PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One. But we put forward the comparison again of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the sole reason is a lot has revealed in the two years which can make things clear and we can finally prove which one is the better console 🙂

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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One : Design

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First moving towards the design. Well to be honest when both the consoles were revealed PlayStation 4 won the hearts of many people due to to its elegant and slim design. Whereas the Xbox One was really criticized for its bulky design many people end up calling it a VCR and a Brick. Though it doesn’t matter to those who were Xbox fans and despite its look they bought it.
Well dimension wise the PlayStation 4  is  2.09 inches (h) 10.83 inches (w) 12.01 inches (d) while Xbox One is  3.1 inches (h) 10.8 inches (w) 13.1 inches (d).  Well still its too early to say anything in spite the fact that Xbox One is a big Box but who knows that a big box with greater room for ventilation lasts longer than the slim PlayStation 4.

Power Cables:

Xbox One is a big console but with big console also comes a big power adapter which is almost a size of a brick. Along with its cable the power brick can make the management of power cable a little tricky. You’ll need to hide it under the table or behind your screen, well it depends all upon your setup. If your setup is such that the console plus the cables will stay hidden it doesn’t matter a lot then.


Well to be honest PlayStation 4 has the leads in the design. It has an elegant design and is slim and more attractive than the Xbox One which is quite bulky.  Winner: PlayStation 4


PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Price

The prices of both consoles can continue to change but both the consoles now sells at the same price. Yeah the same price which can even make the decision harder for the buyers. Well at launch the Sony’s PlayStation 4 was retailed at $ 399.99 with one free game while Microsoft’s Xbox One was aggressively retailed at $ 499.99 with no game but Kinect Bundle. Which made the decisions harder and many of the customer didn’t wanted Kinect but they had to if they wanted Xbox One. While some ended up buying the PlayStation 4. After two official price drops of the Microsoft’s Xbox One they console now sells at $ 349.99 with one game and no kinect bundle.


We called this a tie because at the time of release Sony won by selling a lot of units world wide. But now the situation is changed due to recent price drops people now are shifting towards the Xbox One. Due to reason which no winner declared in price comparison but we might get a winner in the near future.


PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Controllers

Both the controllers are a great achievement over the previous generation controllers.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Controller : Dual Shock 4

A former Successor of Dual Shock 3, Dual Shock 4 is a complete rebuild an crowning achievement. Well its a bit funky than the previous controller and a little heavier too which gives a firm feel in hand. Sony improved the analog stick Dual Shock 4 by great number. The previous gen dual shock 3 analog stick wasn’t good and made it difficult to play FPS( First Person Shooter) games. But thanks to Dual Shock 4 you can play almost every type of game with no problem, from FPS to racing Dual Shock 4 won’t disappoint you. Plus there is also a great achievement, between the sticks and main buttons Sony also added a touch pad plus also a share button for easy sharing. Like the Dual Shock 3, Dual Shock 4 will also be chargeable controller.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One Controller

Moving towards the Xbox One controller, Microsoft has stick to the 360’s design and the new controller is a re worked version. Well one of the addition is that is has rumble motors built into triggers which can give you various feedback while performing different action in the games. The rumble pad makes racing games look great on the Xbox One, due to the various feedback of the tires which is a great feeling indeed. Sadly like the previous controller Xone controller will also require an AA batteries. Well but still the AA batteries will long last than the rechargeable Dual Shock 4. You just need to buy a rechargeable kit for batteries and you’re good to go.

alt="Xbox One controller"


Well do we have a winner NO because both companies had done a great Job and this one is also a tie.


PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – OS and User Interface

We have compared both the UI of the Next Gen consoles both has pros and cons. Well for the Xbox One, the elements of the UI are inspired by Windows 8 start screen UI after it’s a Microsoft product. It has a fancy look with all those tile customization options which is great but can sometime get very complicated for kids and immature people.

Xbox One main menu

Image Credits : TechPowerUp

While moving towards the PlayStation 4 the over all idea of the UI is same as that of PS3. Which let you scroll in one direction and for sub categories you have to go downward. Well overall the UI is very easy to use for both grown up and kids which makes it most of people favourtie.

PS4 main menu

Image Credits : TechPowerUp


Its a difficult one but right at the moment the winner is PlayStation 4, reason is that ease of access. Still Windows 10 is coming and it will change the whole UI of Xbox One who knows XBOX will be the winner next time.  Winner: PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Exclusives

One of the sole purpose to own a gaming console is the exclusives titles. Yeah right over the past years Sony has made some incredible exclusives games that has changed the face of Consoles. There are also exclusives available for Xbox but they aren’t that much promising except for two or three. But during this Year’s E3 Conference Microsoft revealed some incredible titles that will increase the sales of Xbox One by Great Number. Well the Exclusives titles that are still to release are :

Xbox One Exclusives

Ride of the Tomb Raider

It will be a timely exclusive for Xbox One but after a passage of time will be Available for PlayStation and PCRise of the Tomb Raider











Scale Bound


























Halo 5

Halo 5




Gears of War 4

Gears of WAR 4





PlayStation 4 Exclusives

The Last Guardian (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)

The last guardian











Uncharted 4: Thief End












Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn












No Man’s Sky













PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Specifications

Processor / CPU:

Both the consoles uses the same AMD Powered CPU i.e AMD Jaguar 8 Cores CPU. Well both setups are that of APU(Accelerated Processing Unit) in which both both CPU and GPU are linked together making it act like one unit. Well the PS4 processor runs at 1.6Ghz while that of Xbox one runs at 1.75ghz.

Graphics Card / GPU:

Both the graphics card are powered by the AMD and the chip set used matches Radeon HD 7000 Series GPU’s. Before the official reveal it was said that both are identical but after the reveal of the official specs it was clear the PS4 GPU was faster that of XONE. On the papers it was even revealed that the PS4’s GPU was 50% faster than that of Xone which is very great Number. Well in simple words PlayStation 4 GPU is similar to Radeon 7870 HD while that of Xbox One is Radeon 7790 about PC gamer’s know which is a great difference.

Ram / Physical Memory:

Both the consoles come packed with 8GB of memory, but the PS4’s memory is GDDR5 while that of Xbox One is DDR3. Well if you don’t know the difference between GDDR5 vs DDR3 here in simple words. DDR3 is standard System memory while GDDR5 has higher bandwidth and is used mainly in graphics card for intensive work. Well if it wasn’t for the eSRAM Xbox have which can reduce the gap between the two memory types. Without it Xbox was really in tight spot.


Xbox CPU’s frequency was higher but for Gamer’s and performance point of view CPU never made such a big difference. It was always Graphics card which made a lot of difference and there comes the PlayStation 4 with upper hand. Aside from this eSRAM holds the back of Xbox but actually the PS4’s Ram is quite more powerful than the Xbox. To be honest PS4 is the winner is this case. Winner: PlayStation 4

Verdict :

We’re still not able to decide which one is the better console but in our PlayStation 4 vs Xbox Review we found that both the consoles have their cons and pro.But to be hones over the past two years from the sale report and according from the votes upheld worldwide PlayStation 4 is the winner for now. But Xbox fans don’t get sad Windows 10 is rolling out in the near future which will make Xbox great also there are more exclusives coming this Christmas to Xone rather than PS4. For the time being Winner is PlayStation 4 but who knows in the neat future who will be the winner.

Do tell us in the comments what do you think about both the consoles. Who is the winner for you in PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One and for you which one is the better console? Feel free to ask any Question Thank YOU 🙂


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