OnePlus 2 Review and Hands ON

We are living in the modern world and its the era of smart phones. Over the past year a lot smart phones have been released by big smart phone companies with awesome specs. And then there are these flagships models which everyone dream of but they are way to be expensive to be bought by the average people. But last year a smart phone by the name of OnePlus One was released. It proved to be the flagship killer of many modern day smart phones and price so attractive that everyone was able to buy it. For just $ 300 US OnePlus One offered such solid hardware i.e Snapdragon 801 chipset, 3GB of ram and a 13 megapixel camera. In a market dominated by Apple, Sony, Samsung etc OnePlus One proved to the killer of the flagships of such companies top most smart phones.

That was last year, we are in 2015 and with this new year also came the successor of OnePlus One. OnePlus One successor goes by the name of OnePlus 2 . This is the newest flagship of OnePlus and same like its predecessor ,its affordable but slightly expensive than the OnePlus One starting from $ 329 US. But the price still doesn’t matter because the hardware OnePlus 2 is offering is unbelievable for its price. It has targeted Snapdragon 810 chipset, 3-4GB Ram depending upon which variant you’re buying the 16GB or 64GB and 5.5 inch Full HD 1080p display. A 13MP with laser auto focus and a front 5MP camera.

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OnePlus is labeling its OnePlus 2 as the Flagship killer of 2016 smartphones although we won’t be able to know about that until 2016. But beside from all the high end specs of OnePlus 2 it also have the features of topmost smartphones of 2015 which can really make it the flagship killer of 2016. Still we can’t say anything who knows with new year which features will the new smart phone have. Well for now lets just compare it with the topmost smart phone of 2015. We are going to do a review of OnePlus 2 via TechSpot. As we don’t have OnePlus 2 all the images credit goes also to TechSpot.

OnePlus 2 Review – A Closer Look

Having a close look at OnePlus 2 you’ll see that the handset is pretty large. Larger than the standard flagship like Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony’s Xperia Z3 etc. The round and those square cut edges doesn’t make the design of the phone much appealing one. But still it can attract a lot of people just depends upon your taste. Beside from the design the set as mentioned above is a large one which can really make it uneasy to hold for people with smaller hands. But on average most people won’t have much problem holding it. The OnePlus 2 has been made from the premium components such as glass, metal and standstone plastic body. Which also makes it a competitor of top most smart phones.



Let have look on the front panel. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 4  panel and like others the screen is protected by standard screen saver you can remove or let it stay until it gets to scratchy. And just like all smart phone above the screen is a set of sensors including the front camera, proximity sensor etc. Moving downwards below the screen you can see we have two capacitive  navigation buttons and static fingerprint sensor.


Let move towards the edges of the OnePlus 2. Grey colored aluminium-magnesium alloy has been used for the edges of OnePlus 2 which gives it premium look and feel. One the right side we have these volume and power button. One the bottom edge we have the USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer and moving towards the upper edge of we have this standard 3.5nm audio jack. On the left edge we have this Alert Slider. Which is really great the Alert Slider let you access you three different notification without unlocking your phone. The three notification profiles are All, Priority and None.


Moving towards the back of OnePlus 2 is made from plastic. According to Techspot the back side of their OnePlus 2 have a custom back skin. That black carbon and red finished skin is from dBrand. Which offers a wide range of cheap custom skins for your cellphone. Ok was we were talking about the back of OnePlus 2, well the back is removable but their is no slot of micro SD card neither you can remove the battery. But there is an empty sim jacket. Empty Sim Jacket? Well yeah the OnePlus 2 supports dual sim and is great for those who carry two phones. With OnePlus 2 you won’t have to worry about that.



OnePlus 2 Review – Display

OnePlus 2 has features a 5.5 inch LTPS-TFT LCD Panel and the resolution is 1080p i.e 1920 x 1080 with a pixel density of 401 PPI (pixel per inch). OnePlus 2 is been called the flagship killer of 2016 but even the flagship of Samsung and LG smart phones the Galaxy S6 and LG G4 features a 1440p panel. Which packs at least 78% more pixels than 1080p displays. But you’ll surprise to know that the 1440p consumes more power thus providing minimum battery life. The reason is that rendering at greater resolution requires great power. And this is what OnePlus 2 has done they have traded battery life for pixels, the OnePlus 2 pixel density will provide a greater battery life.


Still if you put Galaxy S6 and OnePlus 2 and do a side by side comparison you’ll notice a quite lot of difference but a standalone situation you won’t notice any difference at all because even if its 1080p its a Full HD display and looks great. The colors are good not to sharp not to dull perfect for watching videos and viewing photos. It also have some drawback as the display of OnePlus 2 is LCD based. It is difficult to see in direct sunlight and you’re eyes have to struggle a little. But despite the fact the brightness of OnePlus 2 is great. The back light can be reduced to such extent making it easy to use in low light and night.

OnePlus 2 Review – Hardware Overview

Processor / CPU :
OnePlus has moved from a Snapdragon 801 to 810 for OnePlus 2. Snapdragon 810 is a Octa-Core Processor. If you have seen the benchmark sheet you’ll find there is not much of a difference between Snapdragon’s Hexa and Octa cores processors. But still intensive application can make use of extra cores which is great that OnePlus has opted for octa core processor. The Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 is an Octa-Core Processor i.e 8 cores. Featuring four 1.56 GHz Cortex-A53 cores & four 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57 cores. As the name suggests that the A-57 are the larger cores used for bigger and intensive tasks whereas the A-53 been the smaller ones used for general tasks. Both quad-cores support 64-bit code.

Graphics Card  / GPU :
                The GPU used in OnePlus 2 is Adreno 430 clocked at 600Mhz. According to techspot: There’s also a Hexagon V56 DSP clocked at 800 MHz, dual-ISPs for 1.2 GP/s of bandwidth, and 4K HEVC/H.265 encoding and decoding.

Physical Memory/Ram and Storage :
The OnePlus 2 features a LPDDR4-1600 memory controller . There are two variants of the OnePlus 2 which are :

  • 3 GB Ram and 16 GB internal memory
  • 4 GB Ram and 64 GB internal memory

Connectivity :
OnePlus 2 support LTE 9 for 450 Mbps of downstream and 50Mbps of downstream. Beside from that as mentioned earlier all the OnePlus 2’s will have support for dual sim cards. Also OnePlus 2 comes packed with GPS+GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.1and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac support. As mentioned earlier there is no micro SD card slot which means you can’t expand your storage. We’ll recommend to buy the 64GB variant as it has more storage space and is enough for a cell phone. Also you get 1 GB of more ram. For some extra dollars OnePlus 2 64GB variant is a better deal.

OnePlus 2 Review – CPU , GPU and Nand Benchmarks

Lets take a look how OnePlus 2 performs in CPU Intensive tasks

Images Credit : TechSpot      

Lets see how the OnePlus 2 performs in graphics intensive applications

Let have look at the Nand Benchmarks of the OnePlus 2


According to Techspot : The above graph illustrates how the OnePlus 2 throttles under a consistent graphics load. The device does get reasonably hot, judging by its self-reported temperature, and performance steadily drops away over the course of nine minutes before levelling out. After around 25 minutes, performance drops once again as the device exceeds 40 degrees celsius.  

OnePlus 2 Review – Camera

The OnePlus 2 features 13 MP rear camera with 1.3 µm pixels, max res 4128 x 3096 pixels in anative 4:3 aspect ratio and features such as optical image stabilization, laser auto focus, dual-LED flash.

On the front we have the 5 MP with 1.5 µm pixels. Max reso 2592 x 1944 in a native 4:3 ratio.

If we compare it with the camera of topmost devices such as galaxy s6 and lg g4 we will see alot of difference and oneplus 2 won’t make up to them. But still in a standalone situation the camera of OnePlus 2 is brilliant.

Following are pictures shot by OnePlus 2 in various situations

OnePlus 2 Review – Battery

The OnePlus 2 comes packed with a non removable lithium polymer battery. It has a rated capacity of 12.54 Wh (3,300 mAh at 3.8V). Which is larger than the flagships of Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Well you’ll be surprised to know ispite its great battery OnePlus 2 is a power hungry. But still 12.5 battery is enough for your all days task.

Following are the bencmarks which shows how much can it last

OnePlus 2 Review – Verdict / Conclusion

In our OnePlus 2 Review , OnePlus 2 is a spectacular flagship Android phone around its low price as just as $ 329 US. There is no handset available in the market at this price point which can compete with OnePlus 2 at this price point. Hard-wise its a great cellphone powered by Snapdragon 810 Octa-Core chip set and GPU as much as powerful to run videos and play all the latest games that have been released and will be releasing shortly this and in the upcoming years.

OnePlus marked it as the 2016 Flagship killer to be honest that is not true. We have a feeling that OnePlus 2 was targeted towards the people who were low on budget rather than building flagship killer. The OnePlus 2 competitors the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 are faster and better than the OnePlus 2 in many ways. But still its very hard to ignore OnePlus 2 from a value perspective. In its price range no one can compete with it. But if money is not a problem we will suggest to buy Sasmsung S6 and LG G4.


Do tell us in the Comments what Do You think about OnePlus 2 and Share your Experience Thankyou 🙂